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Saturday, August 28, 2010


It is no longer news that South Africa now provides ample opportunity of greener pastures for most Nigerian models as more of these girls are relocating to the ex-apartied nation. The simple reason for this recent relocation by the models is basically because there are better opportunities for them over there. Unlike in Nigeria, the modeling industry in South Africa is well structured and there are several modeling agencies over there who are willingly to sign them up as long as they possess all the qualities they are looking for. Also, Nigerian models are many in South Africa now as they have become hot cakes to most designers are in love with their peculiar color and body curves
But contrary to general belief that these girls are hitting it big due to the many fashion shows in which they feature and get handsomely paid, City People recently gathered that they are actually into other things to keep up with their high standard of living. Some of them are actually Escorts (Call Girls). It was gathered that most of them are involved in prostitution, at a very sophisticated level. This has been the major means of survival for some of these girls who parade themselves as models.
The interesting thing is that quite a number of these Fashion Modeling Agencies double as Model Escorts agencies pimping the girls for mostly rich interested men. The girls don’t see it as a big deal and because of the raw African beauty they have, they are fast becoming the favorite of South Africans and Europeans too. They have the dream figure these men and with their charm, spirit and elegance; they can easily melt the ice and bind any fastidious gentleman.
For many of these models, escorting is a part time job. Some of them are even available to model for these men and would be glad to give them very sexy photo shoots. Interestingly, the girls are well travelled because of the daytime job and escort work. They have visited and modelled in various places like Paris, Milan;America, London, Dubai and others. Some of the models who are not into the Escort business specialize in dating white guys who in return , take care of their needs. The( The Girls) shield these men away from their friends because most time, they snatch one another’s boyfriends too.Though a good number of South African Call Girls are into drugs, this is not common among the nigerian girls.
The few ones among the girls who are not involved in the escort business, however, resolve to menial jobs to keep body and soul together. They walk in fast food restaurants and cafes spread around Johannesburg, Durban and other cities in the country.
Contrary to general opinion that they are cleaning out big, these girls don’t even earn much as a runway models. For every job they do, by the time the agencies deduct their commission, they are left with peanuts. The only ones really cleaning out are those signed for commercials and billboards, as the payment for these are usually huge .Even after the commission deductions, their take home pay is still very good. But it is only few of them who are in that category as most of them still struggle with the peanut they earn from the fashion shows which are more regular. However, irrespective of how they earn their living, most of them now live big, in their own apartment and cruise around in their own cars.


The first ever FTV Fashion Party took place Saturday 21st August at top Lagos club lounge, Nu Grotto. This very exclusive launch event for Fashion TV and International StyleWeeks was organized by International Style Weeks Limited, Nigeria’s foremost fashion promotions company and marketing company had all the trappings of glamour and glitter and sizzled with some of Nigeria’s hottest celebrities from film, music, top models, business and politics. This A-list event had an impressiven guest list doing the red carpet ( hosted by delectable Isio Wanogho) and included Rita Dominic and Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde with husband Captain Ekeinde, top models such as Bisi Rahman and Warebi, former Nigeria’s Supermodel Cynthia Omorodion and top designer like Adebayo
Jones, Zizi Cardow, Monami, Frank Osodi, Modela and Prince Akanni Oyefusi, President, Fashion Designers’ Association of Nigeria, Patience Torlowei of Patience Please, intimate wear specialist, Ohimai Atafo and a host of up-coming designers like Godwin Green, Elsie Oluku of Yanga, on the red carpet.
Other special guests include the dapper Senator Tokunbo Afikuyomi, the Cool FM family which paraded the Group Managing Director, Eng Amin Moussalli, Shahin Nouri, Evita Moussalli, Larry ‘D’ and Adeola Arije, Frank Edoho, Ifeoma Williams, Funke Tandor-Olugbon, CEO, Quintessentially; Oliver Kuhn, GM, Lagos Oriental Hotel, Abu Shanka,
Publisher Mode Magazine, Sandra Idugboe, MGBN Model 2008, Ms Kahadiatu (Miss West Africa, UK), LA movie producer, Afolabi Marore. Other guests include: Bunmi Onabanjo, Nkechi Ali Balogun and Dr. Austin Tam-George of Pan African University.
Music was powered by Deejay Jimmy Jatt, Nigeria’s best deejay, who dished out a mix of foreign as well as Nigerian hit songs which kept everyone dancing through the night. The night would pass for a great one considering the very electrifying atmosphere made possible by the presence of Fashion TV branding elements at every point in the Nu
This memorable evening was made special with fact that there was an endless flow of Champagne Nicolas Feuillate.; other sponsoring brands include: XO Wine Stores, S&S Hotel & Suites, Power Horse, Mix Me, Nu Grotto, Cool FM, Vibez Magazine and Air Nigeria. One thing is certain, it was one party celebrities and designers just had to be at and be seen on the world wide FashionTV channel in over 200 countries in 6 continents. For the organizers the party was our way of welcoming Fashion TV into the Nigerian market, as well as the International Style Week event scheduled for 13th-16th October, 2010. Nigerians had an opportunity to be part of global fashion TV experience.
'It surpassed all expectations' according to Mr Bassey Essien, CEO, ISW, Ltd and Mr Chis Dickson of Fashion TV.


Older men who date or marry younger lovers or wives now take sexual enhancement pills among other things to keep their sexual life active. Even though, there are quite a number of pills in the market, the most popular one is Viagra. It is the leading sexual enhancer and erectile dysfunction treatment that works up to 4 hours. There is no gainsaying that Viagra is the leading Aphrodisiac in the world. It starts to take effect after 30 minutes of usage, helping men achieve more powerful erections for sex. Since its introduction in the 90s, Viagra has helped a lot of men to enjoy better sex life.
But most of these men are fast dumping Viagra for this new sex enhancer called Penile Extension. This is because, Viagra and other sexual enhancement pills are no longer working for these men due to age factor and because they have been associated with a couple of side effects.
Most of these pills actually have a spill over effect. Common side effects include flushing, headache, nasal congestion and stomach discomfort following meals Others includes; abnormal vision including blurred vision, seeing shades of colors differently than before , or sensitivity to light, bladder pain, cloudy or bloody urine, dizziness, increased frequency of urination, pain on urination and diarrhea. It can also lead to heart attack since it opens up arteries in the brain’s lining. And that’s why some of these men who are hypertensive will rather go for other performance enhancers such Long Erection cream, and other products rather than taking pills.
But this new sex enhancer, has become the best alternative for most of these men, unlike the pills, it has no side effect. Penile Extension is an artificial penis that the man wears over the penis for sex. It function like the real penis and with it, you can have sex for as long as you want with or without erection. It can be used to increase the length or breath of the penis, to sustain an erection, or increase the pleasure the man give to his partner. It's so smooth & soft that it feels so natural. It comes in different sizes, material, color, with or without strap. The 2 most available sizes in the market now are the 6 inches and 10 inches.
Since these older men have stumbled on this new product, it has become a saving grace for their marriages and relationship. It had helped to solve the problem of sexual differences between partner who don’t meet up with the sexual fulfillment of their wives and younger lovers.
The new sex enhancer is completely satisfying. According to an older man who spoke to City People on why he prefers this new toy. According to him, he is in his 60s, while his wife is in her 30s. And his wife wants sex more often than he does. And he is always not in the mood, because of that; he doesn’t always get an erection when she wants to have sex. And because he is hypertensive, he will rather not take pills. But ever since he was introduced to Penile Extension, it has boosted his sexual life and he can now completely satisfy his wife whether he is in the mood or not. “The effect is very amazing, and it has transformed our sexual life”, he added.


Whitney Thompson has stripped bare in a bid to get women to love their bodies - no matter what their size is. The full figured model, who won season ten of the hit U.S. show, America's Next Top Model, poses naked with a fellow plus size model, Chenese Lewis for an ad for Love Your Body Day. Thompson, who is an ambassador for the National Eating Disorders Association, will also act as a celebrity host for the event which will be held on October 23.
Thompson has also stepped in to defend America's Next Top Model's host Tyra Banks who was embroiled in controversy recently after she was seen putting her hands around the waist of an extremely thin contestant on the latest series of the show.
'Tyra supports women of all sizes as long as they are healthy,' she says. 'I do not fault her reaction to seeing such a tiny waist. 'Tyra remains a leading figure in the fight for body equality in the fashion industry.'
Banks, who in her prime was a leading supermodel and Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition cover girl has famously struggled herself with weight. Four years ago the former Victoria's Secret beauty gained 30 lbs and faced stinging headlines such as 'America's Next Top Waddle' after photographs of her looking bigger in a bathing suit appeared in magazines.She swiftly came out in defense of curvy women at the time, saying on The Tyra Banks Show: 'To all of you who have something nasty to say to me or to women built like me. I have one thing to say to you: Kiss my fat a**!"
Five plus size models competed on Next Top Model before Thompson, but she was the first to win the coveted prize of a contract with Elite Model Management, a $100,000 contract with Cover Girl cosmetics and a six page spread and cover in Seventeen Magazine.Banks is so committed to introducing body diversity into the notoriously thin dominated model industry that she is launching a new model competition focusing solely on plus size teens.
Any girls between the ages of 13 and 19 are invited to enter as long as they have a dress size between 12 and 20 and are between 5'9" and 6'1" in height.
'I've always felt it was my mission to expand the narrow perceptions of beauty,' Banks said to Us magazine.
The top model went on to say that she has always tried to 'challenge industry and universal standards' by 'celebrating non-traditional beauty' and stressing the importance of inner beauty.
Banks also said she was disappointed that the term 'plus-sized' had such a negative connotation, and that really, it just referred to the average American woman.
'That woman is healthy, fit and beautiful,' says Banks.
'Adolescence is such an impressionable time in a young woman's life, and I hope this contest helps teen girls discover their own beauty from the inside out.'


The buzz is on about Nigeria fashion week which is set hold in London. Interestingly, even though the name Nigeria Fashion Week is synonymous with Lexy Mojo Eyes of Legendary Gold, being the official organizer of the Nigerian Fashion Show and Nigerian Fashion Week, this London edition is actually put together by 3 different ladies who are not members of the Legendary Gold. The event is put together by Bola Awosika(Larviva Boss), Ronke Ademiluyi (Rukkies Boss) and Kamari Ademiluyi. The fashion show which will be staged in London is part of the activities to mark 50th Independence Anniversary of Nigeria. The event is aimed at showcasing the best of Nigerian designers at home and abroad giving them recognition for what they have been doing. It is a reminiscent of the Nottinghill carnival in the United Kingdom. But the question on people’s mind ever since these 3 illustrious women made their intention known to organize this event is if there wont be clash of interest between them and the Legendary Gold boss, Lexy, since he has gotten the right to this event.

Friday, August 27, 2010


One woman who is presently on top of her game is Arinola Adeniyi who runs Venivici Health Club and Urban Spa, which is one of the hottest spas/wellness centers on Victoria Island, Lagos. Her spa has become the converging point of celebrity men and women, who now troop there to relax, rejuvenate and refresh. The spa is regarded as the best in a vast array of aromatherapy treatments, massages and toxin irrigation methods. However, one thing you can’t take away from her is her ability to always reinvent her business and keep abreast with updates in that sector. And this has won her many deals, most especially outside the country over the years. She recently got a deal another world renowned cosmetic company, Repercharge, produced in New York. The company has a complete range of skin care line ranging from Facial wash, Facial scrub, Exfoliator, Serum, Moisturizer, Day/ Night cream amongst others.


Former Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria, Munachi Abii has not stopped to amaze a lot of people after her reign. Instead of pitching her tent in the modeling and beauty industry just like her predecessors, she decided to do something different, which is music. Her romance with music actually started long before her reign, and immediately she handed over her crown to the new queen, she decided to embrace it fully. She has been making special appearances at some of the A-list events that have been held in recent times. With hard work and persistence, she has been forging ahead. She finally got her first break through recently when she was signed on The RMG Company as a solo rap artiste. Over the last couple of years Munachi has expressed her intention to throw her tiara into the rap game, with appearances and features on songs by other artistes' like Banky W,Ikechuku( Klitz), Jesse Jagz and Waje. Now she has started recording her yet untitled debut album due to be out soon and has just released a song called pop sugar with another RMG artiste Michael Word.


Award winning designer and the creative director behind one of the top fashion labels in the country, Deola Sagoe has decided to choose a face for her label, Amina Alli who is one of the super models in the country. Amina came into limelight in 2008 when she made it to the final of the MNET Face of Africa, 2008. She was also the 2nd runner up at the Elite Model look Nigeria. Ever since her debut, she has been having a smooth sailing modeling career, and she recently stepped up her game when she won the heart of Deola Sagoe, the talented designer who recently rebranded her business, and launched a new line, Polo Shirts and “Shebi Na Deola” tagline. Amina will be representing the brand, and currently, she has been rocking the red carpet at A-class events around


Miss Universe 2010, the 59th edition of the pageant, was held at the Mandalay Bay Events Center in the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S. on August 23, 2010. It was hosted by Bret Michaels and Natalie Morales. Jimena Navarrete, Miss Mexico, was crowned Miss Universe 2010 by outgoing titleholder Stefanía Fernadez from Venezuela.The young woman was a leading favorite of fans on and had the entire nation of Mexico routing for her.
As many people saw among the 83 contestants, the choice was difficult, but what definitely helped win the title was her evening gown. A gorgeous look that screamed sexy but classy, there isn't any reason a real woman can't wear this fashion at any social function.
The evening in Las Vegas was all about finding a new Miss Universe and it didn't disappoint. The stage was full of beautiful women and the evening had plenty of moments that everyone could take home. The crown now belongs to Mexico for the year until it is once again passed off in 2011.
Fernández from Venezuela.


Final results Contestant
Miss Universe 2010 Mexico – Jimena Navarrete

1st Runner-up Jamaica – Yendi Phillipps

2nd Runner-up Australia – Jesinta Campbell

3rd Runner-up Ukraine – Anna Poslavska

4th Runner-up Philippines – Venus Raj

Top 10 Albania – Angela Martini
Ireland – Rozanna Purcell
South Africa – Nicole Flint
Guatemala – Jessica Scheel
Puerto Rico – Mariana Vicente

Top 15 Russia – Irina Antonenko
Colombia – Natalia Navarro
France – Malika Ménard
Belgium – Cilou Annys
Czech Republic – Jitka Válková


Award Contestant
Miss Congeniality Australia – Jesinta Campbell

Miss Photogenic Thailand – Fonthip Watcharatrakul

Best National Costume Thailand – Fonthip Watcharatrakul

Opening Number: "Commander" by Kelly Rowland featuring David Guetta
Swimsuit Competition: "Viva Elvis" (medley) by Cirque du Soleil (Live performance)
Evening Gown Competition: "Save Room" by John Legend and The Roots (Live performance)


Preliminary judges
Basim Shami – President of Farouk Systems
BJ Coleman – Publicist, Journalist & Television Personality
Carlos Bremer – CEO and General Director of Value Grupo Financiero
Corinne Nicolas – President of Trump Model Management
Louis Burgdorf – Talent Producer for MSNBC's Joe Scarborough & Mika Brzezinski
Natalie Rotman – Commentator
Sadoux Kim – Television producer

Telecast judges
Chazz Palminteri – Actor and writer
Chynna Phillips – Singer and actress
Criss Angel – Illusionist and musician
Evan Lysacek – Olympic Gold Medal Figure Skater and Dancing with the Stars participant
Jane Seymour – Actress and Dancing with the Stars participant
Niki Taylor – Mode
Sheila E. – Musician
Tamron Hall – MSNBC anchor
William Baldwin – Actor, producer, and writer

The winner of Miss Universe 2010 will recieve an undisclosed salary, an apartment located in New York with living expenses, a 1 year scholarship to New York Film Academy with housing, jewelry, clothes, and shoes. The winner of Miss Congeniality Universe and Miss Photogenic Universe will each recieve $ 1,000 cash prize and a gift from Diamond Nexus Labs. Miss Photogenic Universe and the National Costume Award are chosen by online voters. Miss Congeniality Universe is chosen by constestants


Within a short period of time,Kenny Onabanjo, the CEO of FINESSE EVENT Services, has taken her highflying outfit to an enviable height in the circle of Events handlers in Nigeria, having handled a good number of high profile jobs within and outside the country. Finesse Events is a one stop event outfit that specializes in decorating, planning and coordination of events. In this interview with City People Fashion Editor, BOLA AKINBOADE, she opens up on the top flight event outfit and her flair for the job.

Q: Can you tell us about your event outfit, Finesse Event?
A: Finesse Event is an event company that has been around for a while now. Basically, we do more of event planning, coordination and decoration. We help take the stress off our clients.

Q: What were the challenges when you started?
A: The basic challenge when I started was getting clients, probably because I didn’t have any connection then. But after a while, my good works started to speak for me. Every job I do, I always do it well and professionally and it always brings several other jobs.

Q: How did you get into the business of Event Planning?
A: When I was in school, I started working with Elizabeth R, owned by Ibidun Ighodalo, I worked with her for about 2 years and when I finished school, it became something I really wanted to do; I have a flair for event decorating, that was why I worked with Elizabeth R. So when I finished from school, I decided to take it as a job since it was something I have always wanted to do, that was how I set up Finesse Events.

Q: What is your relationship with Ibidun Ighodalo, the owner of Elizabeth R?
A: She is like a sister to me, I love her dearly because she really helped me, God has really used her in blessing me.

Q: What was your first job like as an event decorator?
A: On my first job, initially, I was scared and paralyzed and I prayed to God not to let me regret having taken up the job. But after I did it, everybody was surprised that the décor came out fantastic and beautiful. The ushers’ uniform where very beautiful and from the first job, I got about 4 other jobs and from then on, more kept coming.

Q: Does that mean you do your décor yourself?
A: Yes, basically, I’m very creative, I like designing and decorating, I can sit down and start designing, I do planning; decorating, and I provide ushers too. I use anything that comes my way to design. I used to make clothes and that was why I decided to train ushers and make beautiful uniforms for them.

Q: What is the minimum budget you can work with?
A: Basically, I tell most of my clients that it is very important for them to have a budget for any event, no matter how small it is. If you have a budget, it must be a reasonable one. I wouldn’t say there is an exact budget I can work with.
Also the number of guests determines the size of the budget. There is no budget I cant work with, as long as it is reasonable enough.

Q: Who are the people who constitute your clientele?
A: I have worked with so many people and corporate bodies; I don’t want to mention names. I plan any event, not necessarily weddings. We plan burial ceremonies too. Like I always do, I have to transform the venue of most burial parties to something people would see and say wow, this is beautiful. I also do birthday, e.t.c

Q: As an event planner who has worked with so many people, what would you describe as your selling point?
A: I don’t know but I can’t deny the fact that God has really been good to me. So many events have come my way that I didn’t believe could come, and there is no weekend that we don’t work and to God be the glory. He has been kind to me.

Q: How has the experience been so far?
A: It has been good you know when God just bring you up from no where, so many events that have come my way, that normally, you would ask yourself, do I really deserve this. But because you have put in your best, most times, I tell people, anything you are doing, if you put in your best, it’s not going to turn out as a regret. So because over time, I have been able to put in my best, gradually, it gets bigger and bigger.

Q: When you are planning an event, what are the extra efforts you put in to make it grand?
A: When I’m planning an event, there is a checklist, I try to review the date, what is it that might be needed that we are not looking at now. I ensure that all aspects, including bridals, the make-up are made provision for before the day, so that we won’t have any chaos on that day of the event.

Q: How do you also come up with the concept of your mind blowing decor?
A: It’s the grace of God, and then when I’m buying material, I ensure that I buy the best. I set out for the best. They might come expensive, but when you use high quality material, it gives your event class. I just picture what I want the venue to look like, the kind of materials to use, and I set out to get good materials, and it comes out nice.

Q: Apart from Elizabeth R, do you have any other training from anywhere?
A: I did some short courses in London when I traveled, then check websites, read materials about centre pieces, light, and I incorporate all what I have learnt and all the training I ’ve had into my event planning business, and the end result, I always thank God for.

Q:But don’t you think you are doing too much dabbling into Event Planning and Event Decoration at the same time, most Event Managers specializes in one of the two.
A: You might see it as too much, it depends on your strength. If you have the strength to do décor and event, why not as they are two different things. Event planning is something that is been done gradually, engaging vendors, checking on them, and all that. Event decoration is a day thing, when you have all the materials and workers who work for you, you just delegate and every body comes together as a team to execute. So they are two different things. So far you have good members of staff that work with you; everything will turn out fine and awesome.

Q:You also incorporated rent-a –décor into your line of business, what is that all about?
A: Rent-a –décor is about renting out décor materials, nobody is an island, you can’t have it all. So most times, when you don’t have sufficient materials for decorations, you can come in, rent some materials, make use of them, and then do a return of them.

Q: So what happens when they rent and don’t return or rent and damage?
A: There is a manager for rent- -a décor, someone is handling that, and every item has an invoice, and a refundable deposit. So when you return all the materials, your refundable deposit will be given back to you. It’s something that I own, but I only oversee and not manage. There is a particular person handling that

Q: What was the first job that you ever did?
A: The first job that I ever did, I wont call it an event, you know when you just want to start want to start something and you just go into it, it was wedding and it turned out well and because I was able to do it well, people fell for it, it was a fantastic job, the décor was pretty good and inviting. That gave me the courage and strength to do more. Of course the glory first goes to God, but you will be fulfilled in yourself that you made someone happy and that you didn’t mess her event up and all that

Q: You studied law in school; do you still have plans at a latter time to practice your course of study?
A: Most times, what you study is not what you use to fend for yourself after school. Law is just one discipline I had flair for, but I eventually found my calling in event planning. So I don’t thin k I would still want to practice Law as a profession. I’m fulfilled and glad to be doing what I’m doing now.

Q: You also make lovely clothes, and have made clothes for people, are you also thinking of trying your hands in the fashion industry?
A: Maybe along the line, like I said, I have always loved creativity. I just sit and picture images, if I want to do a décor; I just sit and picture what I want the hall to look like. I sketch, same for what I want to wear. If you are creative, you can come up with any piece of creativity that people will love. Maybe later on, I may want to settle down to do that, but not now.

Thursday, August 19, 2010


Isnt she lovely?


While her contemporaries have all jumped into music as an alternative to the movie thing they do, the sultry actress, Ebube Nwagbo, borne out of her relentless effort in showing appreciation to her teeming fans all over the world, more importantly Nigeria, has pitched a tent in the esoteric world of beauty as she brands a 100% Human Hair known as Posh Hair.
The new product, Posh Hair that has been certified okay by those who have used it has become a toast of every highflying lady out there who wants to look posh without going bankrupt. Ever since the new product was launched in the hair and beauty market in Nigeria, the Enugu born actress whose acting prowess in Royal Palace movie shot in 2005 is still appreciated till date has been getting a lot of calls and contacts. Posh Hair, which has the beautiful face of the screen diva; Ebube Nwagbo is manufactured in America and labeled for Ebube Nwagbo as the franchisee in Nigeria and Africa as a whole.
What makes Posh Hair different from other human hair products? We inquired, “Posh Hair has a unique selling point different from other hair products around in so many ways; first, it doesn’t tangle and it’s affordable and durable. Secondly it’s the only 100% human natural hair that is non-synthetic and one can wear it over and over again unlike other human wigs which are worn at once and also are at cut-throat prices; Posh Hair is like spending less for more.” She said.
Having made unprecedented success in the movie industry in Nigeria, the beautiful actress, Ebube is set to make score another feat in this her new invent as she has put every machinery in place that will competitive favorably with the highly exorbitant lace hair thing that has become an order of the day.
“Everybody wears weave-on but it depends on what you want to wear. When I came about Posh Hair, the first thing that came to mind was the issue of price, if one has to break the monopolistic power of some players in the industry, Price is one issue that must be seriously tackle first. And I also noticed that a lot of ladies out there wanted to look like Beyonce, Anita Baker etc by wearing their hair, and I was like, we can actually have something to do with our own movie or music stars and since then the idea had been so disturbing until it eventually became a reality.” Ebube gave a boost to her statement


For Whom: Fashion designers, Fashion enthusiasts, stylists, fashion students and fashion geniuses. If you are serious about the business of Fashion, it’s a must Attend!

Guest speakers& Hot Topics:
-Nike Ogunlesi Creative Director/CEO, Ruff& Tumble- Building a successful fashion brand: Rules of the game
-Macaulay Atasie: Managing Director, Nextzon Business Services- Positioning your business for success: Winning strategies that work
-Frank Osodi: Creative Director, House of Bunor- Fashion Business is big business: How to turn your talent to a money spinner.
-Ituen Basi: Creative Director, Ituen Basi couture- Technical skills that aids success in your fashion business: Examples from the Ituen Basi brand
-Enase Okonedo: Dean of the Lagos Business School, PAN African University. Acquiring Business knowledge as a tool to enhancing your business performance
-Prince Idowu Oyefusi: CEO, Nobel Afrik & President, Fashion Designers Association of Nigeria (FADAN) - ‘The Future of the Nigerian Fashion Industry’

-Learn how to build a profitable business in the fashion business.
-Get practical insight from successful experienced industry practitioners
-Acquire strategies to properly position your business for growth and continuity
-Interact with other industry players and share their insights.
MC’s: Ugochukwu Monye of U ‘Gordern Couture and Bisola Edun of TAE Couture

Date: September 11th 2010

Time: 10am-4pm

Registration fee: Get a 40% discount when you pay on or before 7th of September,
N5, 000 at the venue. Limited spaces available.

Venue: Magnolia Hall, City Mall, Opposite Muson center, Onikan Lagos.

Sponsor: Nextzon Business Service

For more information contact Ifeanyi on 07033717093 or Tale on 07030023333.

*Payment can be made to En-reach Limited UBA. 01820030007654. Teller number and Participants detail should be sent via text to the phone numbers above for sit reservation.

Certificate of participation would be issued

Lunch is served.


Saturday, August 14, 2010


Exquisite Style is one boutique that has stood the test of time. The boutique located in Ikoyi clothes a lot of the Island big babes and Style Icons who are deeply connected with this fashion outfit. The outfit owns by Ifeoma Nwachukwu specializes in breathtaking casuals, Formal wears, Semi Formals clothes, Evening wears, and fashion accessories that get you noticed at any occasion. The Uniqueness of Exquisite style collections is the GLAMOUR , going with the new trends , the ability to decide the clothes people wear for various occasions, leaving a lasting impression. To crown all her effort, she has won four outstanding awards such as Outstanding Boutique of the year 2009 by Fashion and Style Achievement Awards; The Promising Fashion House of the year 2009 by Nigeria Models Achievers Award; Outstanding Boutique of the year 2010 by News of the People Magazine and Luxury Brand of the year boutique 2010 by The Amazon. Exquisite Style has showcased her collections in various fashion shows for corporate bodies such as: Diva account launch by standard chartered bank 2009,Costumier for Miss Telecom pageant 2009, Eloy Awards 2009,Cupids Fashion show 2010, The premier of the movie HOUSE BUNNY for Silver bird group 2008,Clothier in 2008 popular TV look before and after; STYLE ME' and Greenspring charity show for less priviledged2007.Exquisite Style collections have been featured in reputable magazines fashion spreads across the country. She has a long list of celebrities as her client. Her satisfaction comes when her clients smile back to the shop in appreciation.


Make-Up Designory (MUD) is an international make-up company that has been creating genuine make-up products and providing quality education for over the past decade. In the international community, MUD has been the expert choice of make-up professionals, as its renowned make-up schools have produced renowned make-up artists on a global scale. With a huge focus on true quality make-up, MUD promises long lasting wearability, flawless application, and radiantly accurate color.

Beginning this month, MUD Nigeria will launch the first official make-up sessions at the studio located at Fatai Idowu Arobieke, Off Admiralty Way, Lekki 1, and will be taught by the one and only Mr. Bayo Haastrup, make-up guru of the industry. The class will be an intensive 30-day school starting on August 16th and ending on September 10th 2010. Students will have an opportunity to learn first hand the true art of make-up and its application. 2 different sessions will be held daily, from 9am to 11am, and another from 5pm to 7pm.

In addition to becoming MUD certified artists, students will also have an opportunity to become MUD distributors, as additional discounts will be given upon full registration. Students also receive a full make-up starter kit upon graduation that enables them begin potential careers as make-up artists right away. Finally, the top 2 students from both sessions will be given opportunities to begin their careers immediately as they will be able to join the MUD family as interns. This internship will allow them to further learn the craft and become more exposed to the world of make-up.


Designers have been told to stay united. This was the position of several faculties at the International Fashion Academy, Lagos, which took place recently at the Pan African University, Victoria Island, Lagos.
The different facilitators who lectured on varying topics from fashion business, Export, Access to funding, designing for global appeal and so on, all said Nigerian designers would fare better if they came together under the umbrella of cooperatives or trade associations.

The call was first made by Dr. Eke Uka, who represented the Bank of Industry in his presentation on “Funding Opportunities under the Cotton, Textile and Garment (CTG) Scheme of the bank. Explaining the various funding options available and their requirements, he urged the designers to form a cooperative for easier eligibility, as it may be hard for individual designers to provide the needed security.

This call was reinforced when Mrs. Evelyn Obidike, an assistant director at the Nigerian Export Promotion Council and Coordinator of the Women in Export Programme, spoke on Export for Beginners. While taking participants through the processes for export, she appealed to the designers to form cooperatives or consortiums.

International designer, Ituen Bassey, who coordinated the technical classes on “Designing with Global Appeal”, as well as, “Styling Your Collection”; “Closing the Deal with the Buyer”, also asked designers to consider teamwork for cost effective production processes. She added that younger designers should consider internship under more established designers to hone their skills. The plea for unity re-echoed in the class on Fashion Business Strategy anchored by Kayode Omoregie.

The designers were exposed to information designed to enable them start on the ladder to global business at the international fashion academy organized by International Style Week Limited (ISW), in conjunction with the Bank of Industry (BOI), and the School of Media and Communication of the Pan African University.

The event, which held at the Pan African University’s Victoria Island premises, ran from July 29 – 31, 2010. It attracted more than 50 budding and established designers in the area of clothing, jewellery and leather accessories.
Topics treated at the workshop included a wide range of areas relevant to the industry including crafting a Fashion Business Strategy; Funding Options Under the Cotton, Textile and Garment Scheme of the Bank of Industry, and Export for Beginners, facilitated by the Nigeria export promotion council.

Others were Accounting, Brand Building; Writing a Business Plan and Designing with Global Appeal; Styling your Collections, Closing Deals, Understanding the Fashion Media, and the PESTEL ANALYSIS.

The three-day event was packed with useful information and the facilitators all proved to be well versed and fascinating in the facts that they revealed.

Making his opening remarks, Mr. Bassey Essien, Managing Director of ISW, said the academy was organized to provide solutions to questions and challenges in the textile and garment industry, and urged the participants to show high enthusiasm, seek knowledge, focus on networking and making alliances with other designers. He expressed thanks to Ms. Evelyn Oputu, Managing Director of the Bank of industry for the organization’s partnership and also to the School of Media and Communications for its support.

Ms. Grace Egbagbe, Chairman of ISW also asked the designers to show commitment to knowledge building and hard work, adding,” this is your time to grow.”

All the sessions were lively with the participants interacting with each other and the facilitators even as they made complaints about the challenges of their industry and proffered solutions in some cases.
After a short opening presentation on the Pan African University by Professor Emevwo Biakolo, the Dean of the School of Media and Communications, participants where taught to build a winning Fashion Business Strategy by Mr. Kayode Omoregie, an accountant. Participants were charged to understand their individual selves in order to craft a good strategy which would be mindful of the environment, flexible and be fuelled by vision.

Facilitators from the Nigeria Export Promotion Council (NEPC) briefed the designers on the requirements for successful export, which amazingly, many of the designers did not know. Mrs. Obidike and Mr. Kayode Oyeyipo, from the council explained the processes and also revealed the council’s production units created to assist the fashion industry such as the Common Facility Centre in Aba that specializes in leather work and the AGOA Centre in Lagos for garment making.

On the second day of the academy, Mr. Essien gave participants an overview of the global fashion industry, comparing and contrasting the progress and workings of established markets such as Paris, Milan and London, to the emerging markets in the United Arab Emirates, Russia, India and South Africa.

Ms Ituen Bassey then settled down with the designers for the technical class on Designing with Global appeal. Leaning heavily on her experience as a designer after relocating to Nigeria, she empathized with Nigerian designers who have to be all things to every area of their business unlike their western counterparts who simply design and leave the production, publicity, marketing to the appropriate organs of their businesses.

She urged the designers to use standard processes, design aids such as good patterns, dummies and discipline to achieve results. Explaining some international industry requirements and illustrating with documents and other aids, she advised the designers to use resources available on the internet for research. She also suggested that they treat their staff well to prevent high turnover of tailors, a problem echoed by many of the participants.

Other helpful solutions provided by Ms. Bassey whose label is known for its treated Ankara dresses and accessories, include material management and conservation, innovation in shop floor displays, purposeful work with the fashion media and the need for clever styling of their events, shop displays and even their persons.

Beyond the technical industry details, participants learned how to build a successful brand and how to market their products. This class was facilitated by Ms. Olugbemi Fernandez who taught them several relevant details on branding, how to carve a niche for their products as well as the need for trademark registration amongst others.

In order to access funds, and position their companies properly, participants discovered that they needed to write business plans. They received help with this from Vivian Ani. In addition, they received tips on building their business from Mr.Essien who showed them how to use the PESTEL analysis.

Since no business is complete without proper accounting, Mr. Tunde Lawal explained basic accounting procedures, and relevant books or records in his class, “Managing Your Accounts.” The event was brought to a close after the class on “Understanding the Fashion media” by Dr. Austin Tam-George of the Pan African University.

Excited participants received their certificates at the end of the third day and they spoke glowingly about what they had learned and how it would impact their business.

ISW officials also took the opportunity to inform the designers on the upcoming programmes of the organization, including the first Fashion TV Party to be held in Lagos, Nigeria and produced by Fashion TV (FTV), the global fashion television network later this month. The party will be held in Lagos, while the first International Style Week event will come up in October 2010.

ISW’s strategic goal is to position Nigeria as an international fashion destination in the next three to five years, achieving quality ‘Made In Nigeria’ apparel products, while improving the standards in Nigeria’s budding fashion promotions and marketing industry, thus creating an export hub for West Africa.


Mobos, an upscale fashion boutique on the Island owned by top clothier, Bolanle Biobaku recently introduces her new collections to fashionistas and style icons. Mobos, the store that’s home to labels such as Coccinelle, Mystique, Rene Derhy and Dumond to name a few, officially presented their Coccinelle Spring Summer 2010 Collection to customers and style aficionado’s at a store event in their Palms Shopping Centre Lekki, Lagos. Coccinelle is an Italian brand leader in the production of bags and accessories that are sold world over through a well-established network of sales including flagship stores, boutiques, and shops in department stores and corners in the leading multi-brand stores in Italy and abroad. Experience, precision, attention to detail, quality and simplicity, the keywords of the Coccinelle brand and an unspoken guarantee that Coccinelle can cater to the style preference of any woman. The Mobos Coccinelle Presentation was a successful one with a range of bags, sunglasses and other accessories available from the Coccinelle Spring Summer 2010 Collection. The event was first in a series of events to be held by Mobos to create an environment for her clients to relax and shop in style.


Solachi skin care range is about storming the Nigeria market. It will be handled by Mandi Onakomaya, who recently got the franchise of this company in Nigeria. Solachi is a brand formulation that relies on special extracted botanical ingredients rather than synthetic chemicals to deliver results. Its effect is very amazing as it creates a smoother, rejuvenated and clearer skin. It is created out of natural formulations that use high-grade botanicals, advanced cosmetics and essential oils. It’s a wide range of skin care products which comprises of facial wash, cleansing gel, toner, exfoliator, lifting serum, anti aging serum, vitamin c crème, eye gel, anti-wrinkle eye cream, body polish, and others. To compliment its private skin care line, the company also retails its private cosmetics line. Solachi Cosmetics offers sheer mineral powder foundations mixed in-house for client so as to match perfectly with skin color, correspond with skin type and alleviate certain skin conditions. The make-up range includes make-up removal, ageless lashes, enhancing mascara, custom blend mineral makeup, mineral powder foundation and mineral eye shadow.


Recently, pastor and leader of the Household of God Church, Pastor Chris Okotie gave out his kid sister, Ojoma in marriage, to her United Kingdom returnee heart-throb, Austin Dimas. The colorful but secretive wedding took place at the mind blowing Church, Household of God Church in Lagos.
The groom is Austin Dimas, the son of a retired captain. He is an engineer based in Manchester, United Kingdom while Ojoma is an employee of the British American Tobacco Company. The love birds have been together for many years having met in Manchester when Ojoma traveled there for a visit.
In the sermon of the wedding, Pastor Okotie recalled how God created the first couple, Adam and Eve. He said that when Adam woke up from his deep sleep and saw the woman, he pronounced: This is the “bone of my bones and the flesh of my flesh.”
According to Okotie, this gives the man (husband) authority at home even though the woman (wife) is wiser since she first ate the forbidden fruit.
“What the man says at home, not the wife’s words must prevail,” he said, while advising Ojoma to always submit to her husband.
At the reception ceremony, what could pass for an Indian circus played out, as the master of ceremonies acted Gandhi, in Indian movie and led Austin and Ojoma to dance the hit, love na helele, love na wanya.