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Thursday, October 28, 2010


IF there is any medical condition that can be described as "female impotence", it is a disorder called vaginismus or simply "inability of a woman to engage in sexual intercourse" because the muscles around the vagina tighten (contract) against the woman’s will, causing the vagina to spasm. Quite like the more familiar form of male impotence when a man cannot "get it up", the woman with vaginismus is unable to "get it in" – so to speak. The bottom line is that there are so many ways in which this sexual dysfunction could be a significant factor in the inability of several couples to conceive and have their own biological baby.

It is a psychological problem that shows itself in a physical way and is fairly common among women in the late teens to thirties, vaginismus occurs as a conditioned muscle reflex in the lower pelvic muscle called the pubococcygeus (PC) muscle, which clamps shut , making penetration into the vagina either extremely painful or in many cases, virtually impossible.
The vaginal muscles go into spasm, usually in response to the vagina or vulva being touched before sexual intercourse. It can also happen if sexual intercourse is attempted, or during a gynaecological examination.
Some women find that they cannot use tampons when they have a period. They undergo distress and relationship problems and also have problems when it comes to starting a family. While they are able to achieve orgasm during mutual masturbation, foreplay and oral sex, when sexual intercourse is suggested or attempted, the vagina tightens to prevent penetration.
This is the way vaginismus can disrupt or completely stop a woman’s sex life and make routine gynaecological and pelvic examinations difficult or impossible. In some cases, a woman may need an anaesthetic before a doctor can perform such an examination.
Essentially, vaginismus is not rare and it’s likely that many women will experience it at some time in their life, even if they have had a previous sexual history of enjoyable and painless sex.

While its severity varies from woman to woman, vaginismus is often a primary cause of the breakdown of some marriages as a result of the stress of the inability to have sex. Interestingly, it is not uncommon to discover that some couples are quite happy to live together happily without having sexual intercourse, however, they most certainly seek medical help when they want to plan a family.
Traditionally, the "act" of "having a baby" is largely accepted as the woman’s responsibility, hence the multiplicative effects of the sexual inability and the infertility creates a problem which seems to be insurmountable.
By reasoning, no woman opts for vaginismus to happen to her; it is largely a learned reflex reaction. In comparison, it is like the eye shutting when an object comes towards it. In a way, vaginismus can be described as a reflex reaction designed to protect the woman’s body from pain. This is so because a woman with vaginismus expects pain to come with vaginal penetration and so her mind automatically sends a signal to her PC muscles to clamp shut, thus making penetration either impossible or very painful. This conditioned reflex creates a vicious circle.

Let’s look at it this way. If a teenage girl is made to believe that having sex for the first time would be very painful (and this is particularly true in conservative societies where sex education is not provided) she may develop vaginismus because she expects pain. Attempts to engage in sexual intercourse subsequently send her muscles into spasms. The muscles clamp shut and sex becomes very painful.
This confirms the woman’s fear of pain as does each further attempt at intercourse. Every time this fear is confirmed, the brain is being "shown" that sex does hurt and that the reflex reaction of the PC muscles is needed. This is why it is important that if a woman suspects she has vaginismus, she is better off stopping attempts to have sexual intercourse. This is not to say a woman with vaginismus can not partake in other sexual activities. She can, but only as long as vaginal penetration is avoided. Largely speaking, it is a common misconception that a vaginismic woman does not want to have sex as a lot of the time. The truth is that she desperately does.
You as a woman may have vaginismus for certain reasons. Actually there are a variety of contributory factors. They may be psychological or physiological and the treatment required will usually depend on the specific causative factor. Things such as sexual abuse, strict religious upbringing, being taught that sex is dirty or wrong or simply the fear of pain associated with vaginal penetration, and in particular, loss of virginity are some of the reported reasons behind vaginismus. There are quite many more. Essentially, vaginismus is a very personal condition and so each case is looked at individually as causes and treatment can not be generalised for all women with the problem.
It is particularly worthy of mention that several women who suffer from vaginismus do not realise they have it until they try to insert a tampon or attempt penetrative sex for the very first time and so it may come as quite a shock to them. Whether they choose to treat the problem or not is entirely a matter of choice but what is important is that such women should never be led to believe that vaginismus MUST be treated. In reality, the condition will not get worse or more serious if left untreated unless the woman is continuing to have sex/use tampons despite feeling pain on penetration.

There are grades or degrees of vaginismus. Primary vaginismus occurs when a woman has never been able to have sexual intercourse or achieve any other kind of penetrative sex. This is more commonly discovered in teenagers and women in their early twenties more so as this is often the age when majority of women tend to attempt to use tampons, begin sexual intercourse or complete a pap smear for the first time. The fact is that it can often be very confusing for you to discover you have vaginismus especially as you have been led to believe that sex is something that is supposed to come naturally. It is even more confusing when you do not know why you have this condition, as is true for many women.

If you are suffering from this disorder and desire to treat the problem, then you can do so in many different ways. Really it does not have to be expensive and in fact, relief can be achieved without help of a health professional although proper diagnosis is required.
Of course the best way of treating the associated " infertility" is to treat the underlying vaginismus even if this does not sound too easy. As a psychological problem, treatment can be time consuming and difficult. Many couples would rather bypass the process and concentrate on having a baby, without having to worry about having sex. For these couples, artificial insemination is a very effective treatment option. An alternative of self-insemination is also possible.
Usually if there are no psychological factors, physical treatment alone may be enough to fix the problem. Approaches like sensate focus exercises, exploration and desensitization of the vagina with dilators. Dilating (with lubrication) involves inserting objects (usually mildly resembling a penis in shape), into the vagina. In most instances, the most applicable dilator is a finger, so there may really be no need to spend money on expensive medical dilators. The idea is that not only can the finger be very precisely controlled; it’s also much gentler.
The process of curing vaginismus is usually a long one that requires patience, will power and determination. However, it is important to know that in 99% of cases, it can be successfully treated. To be taken into account are the emotional problems associated with vaginismus such as low self esteem, insecurities and often even depression, so it is very important that if you choose to seek the help of professionals, try to find someone who is very understanding and who has previous experience with the disorder.
Dr Abayomi Ajayi
Nordica Fertility Centre, Lagos


Monday, October 25, 2010


The new hair weave that is making waves on the scene is Funmi Hair. It is higher than brazilian hair. It is owned by a London based Nigerian woman popularly known as Aunty Funmi. She has been a professional hair dresser for over 35 years, and a couple of years back, she took her business to another level as she introduced Funmi Hair Extensions. And within a short period of time, the hair is now in hot demand in London, America, Canada, Nigeria and others. It’s now the number one hair extension among celeb women, as there is no super big babe in Lagos and other parts of the country that does not have this hair piece. This is the hair the likes of Senator Ita Giwa, Olori Onirele, Ex-Beauty Queen, Mowunmi Akinnifesi and hosts of others now wear as the list is endless. If you step into any A-class event in Lagos today, over 70% of the super big babes present at the event are wearing Aunty Funmi’s hair. And the interesting thing is that, though more and more people are going for it, it does not come cheap. The least equivalent of it in naira is N100,000. While some of these women buy it when they go for holiday in UK, others buy it through some designated beauty shops on the Island. The hair piece can also be ordered directly from her London office. Funmi Hair Extension are 100% unadulterated human hair that have stood the test of time. This carefully chosen hair is handwefted and each piece undergoes an inspection and quality check. Their techniques are unique to their business to ensure they offer tangle free, high grade human hair. The quality of the handwefted hair enables the client to reuse the hair over a period of 2-3 years.


Lately, there has been tales of romance and marriage linked to ex-beauty, Mowunmi Akinnifesi. First, it was the rumor of a romance with Dele Fasan but it later turned out to be a ruse. After that one, another tale also broke about her and Naeto C.It was alleged that there was an impending wedding between her and Kini Big Deal crooner, Naeto C. But she denied and maintained that there was nothing between the two of them. This fresh one is about her and her American lover. It was alleged that she will be getting married soon to her American based lover. The rumor mongers also added that this is why she has been shuttling between America and Nigeria recently. When City People spoke to her, she debunks the marriage story, saying that there is no iota of truth in the story. According to her, she was in America recently but it was just for 5 days. She went for the Bill Clinton Global Initiative Annual meeting in New York. She was sent to represent the Governor of Lagos State as Environmental Ambassador. She also added that she has been very busy, as her outfit, Elle Poise is coming out with something new and exciting. So she has been shuttling between Nigeria and Europe to carry out research in different parts of the world. She is taking her time, doing everything to her taste and to please herself, not people.


From 50% off!!!
29th & 30th October 2010

29th October, 2010(10am- 6pm)
30th October, 2010(11am- 6pm)

Both sales days will be held exclusively in the Ikeja outlet @ 93A Opebi Road, Ikeja, Lagos.

Kindly note that all our other Duchess outlets will be closed for the duration of the sale.
For further enquiries, please call 01- 270 3906


Mango, an upscale fashion label recently hosted its customers and celebs to a fashion night out. The classy event which took place on October 1, 2010 was put together to reward customers. The event which took place at The Palms, Lekki, Lagos was well attended and well organized .The nights show was in partnership with top celebrity make up brand Tara makeovers, put together by top stylist Omoyemi Akerele. There was a mini fashion show where models paraded some of the new collections from Mango, from casual to lovely evening dresses. Top fashion designer Ohimai Atafo, Zara Opara , former longest reigning Miss Nigeria ever Ene Maya Lawani, top actress Bimbo Akintola and many other guests who came , had a fantastic time. The brand MANGO opened its 1st store in Lagos, Nigeria on December 17, 2009 at the Palms mall, Lekki-Epe expressway and since it opened barely a year ago it’s been one good news after the other. Shortly after it was launched in Lagos, it opened a new branch at the fabulously beautiful and prestigious Silverbird Galleria, Abuja and already plans are on to open 3 more fantastic branches across the country. One would be ready by the middle of 2011 at IKEJA at the new mall been built adjacent to the Lagos State Secretariat, Alausa, Ikeja. The other one is planned for the Eastern part of the country and another would be opening in Kano before the end of 2011.Mango’s plan is to dominate the fashion scene even within the shortest possible period.


It was a classic show of class and elegance as beautiful models hit the runway for Mouka Limited, Nigeria’s leading manufacturers of top quality mattresses, beddings, pillows, polyurethane blocks and other foam materials for industrial use recently, when it re-launched its flagship mattress brands, Flora and Legend with a colorful fashion show at the Eko Hotels and Towers. The fashion show chaperoned by Ituen Bassey, one of Nigeria’s foremost fashion designer showcased models dressed in the old and new fabric of Flora and Legend mattresses, in traditional, corporate and casual outfits to show that Mouka connects with all. Also, a touch of spice was added to the fashion show with a band of models bearing musical instruments such as drums and guitars depicting that connect between the varied changing tastes of the customer. The event was also well attended by top celebrities in the entertainment industry like D’banj popularly known as the Koko master, Empress Njamah and John Njamah, Yaw of WAZOBIA FM, the Xplicit dance group, Mouka foam officials and other top dignitaries. The new Flora brand which now comes in cool and exciting color of blue, pink and green is specially designed for students, young professionals and the young at heart and will meet the aspirations and yearnings of these groups, while Mouka Legend is specially designed for the more discerning target of newly married and young couples. It comes in a vibrant new textile cover of three exciting colors: blue, green and earthy brown.


The 6th city people fashion and style award has been scheduled to hold on November 21, 2010 at the Anchor Event Place, Agindigbi, Ikeja, Lagos. It is one event that is expected to be grand going by the level of preparation the organizers are putting into it. Already, the best hands in the events and fashion sector have been contacted by the organizer, while countdown to the event has also started. In this report, City People Fashion Editor, BOLA AKINBOADE, brings to you some of the highlights at this event.

The 6th edition of the fashion and style awards will be taking place at the Anchor Event Place located in the heart of Ikeja, Lagos. Its just 40 seconds drive from LTV 8/Coca Cola on Agindingbi. This is to give the award a different twist compared to the previous ones. This year promises to be bigger and better as there are a lot of highlights at the events that will make this year edition a memorable one. And that was why the organizer had to look for a place that will accommodate all these changes and Anchor events seem to be the perfect choice. Anchor Events Place is the newest of all modern event places in town, highly decorated with heritage flowers fountain and it can comfortably accommodate up to 1000 guests. It is a serene and drive through environment. Amenities include large banquet hall, central unit air conditioning, state of the art facilities, high class rest room facility, executives chairs, standby generator, security check in and out, large packing space amongst others.

This year’s award is going to be compered by Award winning designer, Mai Atafo and Ex-Beauty Queen, Mowunmi Akinnifesi. Their collaboration will be the best to be scene of late as they both have all it takes to bring class and glamour to any event. Their appearance is like never before. Ohimai Atafo fondly called MAI by his friends is one of the latest sensations in the Fashion Industry. He runs the Mai Atafo inspired clothing outfit. He specializes in designing clothes that brings out the individual unique style. Even though his first love is Fashion, he has also been doing some event compeering underground. He stunned everyone when he hosted the Miss Nigeria beauty pageant which recently took place at Abuja, an event he compered with former Miss World, Agbani Darego. And what Mai displayed at this event is a tip of the ice berg, compared to what he is set to reel out at the Fashion and Style award. Mowunmi Akinnifesi , a former most beautiful girl in Nigeria has remained visible on the scene for years now. She is a regular face at any red carpet event held in Lagos. She is also one of the most stylish ladies around. Even though Mowunmi now specializes in outdoor branding and event through her company, Elle Poise, you will be seeing another version of Mowunmi at the event.

Dunamis Events is an event design and décor outfit in Lagos. It is owned by one of the most talented and creative event décor in town, Funbi Akinyosoye. She is one of the big players in the event industry. She will be transforming the venue of the event with her mind-blowing decoration concepts. She is an expert in ambience creation and decoration. She has the expertise and creative vision to transform the venue into the desired atmosphere with her high impact designs. And for a decade now, she has been creating sensational and eye popping décor with an extensive range of customized decoration and design services for a wide spectrum of events from corporate to wedding, fashion shows, product launch and so much more

Kehinde Onabanjo, the brain behind Finesse Event will be providing all the beautiful ushers that will be used at the event. They will be on ground to attend to the guests and make sure they are comfortable. Finesse is a one stop event outfit. It is a professional company that specializes in decoration, planning and coordination. The outfit is dedicated in providing everything in order to make wedding, anniversary, corporate events amongst others elegant and unforgettable.

The event will be kicking off with Red carpet/Cocktail which will last for an hour. This will set the event rolling in the right mood. The cocktail session will be handled by Memorable Events, one of the leading outfits in town. Memorable event is a drink management company. They are the foremost in the field. The company started 5 years ago and they have risen to the top because of the quality of service they render. The handle a good number of A-class events. They are the pacesetter in the drinks industry with the introduction of glamorous mobile cocktail bar where exotic cocktail champagnes and wines are served. The outfit is owned by Aderonke Ajayi and her hubby, Oluseun.

Frank Osodi, needs little or no introduction, he is one designer that has made Nigeria proud both locally and internationally. He is synonymous with style and creativity. He is done so well for himself and that is why he will be celebrated at this year’s event which marked his 20 years in the industry. He is one of the best designers to have emerged in this part of the world. A segment will be dedicated to this great achiever where he will be taking the guests on the journey so far. He will also be unveiling his new collections which will be telling a complete story of Frank from his early days as a designer till date. It is one segment that will keep the guests sitting on the edge of their seats as he set to dazzle the guests with this collection.

Another great achiever that will be celebrated at the award because of his great achivement in the makeup industry is Bayo Hastrup. He is Nigeria’s premier fashion and editorial makeup artist. His outfit Ijade Egbin has established itself as one of the leading makeup lines in the country and he is well recognized on the international scene. Uncle Bayo as he is fondly called will also be clocking 20 years in the makeup industry. And because of this great landmark, the organizer will also be dedicating another segment to this role model.

At this year, some set of designers will be giving special recognition awards. This is based on their contribution to the fashion industry both locally or internationally. In the course of the year, they made sure their labels were always in the news as there were good report of their fashion labels and how their took their businesses to another level. Already names of designers have started rolling in and some of the names which kept occurring in the list of most of the people include the likes of Deola Segoe, Momo Couture, Lanre Da Silva, Jewel by Lisa, Zizi Cardow, Tiffany Amber, Ituen Basi amongst others.

The entertainment angle of the event is also going to be very tight; this is to ensure that there is no boring moment from the beginning to the end. Already some great act has been penciled down to give side attraction at this event. These are people that call the shots in the music, comedy and dancing sector. These performances promise to be very refreshing and very entertaining.

Just like all previous fashion and style awards, this year event also promises to record a high fashion statement. The dress code for the event is Glamorous and Gorgeous while the color code is ‘Touch of Gold’. This is the give the guests an opportunity for the guests to bring out their best in their respective attire. It’s also in line to adding color and glamour to the event.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Jawaher is a new initiative from SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS, which celebrates the elegance and glamour of Arabian women today. Jawaher highlights the fashion connoisseur in the Middle East with pieces that have been created by world-renowned designers using crystal as a creative material to show a light fuelled allure. The designers, including Allessanra Rich, Sohad Acouri, Zaid Anton and more, have all sought out to create items to reflect the kind of glamorous lifestyle we all aspire to have, while still keeping with Middle Eastern tradition. From October 20 - November 1, the Jawaher collection will be on public display in London at the SWAROVSKI CRYSTALLIZED™ lounge . So if you are in London, you can go take a look anytime you can!

Monday, October 18, 2010


Tinu Shaiye is one of the latest entrants into the make up industry. She owns Tinushaiye makeup studio. She came on the scene last year and she signed on some mouth watering deals almost immediately and her profile has been on the rise since. She is young and vibrant and knows her onions very well in her chosen field of career. Her makeup style is very unique. She is an expert in creating a flawless and natural look. Last year she came up with a fantastic makeup seminar called “DIY or DIP Makeup seminar”, the 3 days programme workshop was a great success. She is set to hold the 2nd edition come October 28th-30th 2010.

- Every female who wants to look stunning by applying makeup like the pros
- Everyone who want to become a makeup artist
- Everyone who wants to learn how nature can be used to treat and maintain skin
- Everyone who want to add poise, confidence, grace and etiquette to their style
- Everyone who wants to earn more money

- The art of applying makeup, beautifully and flawlessly for all occasions
- The indigenous art of gele tying
- The art of having the perfect lashes for all occasions
- How to analyse, treat and maintain the skin to achieve a youthful glow

Plot 209, Muri Okunola Street, Victoria Island, Lagos

Please call; 08059555055, 07069636585, 08066210426


First ladies of Bayelsa, Benue and former First lady of Lagos state, Mrs. Alayingi Sylvia, Arch Yemisi Suswam and Chief Oluremi Tinubu are the few from the African continent that will be given special recognition awards by the world fashion organization in Shanghai China. For Mrs. Sylva and Arch Suswam, it was as a result of their contribution to the development and growth of the Nigerian fashion industry. They last year organized the Bayelsa and Benue fashion weeks respectively. These events witnessed by officials of the world fashion organization contributed immensely to the advancement of fashion in Bayelsa and Benue states.
For Chief (Mrs.) Oluremi Tinubu (OON), her recognition award was due to her immeasurable contribution to the growth of the Nigerian fashion industry in general while she was the first Lagos state. She was patron of the Nigeria fashion show and hosted the NFS patrons dinner 2000 at government house, Lagos. Her active participation and contribution to the Nigerian fashion industry in various ways helped it to attain international recognition.
Lexy Mojo-Eyes, chief executive of legendary gold limited is one of those scheduled to also address the world fashion congress made up of fashion organization’s Asian continental fashion event in china. It is on the occasion of the united nations development goals awards which is part of activities of shanghai fashion week 2010 scheduled for 21st- 24th October. Lexy Mojo- Eyes is going to be speaking on “fashion in Africa”- where it was, where it is and where it should be. He is also billed to represent the African continent during the shanghai fashion week in china.


Funke Fowler owns one of the high class fashion boutiques on the Islands. Since she came on board barely 2 years ago, her profile has been on the rise. Her boutique, Vivian Fowler is now the convergence of celebrities and style icons who patronize her outlet for their classy and glamorous look. Her pieces are high end and fabulous.
Though she caters for high profile customers, she has decided to also reach out to another target market. She will be opening a boutique officially in Victoria Island where quality dresses would be sold to the hot and urban chic with class and at affordable prices.


Mai Atafo fondly called Mai by friends is one of the latest sensations in the fashion industry. He has been able to register his presence within a short period of time.
But for 4 years, Mai shuttled between his fashion business and his role as the Brand Manager of Guinness Nigeria. A couple of weeks back, he shocked everyone as he resigned his appointment with Guinness, to fully concentrate on his fashion business which has now grown beyond his widest imagination. And in line with this move, Mai will be coming with ideas that will blow the minds of stakeholders in the fashion industry.

Friday, October 15, 2010


Until recently, not many people suspected that there was anything wrong with the marriage of Omosede, one of the pretty daughters of the Esama of Benin, Chief Gabriel Igbinedion. For the past 2 years this ravishingly beautiful lady had been married to Prince Avan Akenzua.
It took a while before some of her friends realised that something had gone wrong with her marriage. What made it a lot evident was the comment Omosede wrote on her facebook wall recently which read “ Let them say!!!....... And still I rise”. And judging from this statement, it thus seem she has decided to move on with her life. She also seem to have the support of some of her friends. Some of the comments made by her friends to encourage her reads: “ The Lord is by your side so you have no problem and remember after you, they will talk about someone else”, “Definitely you would”, “ And you will continue to rise” amongst others.
All of these went a long way to give credence to stories going around town about the state of their 2 year marriage.
Over the last few weeks, it has been a subject of discussion both in Benin, London and Ghana social circles. While some people are saying that the marriage has totally packed up, some are saying they are still together but they have given themselves space to resolve their differences.
Omosede Igbinedion is the pretty daughter of Chief Gabriel Igbinedion and Lady Cherry, while her husband is a Benin Prince. His father is the brother to the Oba of Benin, His Royal Highness, Oba Erediauwa. They got married 2 years ago in grand style and blessed with a baby boy.
The alleged separation between the couple came as a shock to a lot of people since the husband, Prince Akenzua had been said to be head over heels in love with Omosede.
Two years ago when they got married, he was full of praise about his new wife. At the wedding ceremony, he revealed some of the things that endeared him to her. These include her transparency, the fact that she is an asset and a woman that can add to a man’s future and also help shape his future ambition. She has also the capacity to help her man channel his resources on the right path. And that was why he choose her as his wife. Omosede is a Lawyer and successful business woman.
So it was very surprising when armed mobile police men, said to be acting on an instruction from Chief Igbinedion, stormed at the couple’s residence at Edoyaye Avenue, off Osawe Street, Etete, GRA, Benin City, to pack his daughter’s belongings. They came with two lorries to execute this mission just some weeks back.
While the alleged stories of their marriage break has gone far and wide, fresh facts have emerged that their separation had a lot to do with external influence from the families. This is because, prior to this, there have not been any reported cases of marital crisis between the two couples though it was inevitable that it will happen just like in every other marriage. Some people also adduce the marriage break up to the prolonged personality class between Chief Gabriel Igbinedion and Oba of Benin.
This royal rumble has been going on for years now. So when Prince Akenzua made his intention known to marry Chief Igbinedion’s daughter, the Oba of Benin was alleged to have objected to the union. But they still went ahead with the wedding which was a very colourful ceremony. It was also not long that they were blessed with the fruit of the womb which they also celebrated in grand style in Benin.
Consequently, there were reported fallout from the marriage ceremony coming from the Oba of Benin.
The Oba of Benin who said to have drawn a battle line against his brother for daring to go against his advices. Chief Igbinedion was also stripped of his Esama title by the Benin Traditional Council and was declared “Oghion Oba”(Enemy of the Oba). And this is a big one because the Royal family and indeed all Binis are opposed to their sons or daughters marrying into the family of “Oghion Oba”.
A lot of people have actually taught that the union between the two families would actually put an end to this ongoing crisis, but it never did as the crisis only deepened. Perhaps that was why Chief Igbinedion , ordered his daughter to pack out of her matrimonial home.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


One Beauty Queen who is cleaning out in Ghana is Pearl Amoah. She has been able to transform a Beauty queen to a highly successful woman. This is because she has won a lot of mouth watering deals which has not only enhanced her cash flow but also her image, locally and internationally. Her staying power as a celebrity is also second to none as she has always been in the news for one achievement or the other for 16 years consistently.
Pearl first came into limelight when she emerged as the first runner up for Miss Ghana 1994 at a very tender age. Her career took another turn two years after as she was crowned Miss Ghana Universe which automatically launched her into the international scene and she instantly became a super celebrity. She was one of the first international models from Ghana and has since modeled in United States, Paris, London, Germany, South Africa, the Ivory Coast and Ghana.
Pearl has worked with some of the world’s most acclaimed designers such as Roberto Cavalli, Vivien Westwood, Halston, Donna Karen, Alberta Ferreti, Ralph Rucci, Jakie Rogers, Armani, Valentino and many more. Photographers such as Peter Lindberg, Dewy Nicks, Marco Glaviano, Frank Otten and Gean-Luca have captured Pearl’s radiant beauty for various magazines such as Vibe, Paris Voici, Essence, Black Elegance, Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan, and Cosmo Girl. She also hooked campaigns such as Fruit of the Loom, Oil of Olay, Black Hair, Spiegel and Black Opal.
And to crown her enormous success in the pageantry and beauty world, she won in 1999 the Ebony Africa Model of the year award. That same year, she established a highly successful fashion boutique called Fashion House in Accra. Pearl also has an incredible talent in creativity, and through her Pearl Projects outfit, she choreographed the fashion segment of the 2000 Millennium Excellence Awards where she was also presented with the Best Choreographer of the Millennium Award. In 2001 Pearl launched Fashion Week in Accra by bringing together top designers from all over Africa to celebrate the African art, Textiles and designs of all sorts. She launched her debut line, Pearl, in 2004 in Accra and later partnered JP Miller to launch Joseph Pearl Line. Pearl & JP opened the first boutique in Soho NY.
She has won some mega deals of late. Two years ago, she was also signed on by the Face of Sleek Ghana, to act as a figure head and participate in all marketing and promotional campaigns for the outfit.It is a mega deal for her as she is the official face for all their advertising and marketing campaigns from billboard to calendars and others.
Pearl is a well known model for Sushi Samba an acclaimed Japanese, Brazilian and South American fusion Restaurant located in the United States with affiliates in Tel Aviv- Israel and London
However, Pearl isn’t only about the glitz and glamour of the fashion world; she has worked on a number of humanitarian courses to ameliorate the plights of her people. In 2005, she helped a non-profit organization to organize a charitable soiree in New York to raise money for Ghanaian homeless children. Since her return to Ghana, Pearl has devoted her time and resources to helping the needy in society. She has held a charity fashion show raising funds in support of autistic children in the New Horizon Special School, as well as fishermen in some fishing communities in Accra. She also has an ongoing project on leukemia and lymphoma.
Two years ago, she also walked down the aisle with her beau, Mac Diamond Kodjo Emekor Nyamekor. He is one of Ghana’s finest MCs and TV presenters. He is also the CEO of D & P Holdings, which is a TV Production, Fashion and Events outfits. This is actually a perfect combination since Pearl is also an expert in Event Planning and Management, and that might explain why all the events they have handled have been superlative ones. They have also joined the league of celebrity couples in Ghana as they both step out together at some of the A-class events in Ghana.
Pearl Amoah has a Bachelor of Arts in Hospitality Management from Westbourne University London, and a diploma in Architecture & Interior Design from Parsons School of Design in New York. In 2006 she was invited by the Harvard Business School as a Fashion Moderator for their annual conference organized by the African Business Club.

Monday, October 11, 2010


More and more Ghana models are now relocating to Europe for greener pasture. This is as a result of the aftermath of the arrest of Sima Ibrahim, a renowned Ghanaian model and CEO of Exopa Modelling Agency. Ever since he was arrested for drugs last year at the Kotoka International Airport in Accra, there has been a drought in that sector. This is because Sima, is apparently one of the biggest players in the Ghanaian Modeling industry. He used to run one of the biggest modeling Agencies in Ghana, Exopa. Sima Ibrahim hit the limelight as a popular Ghanaian model based in Germany. He returned to Ghana a few years after to establish the EXOPA Modeling Agency which has made a name for itself as a pacesetter in the fashion and modelling industry in Ghana. His agency gave a lot of platforms for these models to become popular and gained international exposure.Exopa is the biggest Modelling Agency in Ghana with over 1000 local and international registered models worldwide.
And within a short period of time, Sima made Exopa the most popular modeling agency in the country. He was held up then as a good example for any young person who wants to make it in the world of business to look up to. He'd done so much to put the glam back in the Ghanaian fashion industry. He did what no one has ever been able to achieve by successfully organizing the Ghana Fashion Week and other superlative fashion events. For the past three years or so, he has held the lofty prospect of a well-paying career in modeling before dozens of young Ghanaian men and women.
So when the news of his arrest broke, the Ghanaian models were one of those who had great sympathy for him and didn’t want him to go to jail, since it was so obvious that would be the beginning of the end of a modeling empire.
But all of this has since stopped since his arrest as barely little or nothing as been heard about Exopa Agency. In a bid to continue with their modeling career, a lot of these models have now found solace in countries like America, London, Canada and others to continue their career. Some of those girls who have relocated to Europe include the likes of Sheila Naa Ashiokai Notley, Nana Eku, Vanessa Sarpong Offei, Nicola Maame Efua Sackey, Naa Dene Baddoo, She Mens, Anbuley, Deborah Vanessa Owusu-Bonsu, Sethlina Yaa Afriyie Kanadu-Agyemang, Mirash Davis, Adwoa Brown, Ashanti Ameyaw, Shareefa Jennings, Cherelle Quartey-Cofie, Priscilla Akosua Serwaa Dwomoh amongst others. And they are gradually establishing themselves on the international scene.

Monday, October 4, 2010


Billionaire businessman, Barrister Jimoh Ibrahim has scored another goal again. In the next few days, his much talked about newspapers, National Mirror and Sunday Mirror will hit the streets. The launch of the newspaper has been slated for second week of October,2010.
Already, the Pilot Edition of Sunday Mirror is out. It is a 56 page colorful edition. When the machine are fully operational, National Mirror will be printed from 6 locations scattered around 6 geographical locations of the country. Already, brand new machines are being installed in all of these locations.
Right now, the Lagos press is fully operational, while Abuja is also ready. There will be other machines installed in Ogbere, Makurdi, Bauchi and Sokoto. The lagos office is starting with a staff strength of 500 and staffers have moved into their new broad street office of the newspaper.
Once the newspaper project takes off, he plans to focus on his Radio and TV project to follow next year. The Radio and TV will operate from the same complex.
To run his media empire, Jimoh Ibrahim has appointed ex-Punch Editor, Steve Ayorinde and Biodun Raufu as MD of the newspaper which will sell for free for the first one week.
Apart from the brand new machines, Jimoh has bought hi-tech equipment to link the 6 operational zones. He is also bringing in about 25 Indian expatriates as sub-Editors to clean up all the copies. He has already applied for Radio and TV license.


A new funky Pastor has taken over Pastor Ituah’s former Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), Christ Church Parish and this is authoritative. Few weeks back, a new Pastor, Remi Morgan, was announced as the new Pastor –in- Charge of the Parish, the appointment came all the way from the RCCG, headquarter located on the Lagos Ibadan/Expressway which is headed by the General Overseer, Pastor Enoch Adeboye. Pastor Morgan is to take charge of the affair of this popular Redeem church located at the Gbagada axis of Lagos. Not only that, the church was also promoted to a Provincial Headquarters. This was done to put an end to the ongoing crisis that has been rocking the church after the exit of Pastor Ituah.
According to what City People gathered, before the church was promoted to a Provincial Headquarters, Pastor Adeboye, fondly called Daddy G.O actually paid a visit to the church with his wife, Mummy G.O during one of their Sunday services sometime in March, 2010. During the service, he mandated the church committee to form 15 more parishes before the end of July, 2010. Many people did not realize that it was in a bid to make Christ Church a Provincial Headquarters, and the reason for opening more branches was to enable the church meet up with the requirement to achieve that status, as it is required for every Provincial Headquarters to have a certain number of parishes under its umbrella. And at that time, Christ Church needed to have 15 more to complement the existing ones. The aim is to take the church to a higher level and allow it to maximize its potential since its one of the richest and fastest growing RCCG parishes. The church was able to meet up with this requirement, as the church committee all worked hand-in-hand during this period to achieve the proposed end result.
But ever since the new Pastor has been named, there are those who believe that the reason behind the appointment might actually go beyond the church’s expansion and promotion to a Provincial Headquarters status. This is because ever since Pastor Ituah’s exit as the Pastor-in-Charge of the church over his marriage to Ex-Beauty queen, Ibidun Ajayi, last year, things have not been the same at the Church. The church has not even been in the news like before as Pastor Ituah brought a lot of glamour and revolution to the church. He has a great number of loyal members who in a way were still agitating the return of Pastor Ituah. But it became obvious couple of months back, that he was not coming back as he went ahead to establish his own church. Then it was reported that some of the church members were reported to have followed him, while those who did not, now shuttle between Christ Church and Trinity House. This was even very glaring at the official launch of the church which took place at The Civic Centre, Victoria Island, Lagos. All the workers of the new church who wore black T-Shirts with ‘Believe’ boldly written at the back, are members of Christ Church, who have since crossed over with Pastor Ighodalo.There were some other pastors from the Redeemed Church who are close friends of Pastor Ighodalo who also followed Pastor Ituah to help and build his new church.
What made the story interesting was that, when Pastor Ituah was asked to resigned from the church, he was also asked to name a successor and he named Pastor Segun Omotosho who has since been running the church. But a lot of people still felt that there was a big vacuum in the church. Moreover little or nothing has been heard about Pastor Segun Omotosho until then. And this has nothing to do with his anointing, as he also has vast knowledge of the word of God. But he is regarded a very calm person and his style of preaching was far different from Pastor Ituah, which the congregation had been used to for years, so the change was not an easy one.
So in a bid to save the church from mass exodus which the RCCG headquarters had foreseen, they needed to act fast and restructured the church. This had been explained as the real reason why Pastor Remi Morgan was appointed by the RCCG headquarters as the new Pastor- in-Charge. Any one sitting under the anointing of this new Pastor and hearing him speak will also easily notice that he shares a lot of things with Pastor Ituah Ighodalo. Apart from the fact that he is also funky like him, his style of preaching is also yuppie. And in just in 3 weeks of taking over, he is gradually winning the hearts of the congregation. He is also very sound in the word and as contributed in a phenomenal way to the growth of the RCCG family. Just like Pastor Ituah, the new Pastor also has a passion for youth empowerment and motivational activities, which will soon start putting the church in the news like before. He used to be the Pastor-in-Charge of Province 24, RCCG Master’s Court, Olosa Street, Victoria Island, Lagos before he was transferred to the RCCG, Christ Church Parish which has now been named Province 35. He is also well travelled and a world renowned pastor as he is one of the most sought after Redeem Pastors, on the international scene as guest speaker at Christian summits, crusades and luncheons. He is also a successful business man, as he operates one of the largest Nigerian Christian products distributors. He is the CEO of Laterna Bookshop/Ventures located on Victoria Island axis of Lagos. His bookshop has been rated as one of the topmost ones in Lagos and there is hardly no book you can’t get from there.
One interesting thing about him is that, he does not only share similarities with Pastor Ituah, they are actually close friends. They have handled a couple of projects together on the educational level that has to do with Youth Empowerment, while Pastor Ituah was still the Pastor-in-Church of Christ Church. Pastor Remi Morgan was actually one of the top Pastors that also stood by Pastor Ituah during the opening of his new church, Trinity House, a gesture which further buttress their closeness.


Newly established record label, Guepard Records, gave music lovers, style aficionados and entertainment enthusiasts an indelible and truly memorable event with its recently concluded ‘Glamourous Gig.’
The event which was held at the upscale and swanky De Marquee roof top lounge, also served as a listening party to officially introduce J2D and Le Soul; upcoming artistes signed on to the budding record label. Guests were treated to fantastic musical performances, lots of exotic canapés, and an unending supply of champagne.
Speaking at the event Caroline Danjuma, MD Guepard Records said ‘Music has always held a life long attraction for me and that is perhaps the chief reason for floating Guepard Records. Whilst I recognize that musical talents abound in the country, I am also keenly aware of the dearth of excellent musical and production equipment, inappropriate promotional activities, and other factors that may prevent indigenous and talented artistes from competing favourably with their counterparts worldwide. This is the void that Guepard records has come to fill; and even though we are relatively new on the scene, we are determined to ensure that we produce and promote only music of international quality.’
Commenting further she said ‘Our tag line is ‘The Epitome of Music’ which basically means that we are introducing a new dimension to the music and entertainment industry in terms of production, sound and the overall quality of music. The public should look forward to enjoying music from the label’s immensely talented artistes; J2D and Le Soul, backed by world class producers and a management that understands what it takes to create music of impeccable standards.
The first Guepard Records artiste presented to the public that night was Le Soul; an R&B and soul singer who draws influences from Boys II Men, Maxwell, and R-Kelly to mention a few. Asides being a musician, Le Soul is also a consummate song writer, having penned lines and collaborated on a song that featured the rap group; Trybesmen. He wowed the audience, and had his female fans swooning whilst performing his hit single ‘Ma Se Yen’ and practically brought the roof down when he performed his second single ‘Top of the Line’ with General Pype of Storm Records.
Also presented to the public that night were J2D; a sensational dancehall music duo from the city of Jos made up of Jifera and Slim D. Their singles ‘Hypnotize’ and ‘Be Your Man’ had the audience in a frenzy of excitement, with some fans actually climbing on stage to perform with them. The dynamic duo showed a mastery of stage and entertained the crowd with their electrifying, well choreographed dance steps.
Additional pizzazz was also added to the night when other hugely popular artistes showed their love and support to the Guepard artistes by performing their hit songs as well. Artistes such as Kas of the ‘Fimile baby’ fame, General Pype, The Kentro Crew, and Faze, had the audience screaming for encore performances.
Guepard Records is a subsidiary of Guepard Productions Nigeria Limited, the premier one-stop production company in Nigeria. The company is fully equipped with the best and most recent technology, an up to date editing suite, the complete range of the Red One Camera, Two fully equipped studios, top-notch sound equipment, lights, and production equipment that ensure first-class production from start to finish.
Services also include but are not limited to conceptualizing and shooting documentaries, conceptualizing and co-ordinating content for TV productions, shooting adverts, music videos, and providing full range of technical support for various clients in various sectors of the economy.


As part of the countdown to the first ever World Fashion Week in New York, the World Fashion Organization (WFO) organizes an Asian continental fashion event/reception to be hosted by the city of Shanghai, China on the 22nd and 23rd October, 2010 at the Shanghai International Fashion Center. It is during the United Nations Millennium Development Goals Award Dinner which is part of activities of the Shanghai Fashion Week. For this Asian continental fashion event/reception, a designer from one country is expected to represent each of the 5 continents that are members of the World Fashion Organization. United States of America represents North America, Argentina – South America, China – Asia, Italy – Europe and ahead of South Africa, Senegal, Ivory Coast and Kenya, Nigeria was selected to represent the African continent.
The Nigerian victory was made possible by Lexy Mojo-Eyes, Chief Executive of Legendary Gold Limited who is one of two Africans in the International Committee of the World Fashion Organization. Since the beginning of the year, he has been working from the headquarters of the WFO in New York, Paris and Milan respectively where he is a member of the core committee which have the responsibility of putting together a successful World Fashion Week and Asian continental fashion event/reception. He is presently negotiating with WFO to see the possibility of more than one designer representing the African continent. The idea is to create as moch opportunities as possible for our designers.
After the Asian continental event in Shanghai, all roads will be leading to Lagos where the 2010 edition of the Nigeria Fashion Week will be holding between 15th – 19th of November at the Muson center. The NFW is being put together in partnership with the World Fashion Organization, Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the British Council of Nigeria. The Welcoming Gala of the World Fashion Week will be hosted by the city of New York on the 7th of December, 2010 at the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts. It is an exclusive event that will gather only 300 top fashion icons from over 41 countries. This event is to officially announce the major World Fashion Week event which is also billed for New York City in fall 2011.