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Thursday, September 30, 2010


This is the story of how Udoh Essien, a 37-year-old Nigerian fashion specialist based in Germany was arrested for allegedly trafficking in Cocaine. The suspect was nabbed a few days back during the screening of passengers at the Murtala Mohammed International Airport (MMIA), Lagos.
City People gathered that the suspect would have had a smooth one but was detected during the outward screening of British Airways passengers. And this caught the attention of the NDLEA agency after he was subjected to further test, he tested positive to cocaine weighing 1.27kg. And with a rigorous test, he excreted 75 wraps of the powdery substances.
And feeling guilty after having been caught, Udoh admitted to the fact that he was actually smuggling cocaine out of the country. It was because he had financial problems and was under pressure. His intention was to close his Surulere shop and concentrate on his shop in Germany. According to him, he said that he has been approached several times to traffic drug because he travels a lot but he always turns them down. And this was actually the first time he will be committing this offence and he was caught unfortunately.
He was meant to earn 4,500 Euros from the deal which will enable him to complete his online fashion shop because he has many products. In his words, it was frustration and desperation that made him agree to smuggle drugs.
Udoh Essien is a rising fashion designer of repute. He had participated in several international fashion exhibitions. He has a showroom in Ogunlana Drive, Surulere and another in Germany.

Friday, September 24, 2010


When we hear the word Menopause, we usually think of older women above the age of 50, since Menopause is a natural occurrence in a woman’s life when she is no longer able to become pregnant. Very rarely do we think of young ladies. But these days, studies have revealed that menopause is not a stage relegated to elderly women alone as more and more young ladies between the ages of 30 to 40 are now reaching menopause. This occurrence in these young ladies is referred to as Early Menopause. Early menopause can occur for a variety of reasons and when it happens, it creates great anxiety in the minds of the women it affects. In this report, City People Fashion Editor, BOLA AKINBOADE brings to you details of these unusual occurrences, causes, symptoms and why it’s becoming more common.

Menopause is a natural occurrence in a woman’s life when she is no longer able to become pregnant. It is a gradual process that starts between the ages of 45 and 55.
However, premature menopause occurs in women between the ages of 30 to 40. This is known as premature ovarian failure and is sometimes called premature ovarian insufficiency. Because premature menopause occur at such an uncommon time in a woman’s life, it may be seen as symptomatic of other conditions. Women with premature ovarian failure have ovaries that aren’t functioning properly. Either they stop producing eggs or no longer produce the hormones needed to ovulate. And these days more and more younger women are being diagnosed with early menopause. This has also been ascertained as one of the increasing rates of infertility in these women. As a result, women who are experiencing infertility or are dealing with menopausal symptoms at a young age no longer have to wonder why.

More often than not, doctors are unable to determine a cause for menopause in younger women. This can be very frustrating for women as it makes it difficult to accept and deal with this new stage of life. Sometimes though, there are obvious causes of early menopause, however, factors outside of a woman’s control can lead to early menopause. Some of these factors include lifestyles, genes, hereditary, health reasons amongst others.
Lifestyle plays a dominant role in the cause of occurrence of menopause in women. This is usually as a result of lifestyle choices such as poor nutrition, heavy smoking, heavy drinking and chronic stress to the body.
Autoimmune disorders are responsible for more than 65% of premature ovarian failure cases. With these disorders, the body develops antibodies to its own products, including ovum and menses.
Genetic factors may also be involved in Premature Ovarian failure. Most times, women seem to follow in their mothers' footsteps, entering into menopause early. Some women are just born with fewer eggs. They will also experience premature menopause. When a woman's mother underwent menopause, it’s a good guide to her own genetic predisposition.
Some women are born with irregularities in their X chromosomes, interfering with egg production, hence early menopause. Other women are just born with very few eggs, causing menopause to occur years before it should.
Given that menopause is associated with fewer primary follicles being able to develop and ovulate, it is easy to see why a woman with fewer follicles or damaged eggs which are unable to develop into an ovulatory egg is prone to an earlier menopause.
Infection is also linked with premature menopause. Infections such as the mumps and tuberculosis can infect the ovaries, affecting a woman’s hormonal balance and can damage her eggs.
Menopause can be caused by chemotherapy or radiation for cancer treatments. Chemotherapy and radiation kill cancer cells but, unfortunately, they also kill healthy cells. Hair cells, digestive cells, and ovarian cells are particularly at risk.
If a woman has undergone radiation therapy or chemotherapy, large numbers of eggs can be destroyed. With fewer eggs left, menopause will be earlier than in healthy women.
Surgical menopause involves the conscious decision of forcing women into menopause for specific health reasons. Women who suffer from endometriosis, polyps, or ovarian cancer may have to undergo an oopherectomy (removal of the ovaries) or a hysterectomy (removal of the uterus, fallopian tubes, and sometimes ovaries). These surgeries dramatically cut off ovarian function causing estrogen levels to drop suddenly and forcing the woman into menopause. Any surgery to the pelvic area can disrupt blood flow and cause ovarian failure.
Another ovarian disorder, called 'diminished ovarian reserve', is often a preamble of premature ovarian failure if it occurs in woman under the age of 40. In it, a woman may still have reasonably regular periods, but she begins to experience the symptoms of menopause. However, ovarian failure does not necessarily mean that the ovaries have run out of eggs. There may be eggs present, but a woman's body does not respond to the hormonal signals they create.

Menopausal symptoms are often more severe in women going through early menopause compared with natural age of menopause because early menopause is often due to illness, surgery, or genetic issues causing a rapid decline in the amount of estrogen (known as "estrogen crash") in the body.
In women who are going to have an early menopause, the first symptom may be some irregularities of menstrual periods or lack of return of periods after stopping the oral contraceptive pill, while for others; it may be difficulty or inability to get pregnant. Sometimes symptoms may fluctuate – sometimes feeling hot, sometimes irritable and anxious or as if having premenstrual symptoms, other times having sore breasts and bloating. Menopausal symptoms may start while the woman is still having menstrual periods; the symptoms becoming more frequent as the periods occur less often. Some women have no symptoms except for the menstrual periods stopping.
Other symptoms common in women include; night sweats, hot flashes, insomnia, headaches, joint or muscle pain, vaginal dryness, reduced sex drive (libido), urinary frequency, tiredness and irritability.
Body shape changes are also common, causing you to put on weight around the abdomen. Additionally, water retention and menopause commonly go together.
Menopausal women can experience emotional ups and downs, including anxiety, depression, cravings, and forgetfulness. All of these symptoms are triggered by the fluctuation of hormones in the body during menopause. In particular, estrogen levels reduce dramatically during the onset of menopause, causing a variety of changes in the body's functions. These symptoms are a sign that the ovaries are producing less estrogen.

To diagnose premature menopause, the doctor will most likely perform a physical exam and draw blood to rule out other conditions, such as pregnancy and thyroid disease. There might also be a need to measure the patient estradiol levels. Low levels of estradiol, a form of estrogen, can indicate that the ovaries are starting to fail. When estradiol levels are below 36, it may signal that the woman is in menopause.
However, the most important test used to diagnose premature menopause is a blood test that measures follicle stimulating hormone (FSH). FSH causes the ovaries to produce estrogen. When the ovaries slow down their production of estrogen, the levels of FSH increases. When the FSH levels rise above 30 or 40 mIU/mL, it usually indicates that the woman is in menopause.

Unfortunately, there are no menopause cures. Premature menopause is the result of an underlying process. Once the process has started, it's unlikely to be reversed. Menopause treatment has progressed by leaps and bounds over the years, though. It is suggested that most women who have undergone early or premature menopause seek out hormone replacement therapy (HRT). Menopause symptoms will be very sudden and severe, especially after surgery, and can be lessoned by taking appropriate doses of estrogen. If oral medication is too difficult to take directly after surgery, estrogen patches that release hormones through the skin can be used to help lessen symptoms.
As the body changes, leading a healthy lifestyle is even more important. A body that is in better condition is better prepared to handle not only the physical symptoms of menopause, but the emotional ones as well. The most important lifestyle changes a woman needs are as follows: Quit smoking, Alcohol should be consumed in moderation, if at all; Practice physical exercise a for a minimum of 30 minutes per session, 3 times per week; Do you best to avoid situations you know will induce stress.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


As part of the prize for the Winner of Face of Sleek Nigeria 2009, Sleek is sponsoring two of their best (Makida Moka & Ujunwa Nwobodoh) to the upcoming Fashion Diversity 2010 scheduled to take place during the London Fashion Week.
Makida Moka is the Face of Sleek Nigeria 2009 and current brand ambassador. A model on the rise, she is well versed in public speaking and appearances having represented Sleek at many events. Ujunwa Nwobodoh is a Sleek Super Model, uniquely gifted in her chosen field and renowned for her professionalism. She rules on the catwalk and has worked with top fashion designers and labels; well versed in haute couture and commercial modeling, she has featured on the covers and pages of various magazines. Both Makida & Ujunwa are managed by Sleek Models part of the Sleek Nigeria Group comprising Sleek Make-up, Sleek Hair, Sleek Skincare and Sleek Models.
Makida and Ujunwa will be carrying the baton for Nigerian- based models this year as most of their counterparts reside in the UK and other western countries. Having modeled designs on the catwalk for over 100 fashion designers between them and posed for numerous publications, their participation in the London Fashion Week is the next level. Here’s hoping that they are able to bring their considerable experience to the stage at the Fashion Diversity event during the London Fashion Week and in turn, do both Sleek and Nigeria proud.
Fashion Diversity was established in September 2008 in answer to the call for diversity on the catwalks at the London Fashion Week and created to support London’s fashion designers and models by raising their profile. Designers showcasing their designs this year includes Toyosi Mobereola – a Nigerian export although, this won’t be the 1st time a Nigerian showcases at the Fashion Diversity event – world renowned Deola Sagoe showcased spectacular designs at the first ever Fashion Diversity event during the London Fashion Week in September 2008.
The decision to include Sleek Nigeria’s Makida Moka & Ujunwa Nwobodoh in this year’s event is informed by the relationship with the founders of Mahogany Model Management – Yemi Adegite & Sola Oyebade. Mahogany International co-produced the Face of Sleek Nigeria 2009 and are the hosts of the internationally acclaimed Top Model of Colour competition which sees the Face of Sleek Nigeria 2009 – Makida Moka and the 2 Runners-up Sola Ogundipe & Joy Okoye as contestants in the Final 15. This event will be taking place in London this November for which all 3 will also be present.

Sunday, September 12, 2010


The first son of the ex- Military President, Mohammed Babaginda is in a jubilatory mood. And this is not in account of his father’s presidential ambition but the birth of a bouncing baby boy recently delivered by his first wife in the United States. And when the news of the new child broke last week, the first question on people’s lip was, are they still together? Is he still married to her? We thought Rahama moved out when Mohammed took a second wife?, amongst other questions. This is because for quite some time now, there has been different speculation in town their that marriage has been undergoing crisis ever since Mohammed married a second wife Umuani in 2008 who happened to be his longtime lover for 14 years. And it was alleged that because of that development, the dude has not having a good time with his first wife, Rahama, whom he married amidst pomp and glee many years back.
It was also alleged that Rahama packed out of their matrimonial home with her kids while Mohammed staged a multimillion wedding with Umuani. The reason for Rahama’s anger was the fact that she was pained that Mohammed was still seeing Umuani despite the promise he made when they got married many years back.
Rahama, who is said to have moved back many weeks after the wedding took place, was convinced to move back into her matrimonial home by her father-in-law and mother-in-law, whom she is said to have a lot of respect for.
An insider also hinted that Rahama was persuaded to return to her matrimonial home in other to prevent her from totally losing her hubby to his self professed first love. But ever since the marriage, Rahama has been worried that she is sharing her husband with another woman.
What has continually pained her is the fact that Mohammed had kept the union from her until few days to the wedding. When she was being persuaded by friends to wait behind for the wedding, she defied all entreaties to be on her own for a while.
Even in an interview Mohammed granted shortly after he got married to his second wife, though he denied all the allegation that his marriage was in crisis, he also acceded to the fact that there were some kind of issues and discomfort over the choice of him taking a 2nd wife coming from his first wife. And the fact that Rahama was not in full support of him taking a second wife. According to him, Rahama had always thought its something that will definitely blow away after some time but it never did. And as we all know, no woman wants to share her husband with another woman. But right now, she has come to the realization that its God’s will and there is nothing that can be done about it.
City People gathered that it took a couple of months for Rahama to come to term with the idea that her husband does have a second wife. And one of the things that kept her in the marriage at that time was Mohammed’s parent. It was gathered that in the midst of the heat, they intervened, and because she holds a strong respect for them and the fact that they have treated her like their daughter in the 6 years of her marriage, she decided to let sleeping dog lie. Moreover she had always been the perfect wife from the outset right from when she was dating her husband and couldn’t afford to let them down.
But the arrival of the new pregnancy, even before the baby was born actually made them closer and ended all the ongoing animosity between them. The recently delivered baby boy is their 4th child, as the couple already has two girls and a boy.

Saturday, September 11, 2010


Do you want to be an expert in makeup artistry?
Its all you need to know about the art of Makeup, Headgear, Skin Care, Lash Fixing and Tweezing
Date: 4th-16th October, 2010
Time: 12pm-4pm daily
Venue: FACETALK Studio, 3 Allen Avenue, Ikeja, Lagos
Tuition Fee: N29,999 payable @ any GTBank
Account Name: Facetalk International
Account No: 217 806175 110

For more enquiry, please Call: 080 2346 5653 OR 01 814307


Abeke Makeover boss, Funmi Irantiola will be signing the dotted line as she says “Yes, I do!” to her fiancé, Aro Abisoye Olurinola. They have been dating for couple of years, and this year, they decided to take the relationship to another level by formalizing their relationship. They recently had their introduction ceremony recently in Lagos witnessed by friends, families and colleagues, while the white wedding will be coming shortly . Both families are not leaving any stone unturned in the preparation. Funmi is one of new entrants into the makeup industry. She came on board barely 2 years ago and hit limelight immediately. She specializes in Bridal makeover, runway makeup, makeup for TV, editorials, hairstyling, headgear tying, pedicure, manicure, training and consulting.


Soulmate Industries Ltd, makers of Soulmate hair care products are set to launch a new product package for its relaxers.They have decided to give their customers a new feel of the product and some other value added services. In a bid to lead the cosmetics industry after successfully leading the sector with the best selling hair cream in the country, the company is raising the quality and standard of its Relaxers that is already doing well in the cosmetics market in Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Gabon, Cameroon and
other West African countries. Soulmate have embarked on its big spending media and promotions spree when they decided to take their brand to the youths thereby generating a new generation of clients for its products. Soul mate has since set a pace that other rival brands have now followed but not relenting at all. They are embarking on another aggressive marketing and promotional strategies for the next quarter that will finally set the pace desired by the cosmetic giants to stand the company and its products out in the face of competition.


A toddler needed 200 stitches in his face after being horrifically injured by his grandmother's collie.Two-year-old Joshua Mann underwent emergency surgery but will still be scarred for life following the attack.Joshua will have to endure further surgery before he can go home to Brockworth, near Gloucester.
His mother, Lisa Mann, 23, spoke of her shock at seeing her bloodied son in hospital. 'I thought he was going to die. He looked in so much pain,' she said. 'All I wanted to do was pick him up and hold him, but I wasn't allowed.It was the worst feeling ever.'
The attack took place on Saturday when Joshua was at his grandparents' farm in Andoversford, near Cheltenham.
'Joshua was stroking the sheep dog, Rossie, when she jumped up and latched onto his face. Rossie pulled him to the ground and wouldn't release him,' Miss Mann said.
'His dad and others ran over and started punching the dog to get him to let go.'
Joshua was taken to the Gloucestershire Royal Hospital, where he had two operations to repair the damage to his face.
This morning he had a third operation.
Miss Mann said: 'When I turned up, seeing the injuries for the first time, I nearly passed out with the sight of blood.
'The size of his face was unreal, the way it had swelled up.'
Describing Joshua's injuries, she added: 'You could see right through his cheek to his teeth, the cut went through to the inside of his mouth. He also has wounds to his neck that were millimetres from the main artery carrying blood to the brain.
'He has scars all over his back, the back of his head and behind his ear.'
The dog has since been put down.
Miss Mann is now warning parents to take care around all dogs, not just those seen as dangerous breeds.
'You just need to be more aware, if a dog is not brought up around children, if they're not used to them, they can just go,' she said.
'People naturally think it's pitbulls, rottweilers and the other dangerous breeds, but this was a collie. It's not usual that a collie would do this, but he wasn't brought up with children and snapped,' she said.
'If a dog is not used to the attention, it's just not worth it. You should just not have them in the same room.'
The RSPCA warned parents that no matter how kind and trustworthy a pet may be, any dog can potentially pose a risk.
Spokeswoman Jude Clay said: 'The RSPCA believes that a dangerous dog is not defined by breed.
'We believe that a lot of the issues related to dangerous dogs could be tackled with the introduction of a properly enforced dog licence which would raise funds to plough into problems such as injuries from dog bites, dog control and responsible pet ownership.'
She added: 'Our thoughts go out to the family concerned at this time and we wish the boy a speedy recovery.'


A few years back, Tosin Dekalu, theLady Cobbler boss relocated back to Nigeria to take over the business from her mum. She actually transformed the business by injecting new ideas into it, in pushing the new Lady Cobbler into the market. Along the line, she even expanded the business by opening another outfit on the Island to serve their numerous Island customers, while the Ikeja branch was also doing so much. But of late, little or nothing has been heard about her. The University of Westminster trained lawyer has been missing within the Lagos social circle for sometime now. Though Lady Cobbler business is still on, enjoying the patronage of the crème de la crème of the society, but Tosin now prefers to operate from the background, letting the work speak for itself.


Hakeem Oluwasegun Olaleye popularly known as Segun Gele is one man in a class of his own. The Houston-based businessman is making name for himself in a woman’s world, and he has become a celebrity in this terrain in just a few years of practicing his trade. He is the mastermind behind a lot of exotic, grand, and elaborate head ties found in America these days. He travels all over the US making brides look exotic. It’s the only business he’s done since he moved to U.S from Nigeria some years back, and has not had any cause to look back. Segun no longer provides his services on the go, his services are by appointment and his packages start from $650.00 for Houston occasions and $1000.00 plus hotel, rental car and airfare for out-of-town events.
For wedding seasons, he is flown all over the major city of U.S.A from Georgia, New Jersey, California, Massachusetts and Maryland. And because of his popularity, most brides even book his service a year in advance. He also has students that pay to train with him, flying in from around the U.S and London. So far, he is making it so big over there and no one has been able to match his creativity and style.


A law student from Nottingham faces a showdown with the world's most beautiful women after being crowned Miss England 2010.
Jessica Linley, 21, fought off the charms of nearly 60 other English hopefuls at the annual beauty pageant at the Hilton hotel in Birmingham.
The statuesque model - who wants to be a solicitor - will now represent her country at the Miss World contest in China next month.
The 5ft11 blonde - who came third in the competition in 2008 - has been modelling for 2 years after completing three A-levels.
She has also appeared in a sponsoring commercial for Coleen's Real Women and on MTV's reality show Totally Calum Best.
Ms Linley beat Jamie Lee Faulkner, also 21, from Rotherham, South Yorkshire, who competed as Miss Champneys, into second place yesterday.
And 18-year-old model and aspiring actress Amy Jackson, representing Liverpool, came third.Ms Linley is studying law at Nottingham University, where she is also treasurer of the law society and finance officer for the Athletic Union.
Before last night's final, she said if picked as winner she would take some time off university 'so I could give everything I have' at the Miss World contest.
'I want to do the best by everybody and truly make a difference to peoples' lives,' the student added.
Judges at the Miss England ceremony included former winner and reality TV star Danielle Lloyd, and Coronation Street actor Ryan Thomas.
Danielle was herself crowned Miss England in 2004 and went on to win the title of Miss Great Britain in 2006 before she was stripped of her crown after having a relationship with judge Teddy Sheringham.


Alhaja Amusan fondly known as Alhaja is one of the biggest player in the Tejuosho market before the fire incidents, with over 3 shops stocked with cosmetics goods worth billions of naira. Her shop called Alhaja Cosmetic Gallery was the toast of high profile customers, celebrities, make-up artists, undergraduates and a host of others, until the fire that razed down Tejuosho Market 2 years ago. Alhaja who has recovered within this short period now has 2 big shops in Ilupeju and Akoka. Despite all these new outlets, she tells everyone close to her that she is going back, as soon as the Lagos State government finishes work on it. Her dream is finally coming true as the market has now been completed and allocation of the new shops has started. Alhaja is also not left out in this process as she has started talking to the people handling the new modern market on how to get one or 2 shops. The market will be officially declared open in the next couple of months.


A new Miss Universe was crowned at the recently concluded Miss Universe 2010 beauty pageant. She is Jimena Navarrete of Mexico, who beat the 83 other contestants and went home with the crown. She was the leading favorite of fans on the voting medium, as she had almost the entire nation of Mexico voting for her. The new queen was crowned in Las Vegas, Nevada. The choice was difficult, but what helped her win the title was her evening gown, a gorgeous looking outfit that screamed sexy but classy. Nigeria was represented at this year’s edition by the MBGN Miss Universe, Ngozi Odalonu. Though she put in her best at the competition, she didn’t make it to the top 10.Based on the comments of fashion and beauty experts who followed the competition from the beginning to the end, there were quite a number of things that worked against her. Though she had the looks, her voting score was really very low; she was at the bottom of the poll. This is because unlike the other countries that the citizens were so fanatical about voting and went all out to vote for their queens at the pageant using twitter, facebook and other popular network sites, a lot of Nigerians didn’t really vote. Apart from the voting, another thing that was also worked against her was her traditional outfit, which a lot of people believed was far below expectation. The traditional outfit didn’t bring out her shape as well as the very rich culture of Niger Delta/Ibo which she was trying to portray. The sleeve of the blouse was too wide to be chic, while the headgear was not that artistic and lacked professional touch and she could have done without the yellow headgear. Her blue evening gown was also not too glamorous, or something that would have made her stands out amongst others. Even though she’s got the beauty and a lovely figure, which was well brought out in her swimsuit segment, all these other aspects were against her. However, this year’s edition of the Miss Universe beauty pageant really lived up to expectation. The stage was full of beautiful women and the evening had memorable moments that will linger on in the mind of those witnessed the occasion for a long time.


Twenty Five years old Bobby Ikekhuame Egbele will be walking down the aisle in the next couple of weeks with his gay lover. Colin Coward is a 65 year old man, and a Vicar at St John Baptist Church in Divizes, Wiltz. Bobby, a fashion designer and model grew up in Nigeria and runs an online shop. He is currently in the UK on a holiday visa,going through the usual document processing that will give him the legal right to relocate to the UK and live with his husband-to-be. The aged lover discovered that he was homosexual in 1991 before setting up the international gay and lesbian campaign group changing attitudes in 1995. Colin is no longer employed by the church, but still has permission to preach. The couple met at a Christian conference in Togo, West Africa, three years ago. The got engaged earlier this year and are due to marry on October 9 at the Register Office in Devizes, before having a service at St John the Baptist church.
ever since they announced their intention, it has caused quite a stir in christendons, but the two love birds seem to be undaunted by all criticism and are determined to continue with their marriage plans.
City People gathered that Bobby is so excited about his union with priest. He has been very happy ever since they both got engaged. And unlike other gay couples who have their union legalised secretly, Bobby and his new lover have chosen to go public.Bobby, who is going to become British after his wedding, now lives with his husband-to-be in the Wiltshire Village of Marston.

Friday, September 10, 2010


With activities being put in place for what promises to be the most- attended event this year and the biggest international modeling competition Elite model look Nigeria 2010 organized by ex-beauty queen, Elizabeth Elohor-Aisen, more sponsors are coming on board to support the oncoming event. Mercedes Benz would be coming on board for the third time in a row. Other top of the rank sponsors are Quintessentially, Vizioe ltd ,Moet and Chandon, Black Up,Clarins, Temple Muse, Bella Naija and Scared Lashes. Like previous years, some top designers would be unveiling their new collection on the Elite model platform, giving each girl the opportunity to model lovely dresses on the runway. Some of the designers taking part this year are - UK based Nigerian fashion designer -Nkwo, Vonne, Melisa Odabash & Jewel by Lisa, and there would be a grand comeback of the MYA label in Nigeria. The event which would be taking place on the 12th of September at the prestigious Federal Palace hotel, promises to have loads of surprises for invited guests, coupled with all the glamour that the event brings.


In the spirit if the Independence and to celebrate Nigeria's rich cultural heritage, Ituen Basi, fashion co-ordinator for Terra Kulture, will host an array of Nigerian designers, showcasing pieces that demonstrate the diversity of our culture.
The collection, titled 'Independence' is a celebration of the 50th independence anniversary of our dear country, Nigeria. The collection sees Ituen revisit post-independence Nigeria of the '60s. "Independence" the collection, will be launched in Nigeria tomorrow Saturday September 11th at Terrakulture, Victoria Island, Lagos.
She recently showcased some of these pieces at the Africa Fashion Week, South Africa were models strutted the runway in mini iro and buba, body skimming dresses and structured jackets a la Jackie O with capri pants. Each ensemble was complimented with the "Emeka" pumps and "Nkoyo" bag. Works of ingenuity, crafted by innovative designer, Ituen Basi. Little wonder she won the award for "Best Emerging Designer - Africa 2010" in the wake of the "Most Innovative Designer of the year" award won at the same event in 2009.
Highlights of the event include a 40% discount on all children's clothing while stock lasts. The iconic Ituen Basi bag will also be available after the event.
Also, Tayo Shonekan, the designer behind the label Aimas, will be offering her signature whimsical t-shirts, accessories and an eclectic selection of garments at the event.


Wedding bells are chiming for Lagos Realtor and property manager, Tayo Fashogbon. He is the CEO of Portal Realties Ltd, Landmark Corporate Ltd and Vetra Ventures Ltd, situated on Allen, Ikeja, Lagos. He is a big player in that field and has made a huge landmark with the caliber of high profile jobs he had handled over the years. He will join his fiancée, Olayinka Akintola, a lawyer who works at Oceanic Bank, Lagos to say ‘I do’ at a grand wedding ceremony scheduled to take place in Ibadan tomorrow.
The traditional engagement ceremony took place today Friday 10th September, 2010 at Le Chateau, Awolowo Avenue, Old Bodija, Ikeja. While the white wedding will be taking place on Saturday 11th September, 2010 at the Christ Apostolic Church, Oke Anu, Adamasigba, Ibadan. Reception follows immediately at Hall of Grace, Jogor Centre, Liberty Stadium, Off Ring Road, Ibadan.
They met last year at the Redeem Christian Church of God, Magodo Parish,Lagos. For them, it wasn’t love at first sight .They met, became friends and as time passed; their strong friendship provided the perfect foundation for their lifetime union.
And after dating for 9 months, they decided to formalize their union and take the relationship to another level. It is one event that promises to take your breath away with level of preparation put into it. Already, one of the latest entrants in the event industry, Babasola Olusoga of Aso Ebi planner has been billed to plan and coordinate this event. Ever since he got this job, Babasola has been extremely busy. During the course of the planning, he had been to London and New York to shop for Tayo and Yinka’s wedding. He will be storming the city of Ibadan with 40 ushers that will dazzle the guests with their skills, professionalism and unique look. He is also working with a team of experts and professionals in this terrain such as the likes of Sparkle( Beads & Accessories), Bobby Signature(Bride’s Hair), Remedi (Bride’s make up), Elizabeth Phillips(Bride’s Dress), Wise Men( Groom’s outfit), Dojee Place (Bridal Girl Dress), The Wedding Store (Invitation Cards/Programme), Bisbod(Aso Oke), EMCEE (T-Laff), Amen Catering Service, Adedas( Small Chop), Boladel (Cocktail), Event & Wine (Drinks) amongst others.
The Groom, Tayo Fashogbon is from a Royal Family in Oke-Igbo, Ondo State. His father, Elder Olabowale Fashogbon is a retired engineer while his mother, Deaconess Omolewa Fashogbon is a business woman and they are both based in Ibadan.
The Bride, Barrister Olayinka Akintola is the the daughter of Prof. Festus Akintola of Geography Department, University of Ibadan while her mum, Deaconess Funmilayo Akintola is a Director at the Survey General’s Office, Ministry of Land, Ibadan.