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Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Sleek Studio offers a lace front wig that is the ultimate in versatility.
Hand-made and hand-styled, it is designed to look real, giving you that perfect finish look you get after a visit to the salon.
Available in human hair and synthetic, the Sleek lace front wig comes in various lengths and colours making it impossible not to find your individual style.

Available in the human hair range are styles like Diva, Pizzaz, Starlet, and new edition styles like Fara and Corrine. In Synthetic hair, you’ll find styles like Tarryn, Akua, Amani and Chika.

The Sleek lace front wig not only combines realism with glamour but also facilitates healthy hair and growth as it can be worn without the messy glue application that most other lace wigs require, thereby eliminating discomfort and the risk of damage to your hairline.
One also saves time and money as the Sleek lace front wig can be used over and over, can be styled to achieve a different look each time (HH only) and reduces the need to visit the salon every weekend.

This is the hair product that celebrities wear in secret and hair specialists everywhere recommend it. Made especially for the 21st century woman who wants to look and feel glamorous all day, everyday WITH LITTLE FUSS.

To get the best out of your Sleek lace front wig, call or visit the nearest Sleek Studio where a member of their dedicated sales team will provide comprehensive product knowledge as well as demonstrate how best to wear/style your hair for that personalized look. Visit and join the Sleek Hair Nigeria Facebook Shop for updates.
Free home deliveries are also available.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Alhaja Amusan fondly known as Alhaja is one of the biggest player in the Tejuosho market before the fire incidents with over 3 shops and cosmetics goods worth billions of naira. Her shop called Alhaja Cosmetic Gallery was the toast of all then from high profile and celebrities, make-up artists, undergraduates and a host of others until the fire that raised down Tejuosho Market 2 years ago. But 2 years down the lane, Alhaja is gradually finding her way to where she used to be before. The first thing she did was to open a big beauty shop in the Ilupeju axis of Lagos last year February which is gradually becoming one of the hottest beauty shop on the scene right now. And not only that, she recently opened another massive beauty shop located on University Road; Akoka which was shop was officially opened recently.
According to Alhaja who narrated her ordeal and her effort to find her feet back despite what she has been through, “It’s not been easy, I have been struggling to get my feet back. But I will say determination and not giving up actually paved a way for me. And you know I am very passionate about this my cosmetics business and I wont allow the Tejuosho situation to stop me from achieving my dreams.”
And apart from the expansion, Alhaja has also added another line to her vast cosmetics line. She recently got a deal with an American company into the production of hair. “I am coming back with accessory; weave on, Brazilian hair, Indian hair, Chinese hair, full lace wig.” That is the new merchandise she is adding to her business.


Beads of Arcadia is world class leader in Beads and Jewelry. This UK brand is known for its exquisite designs which are second to none. It offers a large selection of crystals, jewellery findings and beads from all around the world to customers. Recently, a Nigerian got a partnership with this company to be the sole dealer and representative in Nigeria. Mrs Booky Ashaye is a retired civil servant with fast knowledge in beads and accessories for 20 years got the partnership with them for exquisite right in Nigeria. Over time, she has acquired the skills and experience, very creative with hand and jewelry is her passion which she has a special flare for. And this is the first time these unique pieces will be storming Nigeria. A peep into the collections stocked in d outlet located at Ikeja reveals; The Sephora Collections, which are made up of very fine collections, 18 carats, 24 carats. Those one are strictly handy and intricate pieces, they are one of its kind pieces and her very pricey because of the time and kind of materials used. And its very unique to individual personalities and that is where creativity at the highest level is expressed; the Classic Collection, which is something that is ageless and timeless; the Royal Collections for people who want to have something outstanding and the Bridal Collections, and that is a whole range of taking care of the bride-to-be, the groom, the bridal trains. The shop can also supply hand made jewellery and wedding tiaras that are unique to the individual and are ideal for any occasion. Her aim is not just trying to do business and hopefully making money but rather to do things in a better way and help people do things in an acceptable manner. She hopes to make a landmark in this terrain and also set a pace for others to follow.


Revlon is a world leader in cosmetics, skin care and personal care, with a vision to provide glamour, excitement and innovation through quality, easy-to-apply products which offer value for money. And with a big bang, Revlon cosmetics hit the Nigerian scene couple of months back through the company CasaBella International limited owned by Bukky George, the exclusive distributor of the Revlon Portfolio in Nigeria. The company recently introduced its unbeatable products to beauty conscious clients, make-up artists and stake holders in the beauty industry in a very classy way. The Revlon range is complete, boasting of popular brands like Revlon, Color stay, New Complexion, Age Defying, Almay, Charlie, Flex, Mitchum, Aqua Marine and 24/7 Deodorants. The products portfolio includes: Skin Care, Foundations, Bronzers, Eye Color, Eye liners, Mascara, Blushers, Lipsticks, Lip glosses, Lip Liners, Nail Enamel, Manicure, Age Defying, Fragrances, Deodorants, Hair care and Styling Range. And what a lot of people like about this product is its color stay quality, long lasting effect and transfer resistant cosmetics. The color stay technology was first developed by Revlon and the range includes lipsticks that won’t kiss off, rub off or wear off; the foundation that remains flawless for up to 16 hours and nail enamel that lasts for up to 2 weeks. In a bid to push this product further into the market, the company has started rolling out campaign for the products. Right now, they already have outlets in Lagos, Abuja and Porthacourt and intend to be represented in every state of Nigeria


Wedding Planner Magazine Boss, Dupe Adeniran is set to hold a special valentine event for singles. The event will be taking on February 7th, 2010 at the Ilashe Private Island. Why she decided to have the event a week before the valentine day was to create an avenue for hot singles ladies and guy to find a date, who if all things work well might end up going on official dates on the valentine day. Activities of the day include karaoke, dancing, tango and line dancing, boat cruise, fresh tasty meals and tasty drinks. There is also a chance to go out on a valentine dates with a “Mystery Celebrity Artistes”. For the entertainment segment, there will be a live performance by OREZI, the S.A.L.A.D man with his hot single. To crown it all, there is a chance to win a lot of gift cards and vouchers from Beads of Acadia, London; OUCH and also a raffle draws with loads of prizes to be won. The sponsors for this event includes Beads of Acadia, Ouch, Manna Food, Road Runners, Posh CafĂ©, Bacchus Nite Club


That ex-most beautiful girl in Nigeria, Adaeze Igwe got married on New Year’s day is no longer news.Two weeks ago, Ex- MBGN Adaeze Igwe walked down the aisle with Super Eagles Vice Captain, Joseph Yobo. The wedding took place in Jos at 3:30am on New Year’s day and the were joined in Holy Matrimony by the General Overseer of EBOMI Prayer City, Prophet Isah El Buba.
What is news is why Adaeze rushed into marriage at 19. We can tell you that for free. It is because she is pregnant. Since her hush-hush marriage, tongues have not stopped wagging as a lot of people couldn’t understand why they would both opt for a very low key wedding since they both made their affair very public and the news of their romance was everywhere. Even at that, the news of their wedding is still the talk of the town till date. According to what the couple told some people, the reason they decided to have a low key wedding was because of that that they gave their life to Christ recently during their recent encounter with Pastor Buba in London . And he was actually the one that told them to go for a low key wedding.
But fresh fact has emerged after the wedding. According to what was gathered, that contrary to what was speculated as the reason for their wedding, one of the thing that led to a rush in the couple tying the knot as fast as possible despite the fact that Adaeze once said she was not going to think about marriage until she is at least, 26 years old was the fact that Adaeze is now an expectant mother as she is almost 5 months pregnant. It was even so obvious judging from her wedding pictures where she looked exactly like a pregnant woman. Her looks has also changed as she is now very chubby and added weight unlike her slim fitted old self. Sources also revealed that Adaeze’s mum who also plays a major role in her life couldn’t imagine her having a child out of wedlock that was why everything went so fast like that. But in an interview the couple granted a soft sell magazine last week, they spoke extensively on why the opted for a low key wedding. Yobo said in the interview, that when he came to Nigeria for the summer, he had intended to stay for a short time as he does usually, but then, he met Adaeze and he fell in love. “So I spent the whole of the summer holidays in Nigeria, which had never been done before. To show how serious my intentions were, I even met with her family to assure that she is in safe hands. Her mum immediately approved the relationship. We have always talked about having a child together and we even joked on how beautiful the baby would look. But we could not do the wedding before now because of the nature of my job and because of Ada not being around as she had a tight schedule in school. We wanted it special and the night of 31st December 2009 was the only time all our family members were going to be around. After the date, I am going to be busy at work till July 2010”.
Adaeze also added that, “I can’t understand why that speculation would come up. I know in this modern world, people don’t get married because of pregnancy and apart from that, I am still very young to rush into marriages because of that. Meanwhile, we had concluded other forms of marriage before the church wedding, though we had kept that to ourselves”
Adaeze has since relocated back to UK after her wedding, which is coming about six months after they met.
What has helped her is the support she has received from her mum. This is because there is this bond between mother and daughter which is very strong, as her mother more or less doubled as her manager during her reign as MBGN. There is nothing she does without the approval of her mum.