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Monday, November 29, 2010


All is now set for the wedding ceremony of the second son of the founder and presiding Bishop of the Living Faith Ministries, a.k.a Winners Chapel, Bishop David Oyedepo. As you read this, preparations are already in top gear for the smooth execution of the wedding ceremony which is being planned to be grand. The groom, Pastor Isaac Olugbemi is the second son of the Bishop fondly called Papa and like his brothers, he is following in his father’s footsteps. He is the present resident Pastor of Winners’ Chapel International in Newyork, USA and was ordained into full time ministry in May 2007.
A graduate of Oral Roberts University and past Mission Administrator at the Headquarters in Canaan Land, he will in the next couple of weeks be walking down the aisle with his bride, Ayomitide Maria in a grand ceremony billed for the Church Headquarters, Canaan Land, Ota, Ogun State between 16th and 18th of December, 2010. On Thursday, the 16th of December, their engagement ceremony will hold at the church, also at Canaan Land. The color of the day is blue.
On Saturday, the 18th of December, the solemnization of holy matrimony between the couple, Isaac and Maria will hold at the Convenant University Chapel, Canaan Land. Reception follows immediately at Cafeteria 1, Convenant University, Canaan Land. Colors for the day are peach and bronze. The bride, Ayomitide, is the last daughter of Mr & Mrs . Oni Omagbadegun. The father of the bride, Zachaeus Oni is a retired top Civil Servant. He currently lectures at the Convenant University, Canaan Land.


Not many knew that late Nigerian First Lady, Maryam Babaginda’s mum was still alive at the time she died last year. Only those close to the Babaginda family knew. Penultimate week, Hajiya Asabe King died in Cairo, Egypt after a prolonged battle with cancer, which was what killed her daughter, Maryam. Sadly too, her death came exactly one year after the late Maryam died in Germany. Late Hajiya died at the age of 93. Before she died, she had been ill and she has been taken from one hospital to another and it was her son-in-law, ex-President Ibrahim Babaginda who asked her to be flown to Egypt for treatment. But those who saw her before she was flown out a few weeks back had predicted that she may not survive it because she had lost so much weight and she looked so frail.
Her daughter, Mallama Hadiza King , Director General, Women Mobilization, Niger State accompanied Hajiya Asabe to Cairo on the medical trip. The deceased who hailed from Asaba in Delta State was married to the late Alhaji Muhammadu King, Second Republic Presidential Liaison officer under the President Shehu Usman Aliyu Shagari.
The late Hajiya Asabe was interred in Kontagora on Friday , November 19, 2010 according to Islamic Junctions. Hajiya Asabe died at 6.30am on Wednesday, November 17, 2010, in a hospital in Egypt during a protracted illness. She was born on July 1, 1922. The late Hajiya Asabe was a respected and devout Muslim who was helpful, caring and kind to all. She is survived by her son, Chief Sunny Odogwu, her daughters, Hadiza King and Jummai Sambo, many grand and great grand children.


Louise Priddy name is synonymous with Bacchus Night club, this is because she has run the wave making night club on the Island for years and has become a big player in that terrain. Nevertheless, she has also tried her hands on other things. She opened Sixth Degree 3 years ago, which is a VIP lounge located within the Bacchus Night club, on Awolowo Road, Ikoyi, Lagos. She also started Posh Café, an A-class restaurant located inside Mega Plaza, Victoria Island, Lagos. But her latest business now is Kristos Jewelry Line, a business she floated with her friend, Elfreda Edewor. They started the business last year in a very quite way just making for their friends and couple of people who like it. But right now, Kristos is one of the hottest accessory lines on the Island and the demand for it really high among celeb. It’s really a luxury brand as the minimum goes for $1,000 dollars and it higher grade is $10,000 dollars. And despite the fact that it is expensive, these two industrious ladies get a lot of orders everyday. It’s a line that appeals to both the men and the ladies. The likes of Dbanj, Don Jazzy, John Utaka, Sound Sultan amongst others have turned head on red carpets with these unique pieces in recent times. Louise Priddy and Efreda Edewor both sit down to design these pieces, and later send it to Italy and Lebanon, where it is been manufactured and brought back into the country to sell. Each Kristos Jewelry is generously designed and completed for beauty, functionality, durability and longevity. These original pieces of jewelry are all one of a kind and feature beads made of Black Onyx, Pearls, Clear Gem stones, Gold and Diamonds, accented by an 18k Gold/Black onyx cross featuring an18k rose gold peace sign. The first collection which is the most the most popular and distinctive Rosary Inspired necklaces was a best seller. The other pieces from the collection, be it necklaces or bracelets, have also been a huge success with celebrities and high brow socialites. City People Fashion Editor, BOLA AKINBOADE, met with Louise Priddy recently and she opens up on why they decided to float a jewelry line. Louise who also got married last year to hear beau, Mario Bou Harb and recently delivered a baby boy also open up on the challenges of motherhood and how she juggles her different roles.


You are known to run a night club, why then did you decide to diversify into the accessory business?
Last year, myself and my friend, Elfreda, sat down and we sketched different designs of accessories. So when we traveled out of the country, we met a jewelry designer who offered to turn our sketches into jewelries. So from there, we used to come here and sell and so many people liked it, and that was how it all started. Gradually, people started ordering for our accessories. And it became too big for us and that is why we launched our line Kristos Jewelry, to make it official.

So what makes Kristos Jewelry stand out from the rest?
Kristos Jewelry is an exclusive luxury brand. It is a handmade jewelry, and it’s made of Onyx, Diamond, Gemstones and Gold. Kristos Jewelry is designed and completed for beauty, functionality, durability and longetivity. Why we are different from others is because you can design your own jewelry. Like a lady came to me and said she wants her initials on the jewelry. I can go and do that for you. That is why we are different from every jewelry shop. We are expanding our first collection with earrings and rings.
Our next line will be catering for the children; we will be doing children accessories, necklace and bracelet, earrings, rings. We are getting there gradually.

Where do source your fabrics from?
It’s from Italy and Lebanon and we have 2 workshops in both countries. We actually manufactured it over there and bring it down to Nigeria. We design them, we draw them, and we manufactured it and bring it down here.

How is business so far?
In the beginning, we were just selling to our friends, and a lot of people were demanding for it but we didn’t have enough stock that is why we eventually had to start the jewelry line officially. And it became that popular. We started a year ago in a very quite way, now, it has become more popular.

So how do you juggle between the new business and the old ones?
I work on my accessory line during the day. You know during the day, I also run Posh Café which have had for 3 years now. So what I do basically is to cross between Posh Café and the Jewelry line. Anytime my attention is not needed at Posh Café, I sit down working on the jewelry line. I’m on the internet taking orders and doing some necessary transactions.

Interestingly, you seem to be into a lot of things
Not a lot of things. Really, it’s Bacchus, posh café, Louise designs and now the jewelry line. Why, because, the night club has been there for 8 years and it time for a little change. Some people ask me, they needed a place where they can go during the day and relax, that was why I started Posh Café. Jewelry was something had always had passion for. And it just started from people admiring my jewelries, and we had to sit down and discuss, “can we do it?” And Elfreda and I started together, and we said to ourselves, okay, we can do it. And that is why we have to do a new line and make it bigger because people want it.

But the night club is your dad’s business and you took it over from him
It’s my business. My dad and I opened Bacchus together 8 years ago, it’s always been our business.

Why then did you decide to run a night club?
I went to England and to club and I kind of liked the idea. So a friend of mine left England to start the 11.45 night club which I managed, I was the manager then. And while I was doing that, I always had intentions that I don’t want to work with someone else, I want to have my own business, so basically I learned and trained while I was there before I opened Bacchus. So I had always wanted to do it, but I had to go through process of learning how things work in Nigeria before I opened my own.

What will you say is your staying power in the night club business? You have been doing it for 8 years and even when others were shutting down you became even stronger in business
My staying power is not about money, and I really mean this, its just about doing what I am passionate about. I love to change the club, I love to have theme party like the Halloween party and all that. I like to do things that are different. I like to change the club; it’s not the same boring club that has been there. When people come day in day out, they see changes. That is the passion I have for it. I actually love doing my job, that is why have been there for 8 years.

So what are the challenges you face running the club?
Challenges are that other clubs open, and people might go to other club and probably come back to yours. Challenges are that as a woman, some men will under rate you. In the first year, people actually said to me, you will never last, you are a woman, and it’s going to be so hard. But that gave me more will power to be stronger and better. And that is it

You also opened sixth degree, why the need for that?
It’s just above Bacchus. Sixth degree is like a VIP Lounge, it comes with more relaxation.

In your family, you are also the only person that is out there doing everything while your sister and other maintain low profile
Nothing, it’s just that in every family, you get one who is an introvert, and the other who is an extrovert. It has to do with different personalities. They just like to take it easy and do their own thing. My sister has her own property company, and she is very good at that but she just like to keep it quite. And the same thing with my brother. I think it basically because I run a night club, that is why I m more out there.

You are also a mother now. So how has motherhood being for you?
Motherhood is difficult. I m not going to say it’s the easiest thing because any mother will tell you its not. What has happened as to work is that, it just slows me down; you have to sacrifice a lot. One great thing about posh café is that I create the children segment side, so he stays with me and he comes to work with me. Night club, of course I can’t go every night, it’s different. So I have young people now who are taking over. It just slows me down, its hard work. But there is nothing great as a child waking up and smiling to you, saying his first word or eating, nothing greater than that. But right now, priority changes and he is my first priority.

Now that your priority has changed, does your husband still support your line of business?
Yes, he does, we are very happy and he supports the business I do. We actually dated for 5 years before we got married last year. So he is totally aware of everything I do, and has always been supportive even right from the onset.


Stunning looking Elfreda Edewor, runs a PR outfit, ORCHARD. She is known for her high network clients and has also handled a lot of high profile job. She decided to join force with Louise Priddy to launch the Kristos brand. In this interview with City People Fashion Editor, BOLA AKINBOADE, she opens up on her own business story

You run a PR outfit, so why did you decide to join hands with your friend, Louise Priddy to float your accessory line?
I have always love jewelry; I have always loved how jewelry makes a simple dress, more beautiful. And that was why we decided to do it. And we took it to another level by doing something that is very unique and will stand out, any day, any time. Kristos is made of precious stones, black onyx, pearl, clear quartz gem stone, white cut, clear cut, all precious stone, with 18 carat gold diamond. So it is one piece that will attract attention wherever you go. And our plan is to take Kristos world wide, that is what we are looking at. That is our dreams. And making more designs and seeing more celebrities abroad wearing Kristos.

So how do you juggle between your businesses since it’s a total different field from what you were doing before?
Its very tough, but I m a strong woman, I tried to shuffle in between. But the jewelry line, I m not going to lie, it has taken much of my time, especially because of the popular demand. I wont say its tough, but its very interesting, I enjoy what I m doing.

When you say it’s very tough, it’s not like you make the pieces yourself
Well, we design them which is much work. They are all handmade. The facility we will like to use, especially because of the diamond we put in them, we can’t do it here now. But in the future, we hope to bring the factory down here, but for now, we do all of them abroad.

So when you talk about your designing, were do you get your inspiration from. How did you get to come up with those designs?
Louise and I comes up with those designs, and like the saying goes, two heads are better than one. We both meet together and sit for long hours brainstorming; sometimes it might even take a week or more. Especially our latest collection, it’s a ring and bracelet strap together; it took us over a week to come up with that and design it. And sometimes, even after designing and the company send the samples to us, we might not like it. We will send it back to them, oh no, just do this again. Basically that is it, so it’s not very easy.

Going all the way to manufacture the jewelry abroad that means, it’s really expensive.
Yeah, that is why it is a luxury brand, it’s not just a regular, they are all collector items. If you have one Kristos, I will say, keep it because your kids can use it, your grand children can use it. They are all unique pieces, that is the word.

So at the point when you decided to float the accessory line, you already had it in mind that this is for the high end customers and what is the price range like?
Yes, or I would rather say, it’s for everyone who can afford it. The price range varies so far and we are going to come down a little. But for now, the price range is from $1,000 dollars - $10,000 dollars. We like to just do it in dollars especially because we make them from abroad, but that does not mean we don’t sell in naira, you just convert it. But for us, its best to just keep it in that dollar range.

So where do you sell the jewerely
For now most people order, either directly or through our online website. But we are planning to open or shop in January, probably in Mega Plaza. But for now, we just work from our various offices.

You are a pretty young woman, but you didn’t rely on that, but you are out there making things happen for yourself. Does it have to do with your background?
I was also brought up to be a hardworking person. I m a strong business minded woman, had always wanted to work, I hate been idle. I’m an entrepreneur, I didn’t study how to do jewelry, I didn’t go to school for it. I studied information science. Though I started with selling Luxury watches, and over the time my clientele base grew and I was so impressed with how far had gone with that. But apart from selling watches, I have wanted to do different business, something that will bring more money that was why the accessory thing also came into the picture. I never really like to just to rely on my family money, or to rely on my parent. I love been different.

What is growing up like for you
Growing up was fun, I was the first child for 10 years and my sister came along, we are just 2 children, raised by a single mum. But I spend the holidays with my dad. My mum I will say, is my inspiration, I always say that. My mum has always done business, so have always admired that in her, not just sitting at home, from morning to night. She goes out to do different things. She is a nurse based in London, but she has other business she is doing apart from been a nurse.

Talking about your PR outfit, how far did you go with that? Did you really handled high profile job
Yes, we have done a lot of jobs. I did A.Y live, I also work with Primetime Entertainment for the Tuface Idibia concert. We have done charity shows; we have done quite a number of events. I mean we get sponsors from other company for this event, and try to create awareness basically.

So how do you source for your client?
I have a number of clientele I work with, and I tell them which is really related to their company, or what they can do to help the event.

You have a stunning look and you are always out there, so how do you handle men advances.
I’m in a relationship; I meet a lot of men through my job. There are a lot of guys I sell watches to. A lot of guys I sell the jewelries to, but I always like to keep it business and very professional. I have a lot of friends that are guys, and my man understand that

What special qualities does he have that will make you to stick to him and him alone?
He understands me and he has a good heart.

So when is the wedding bell ringing
(Laughs) Soon. I don’t know. I m hoping soon but there is no ring on my hand yet

So what’s your beauty secret, you have a flawless skin?
I always wash my face every morning and night. I try to keep it simple; I didn’t put a lot of make up, no foundation. It’s just mineralized powder. I drink a lot of water, and I work out.

You are also very stylish, so how will you describe your style
I don’t go with the trend; I always like to keep it simple because it always works for me. Because trend all comes and go. I love my shoes and my dresses.

You travel a lot, what takes you out
It’s because of my business, the watches. I sell watches from watch of the Switzerland; they are all, luxury brand, AP, Rolex. So I travel abroad to buy them and I sell on order; my clientele are very private.


Make-Up Designory (MUD) an international make-up and cosmetics company that has been creating genuine make-up products and providing quality education over the past decade. The organization made in-roads into the Nigeria market and as part of efforts to consolidate its international appeal and status, is embarking on awareness campaigns throughout the country, with a particular emphasis on the make-up artists. The company is launching MUD Nigeria is proud to launch the MUD Make-Up Artists Association (MMAA). Members will have access to the some of the best product brands in the world to ply their trade, and will also be able to access some of the best product tricks and training by established make-up artists. Other membership benefits include, but are not limited to, discounts on all MUD retail products, complete professional kits for all the MUD Branded members, and preferential calls for jobs in all MUD Nigeria contracts and projects. Other benefits accruable to MMAA members will be further disclosed at the workshop.In addition to formally introducing the MMAA initiative, the workshop will provide a forum for all make-up artists, as well as current and aspiring MUDstar distributors with the opportunity to observe firsthand the true beauty of the MUD brand and explore all its great qualities. Make-Up Artists, Distributors, and Wholesalers would get an opportunity to learn about different franchising opportunities which would enable them to purchase and distribute products. Incentive structures have been created to help develop entrepreneurs across the nation. MUD in-house make-up artists will be present for the duration of the workshop showcasing the art of make-up and assisting first time MUD users on product usage and tricks.


Like the bloom of fresh flowers, Morning Dew, the heart of Genevieve magazine, has blossomed into a full-blown work of inspiration. The book which was launched in Lagos earlier in the year has become a part of many families, being a source of strength.
Morning Dew, a compilation of Betty's inspiring testimonies over the years is a treasure in many hands. Reflecting the joys and pains, struggles and triumphs, hopes and dreams of the author, the book has grown wings of its own and is soaring to other parts of the country. In the true essence of celebration, Morning Dew will be a special gift this season to a 100 celebrities who will join in the merriment and glee at the Yenagao launch that will be hosted by Her Excellency, Alayingi Silva, under the glitz and fun of the festive season. The event scheduled for December 10 at The Castle, Amphitheatre, Yenagoa, will have the musical prowess of Timi Dakolo and Banky W thrill the guests, along with styling tips from Ifeoma Williams, Makeup by Banke Meshida and Fela Durotoye's words of motivation, among many attractions. In recognition of the theme of the event, guests are expected in dewy outfits - fresh, cheery, and positive! Each invitee will have a free copy of the book plus goodie bags full of many pleasant surprises!


Hello peeps!

I hope you are all enjoying and making the best of this season!
I’m so sorry I’ve been away for a while now. I owe it to you all to let you into my personal world and explain the reason for my recent absence.
Its because of the recently held City People Fashion & Style Awards which I organized. Thank God it was a huge success and I’m back now.
I love you all and thank you for your continuous support on bebeakinboade.

Thursday, November 4, 2010


Caroline Danjuma (nee Ekanem) was one of Nollywood’s most promising actresses, a couple of years back before she left the industry to start a new life with her husband, Musa Danjuma. And ever since little or nothing has been heard about her as regards her acting career. She however shocked everyone as she floated her own entertainment outfit, Guepard Record Label which has already signed on a couple of promising artistes. Guepard Record Label is a first class company that promises to set a new record and standard in the Nigeria entertainment industry. She has acquired a world class world class equipments and capable hands for the company. The company has two divisions; the visual and audio sections. The visual deals with Film and TV production, while the audio incorporates her Guepard Record label. It handles radio jingles, post production, hiring of equipments and event management. In this interview, she opens on to City People Fashion Editor, BOLA AKINBOADE on what led to the floating of her own record label and what the company entails. She also opens up on why her marriage has been a blessing, and the fact that her husband has been very supportive of her career.

How did the idea of floating a Record Label come about?
I’ve always loved to sing, I’ve always loved music; and when I got older and learnt how to handle a business, I said to myself , let me just do this, follow one of my passions and run with it! And now the music industry in Nigeria is booming; growing exponentially by the day. I want to be a part of this monumental change, and also contribute positively in terms of nurturing talents and producing world class music. That is the core objective of why I chose to float a record label

Can you then give us a brief detail of what the record label is all about?
First and foremost, Guepard Records is a subsidiary of Guepard Productions; a rapidly growing production company that has been responsible for some of the top-notch audio visual productions you see around. The name Guepard, is the French word for Cheetah, which to us is a symbol of grace, silent strength and determination. These are the attributes by which we run the record label and are clearly evident in all our operations across board. Like we constantly say at Guepard Records; we are the Epitome of Music, which means that everything from sound, production and promotion, are done according to international, world class standards. We are all about adding value to the entertainment industry, which is why we are constantly on our toes to ensure that our artistes, producers and promotional team operate under the strictest levels of professionalism and international standards, so that our music is able to compete favorably in the global market. We want to give Nigerians home and abroad, music that they will be proud to identify with.

How many artistes have you signed on?
We have 3 artistes presently signed on to Guepard Records. There is J2D – ‘The Dynamic Dancehall Duo’ made of up Jifera (the lead rapper), and Slim D (the backup singer and songwriter). Their genre of music is basically ragga dancehall, but with a smattering of ‘Nigerianess’ so you are not in doubt as to where they are from. Then we have Le Soul aka ‘Mr Certified’ an R&B/Pop singer with the ability to compete favorably and even floor some of the greatest R&B singers of this time. As time goes on, we hope to expand the repertoire of artistes we represent by delving into other genres such as Jazz, Rap, Neo-Soul and the likes

What are the criteria for choosing those artistes?
Basically the 3 artistes were selected because of ONE thing; and that is TALENT. They are ALL incredibly talented and show extreme passion for what they do. It’s amazing and humbling at the same time to work with musicians who are so gifted. A classic example is when Jifera of J2D did freestyle, on-the-spot cover to Gyptian’s ‘Hold Yuh’ at the Glamourous Gig listening party. It was so amazing! Same thing for Le Soul who can out-sing and out-perform some of the most seasoned and talented R&B artistes in the world. That is the kind of talent we constantly look out for at Guepard Records, and that is why we signed our artistes on

Tell us, where is all this inspiration from?
Like I said earlier, I have a passion for music, but even more I recognize and I’m able to understand what it takes to make good music, from pre to post production. This isn’t just a hobby for me or a favorite past time, I am determined to show that finely honed talent and excellent production can actually be exported from Nigeria to the rest of the world. Guepard Records hopes to change the perception that Nigerian music is all sound and no content; we are determined to ensure that Nigeria occupies an enviable position in the international music industry.

You used to be a highly promising actress, but after marriage you went off scene. Have you ever missed the acting part of your life?
Well, it’s a talent that I have, so in some way I do miss it. However, I am now focusing on being a Movie and Music Video Director so in actual fact it really isn’t something that is outside the sphere of acting; what it is, is that I am now taking it a step further and branching out into new horizons.

You were on top of your career when you got married 3 years ago; it came as a pleasant surprise. So how has marriage been with you?
My marriage has been extremely wonderful. No marriage is ever perfect without the usual challenges that occur, but mine has been a tremendous experience. I am blessed with a wonderful and caring husband, under whose love and care I have blossomed into who I am now. He is really the wind beneath my wings, because he has been very supportive, understanding and caring. I always say that he is the best husband in the world. If I had a chance to come back in the next world I would marry him again (General laughter)

But one remarkable thing about you is how you quickly settled into marital life and motherhood. Does that have to do with your upbringing?
First of all it has a lot to do with my upbringing. I grew up under the strict supervision of my grandmother who constantly told me that a beautiful woman must always have brains, and must ensure that she uses her intellect to uphold her family. And apart from that, I have seen that a woman who supports her husband and makes him happy, is more likely to be supported and made happy herself; so it’s basically what you give that you get.

Though your marriage is still very young, but it’s been a success. Can you share some tips on how to make your marriage work, especially celebrity couples?
I don’t think there is anything like ‘celebrity couple’; every marriage needs massive amounts of unconditional love, patience and prayer. And even though I am relatively new in the marriage institution, experience has shown me that once both parties have mutual love, respect and understanding towards each other, then they’ll be able to weather any storm that comes their way.

What does your schedule look like when it comes to your family and career? Do you ever have time for yourself?
Well I am Caroline Danjuma; wife and mother first, before I’m Caroline Danjuma the Managing Director; so in essence my family does come first. However, because I have a husband who is extremely supportive and understanding of what I do, I can strike a balance between both worlds and transition seamlessly from one to another. It takes a lot of hard work, intricate juggling and excellent time management, but I do manage to get it all done. And yes I still find a little ‘me-time’ to re-boot and re-energize myself.


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Exquisite Lady of the Year Awards (ELOY) put together by the publisher of Exquisite Magazine, Tewa Onasanya is an event designed to recognize Nigeria’s outstanding women. The event took place on October 17, 2010 at the Landmark Village, Victoria Island, Lagos. This red carpet glam event was organized to encourage and support women in their quest for grand success. It was organized to create awareness for cervical cancer. The event which was compered by popular Comedian, Teju Baby Face and Kemi Ajumobi was well organized and well attended. There were different highlights at the event to keep the tempo high. These included a Health Talk by Femi Olaleye of Wish Africa on Cervical and Breast Cancer, Dance performance by Bandit; Fashion Show showcasing designs from Daviva and Patience Please; Music Performance by Adol, Zara and Lamide. The key point of the day was giving out of awards to women who have excelled in their respective fields. Notable among those who got an award were ; Ibidun Ighodalo,Elizabeth R (Female Entrepreneur of the year); Lisa Folawiyo, Jewel by Lisa (Female Fashion Designer of the year); Princess Amayi, Pretty Flawless (Makeup Artist of the year); Orekelewa (Beauty Brand of the year); Victoria Pepple, Today on STV (Female TV presenter of the year); Mase, Wazobia FM( Female Radio Presenter of the year) amongst others.Those who supported the event include Xpression, Landmark Village, Luftansa Airlines and Power Horse.


Matilda Kerry came into limelight in 2000 when she won the crown as the Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria. During her reign, her main concern was ‘Raising Awareness for the Leprosy Victims’ along Lagos-Benin Expressway. That became one of the high points because her reign afforded her the opportunity to tackle what has been on her mind. But shortly after her reign, Matilda maintained a low profile and little or nothing was heard about her. It was just recently that she came back on the scene, and rather than towing the glamour lifestyle of other beauty queens, she decided to do things differently. Matilda who is now a Medical Doctor, graduating from the University Of Lagos College Of Medicine focuses more on health, poverty alleviation, disability and illiteracy. Her George Kerry Life Foundation which she named in memory of her father, who was also a medical doctor and passed on 5 years ago, has been creating a lot of awareness recently on Cervical Cancer, Breast Cancer, Stroke and other life threatening diseases. In this interview with City People Fashion Editor, BOLA AKINBOADE she opens up on her life as a medical doctor, her projects and why she decided to do things differently from other beauty queens.

You are one of the ex-beauty queens in the country, but you decided to do things differently. Why is that so?
Already before I won the pageant, I was already a Medical Student, going to be a Medical Doctor that is what had always wanted to do. My dad was a doctor, growing up, I have watched him, have worked at the clinic, have seen the way he related with his patient. So medicine is something I fell in love with. So because of that, I didn’t let winning the pageant reshape had already dreamed of, which was being a doctor, helping people with care and charity. The fact is that being a beauty queen just helped me to modify the dream a little bit. I m more into public health, more into charity, but I still I went with my dream. Becoming a beauty queen is not meant to change your future, or whatever what your dream was in life, it’s just going to help you achieve it, help you modify it, and stream line it.

You have also kept a low profile that might explain why you are not as popular as other beauty queen after your reign. Was that a deliberate action?
Very deliberate, because the media, in as much as they help you get your message across, they could also be harmful in a lot of ways, if you open your personal life to them. I am sure it’s not something they do deliberately; no one goes out and says I’m going to destroy this person’s life, they are just reporting the news and they are just doing their job. But , you as an individual, as a celebrity, as who ever you are, that people are interested in, you have to know how to get this information out, you have to know what to protect. It was deliberate too. I have to protect myself from the harsh media; I have seen what the media has done with the other beauty queens. And personally I m a private person, some of my friends will say I m really secretive, some of my friends will say if you give me your worst secret, you will never hear it anywhere. So I m like really secretive and it cuts across into my private life.

Interestingly, this is the 10th year after your reign, so how has life been as an ex-beauty queen?
It’s been nice really, but you know, most of the impact I felt of being a beauty queen was that year I won, when you get a personal attention, you have the management team behind you, you get invited to all the big occasions. But immediately after that, I went back to medical school; I wasn’t really in the picture as an ex-beauty queen. I really didn’t let that modify what I could do as a person, some people get distorted after reigning as a beauty queen, they feel I can’t do this like everyone, I cant be caught in this kind of places, I didn’t let any of that change anything that I was doing. And because I wasn’t so much in the media, I could get away with pretty much whatever my peers were doing, whatever my fellow doctors were doing. So its been normal for me, occasionally, I do get, oh, she is the formal Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria, you get the doors opening, you get people wanting you to do a lot of stuffs, but occasionally, not an every day paparazzi craziness.

You were the one that actually crowned Agbani Darego as Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria after your tenure, so when she won the Miss World, how did you feel?
Oh my God! I remembered that night, it was like unreal when it was happening, it was like really exciting for my friend, but for me, because she was my friend, and we are still pretty close, and we do relate , so it was interesting and that was the first time that Nigeria has ever won, so it was good, its still exciting.

But didn’t you feel slighted when she won and thought within yourself, oh it should have been me?
Not really because the odds of the Miss World is really high and I think that year was the first time they were asking different countries to vote, so there were so many elements apart from her looking gorgeous, stunning , brilliant and stuffs, which pushed her into that position, my circumstances are totally different, and all the other beauty queens. You are talking about 100 of the most beautiful women in the world. So you can see that and say, oh, it could have been me. It’s just really exciting to see her win.

You still maintain a strong relationship with Agbani years after your reign which is very rare in other beauty queens. What explains that bond?
It was something that happens because immediately after she won, and Agbani is such a wonderful person, she is very open; she asked a lot of questions, so she really wanted to know. She was asking me about my experience at the Miss World, she wanted to be prepared, she was asking so many questions, and that was were the friendship started from. She is an easy person; I think that is part of what helped the relationship continue till now.

But what is your relationship with other beauty queens?
I’m still friends with Munachi Abii, with Omowunmi Akinnifesi. They are the only other two that I keep in touch with because they are still a little bit close to 2000, so from 2007, have not been in touch with anyone. With Omowunmi, I was actually a judge at that Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria, which was why. And afterwards we met somewhere and we started talking, and that is why we are still friends. And Munachi, I met her at one of these occasions, and we hit it off. So those are the only 2 queens I m friend with.

During your reign, you had this project for Leprosy patient and you also had a foundation in that respect, how far did you go with it?
Then it was just like a dream and it was just starting off, so I called “The George Kerry Leprosy Foundation”, that was what my dream was, that was what I wanted to do. I didn’t register it then, but that was what I was projecting in my mind. And what I was trying to do was just to create awareness, it was more of an awareness campaign, for the plight of lepers, we didn’t actually do any fund raising, we didn’t do any direct contact with Leprosy victims. It was just raising awareness; we traveled to Delta State, Benin, to increase their awareness among philanthropic individuals, and to do something about it. It was kind of preparing me for something I’m going to do later in life. And of course, every dream, every vision metamorphosis over years. So right now, I have “The George Kerry Life Foundation”, which I founded in the memory of my dad, and we do a lot of awareness and campaign. We concentrate in 4 areas, which is disease, disability, illiteracy and poverty, and what we try and do is to touch all these areas every way we can, try and keep awareness on health hazards and problems, and also raise funds in alleviating poverty, helping illiteracy alleviation in the country. So we have so many programmes, the vision is really large and I just feel I just started doing something now.

But now, you seem to do a lot on cervical cancer, what informs that?
It was after NYSC, I went to work for a programme, the called themselves National Cervical Prevention Programme, that is what they were called at the time. I went to work with them, I was the director of communication for the programme, so that really informed me on the problem of cervical cancer in Nigeria, a lot of women weren’t screening, of course, I knew that already, but I wasn’t aware of the statistics and ways you can reach these women. So that just gave me all the training I needed, to go on and do something else. So when I left the company, I continued, with the Cervical Cancer Awareness, and its so easy for me to relate with women, and when they realize this was a former beauty queen, their ears are like wide open and everything I say they hang on to it. And it’s really working for cervical cancer awareness.

Do you have any relation that has died to this killer disease, since you are so passionate about it?
No, I haven’t lost any one to cervical cancer or breast cancer, its just came from that experience I had with National Cervical Prevention Programme. And of course because George Kerry Life already had a disease alleviation or control programme embedded in it, it just fit in.

So do you have your own clinic where you do all these things or you work for someone?
No, under George Kerry Life Foundation, we run a mobile clinic, meaning, we can be anywhere, we can set up cervical awareness screening in any community anywhere in Nigeria or in the world. And we also have an office where we invite women to come for their screening and treatment.

Where do you get money to facilitate all these activities?
We get donation, we have some individuals. We are working on getting some international grants; because that is the only way you can make a bigger impact. We are looking forward to working with some international NGOs as well, but recently we have been getting a lot of donation from anonymous people, they don’t event want to be known. They just heard about the programme and trying to support us. So it’s been good.

So what are the challenges you face on a regular basis?
That of funding is one because we can never have too much fund, the awareness we need to create and the people we need to reach are like so many. And secondly, the bottle neck of the corporate organization and governmental organization. There are so many people you have to pass through before your letter get to the person who is going to treat it, and sometimes it get lost in transit, and sometimes some people don’t think it is important. That is another huge challenge. But with the women, we are not having any challenge, once I reach the women and I’m speaking to them, there is hardly anyone in the crowd that will not want to be screened unless of course they are not able to have it at that time, they are pregnant, on their menstrual cycle, but usually when I speak, they are always willing. So mostly funding is one of our huge challenges.

So what are your goals and aspiration for the nearest future?
I visualize every Nigerian woman, city, urban, rural, know about Cervical Cancer, and have the opportunity to screen once a year. Hopefully in the nearest future, there will be a George Kerry Life Foundation, or a George Kerry Life affiliated body in every state, able to screen women free of charge or at an highly subsidized rate, and able to save all these women from dieing because Cervical cancer is needless, that are not suppose to happen and its totally preventable. That is our vision. Apart from that, we run disability programme, an anti stroke campaign, so George Kerry Life is so much bigger than just cervical cancer. We want to alleviate poverty; we want to help brilliant students who are in school to be able to push them forward into University. So hopefully, in another 10-20 years, we will be able to achieve that.

I thought you would have mentioned marriage too as your future plans
(Laughs) Oh, the question must always come out, no problem. Let me just say on marriage, that it’s going to happen really soon. Let’s just keep our fingers crossed

But according to what I gathered you are in a very serious relationship and will be getting married soon
It’s false; whatever that was I don’t know. I am in a relationship, that’s all I can say for now.

So who is he? Is he also a Doctor?
He is not a Doctor, but I will rather not talk about that. It’s still private, private me. Thank you very much (Laughs)

What are the qualities you like about him?
He is very accepting, he is open minded, few Nigerian men are. Those are the things that really captured my mind. And I think he knows it. And usually once I m engaged like that, my mind is engaged. It’s pretty difficult to shake it off


The Fashion Designer Association of Nigeria (FADAN) has begun plans to stage the season 2 of the FADAN Talent Hunt. The search for the most talented and upcoming fashion designers for 2010 has kicked off and the grand finale is scheduled to take place on November 28, 2010. City People Fashion Editor, BOLA AKINBOADE, brings you some of the highlights expected at this forthcoming event.

The Fashion Designer Association of Nigeria (FADAN) spearheaded by Prince Idowu Oyefusi who is the current president of the association have commenced the second edition of the FADAN Talent Hunt. This event made a huge debut last year when all the members of the association put in their best to make the event a grand one. And following the success of the first edition, preparations are in top gear for this year’s edition, which is scheduled to take place on November 28, 2010.
As part of its commitment to move the Nigerian fashion industry forward, the Fashion Designers Association of Nigeria (FADAN) who are the organizer of the yearly talent hunt show for young fashion designer have begun their search for the most talented and upcoming fashion designer for 2010.
The aim of this year’s talent hunt is to expose young and talented fashion designers to a world class fashion designing experience, a new dimension of creativity and style. FADAN intends to achieve this by sending the finalists to participate in an International Fashion Show, as these budding designers would be selected from the Talent Hunt competition.

In this year’s talent hunt, FADAN intends to create national participation. The country would be divided in to four (4) regions, Lagos, Abuja, Kano and Port-Harcourt where entries will be received.

Shortlisted candidates would be auditioned by judges based on tasks assigned and executed. Two (2) contestants would emerge to represent their region in the finals making fifteen (15) finalists. However, two (2) contestants who the judges feel can compete at the finals would be selected and invited for the finals. Consequently fifteen (15) finalists would emerge.

The final fifteen (15) from the 4 regions would be assigned different tasks with appropriate themes for the finals. At this point, models for the event would have been selected for the designers to work with. All designs would be presented at the finals which would be organized as a world class fashion show. The winner will be awarded with factory equipments such as zigzag machine, straight sewing machine, button-hole machine, over-locking machine, hemming machine and a mannequin. Other finalists would be awarded gifts local scholarships and entrepreneurship training. Other awards for the ‘Best Design’, ‘Most Creative Design’, ‘Best Model’, etc will also be available. The three (3) winners would go ahead to participate in an International Fashion Show abroad.

10 Top Nigerian Fashion Designers will be showcasing 50 branded collections of new and existing product lines to a large audience. They are also notable FADAN designers. They would showcase their designs during the show as side attraction; however, there is no prize attached to their designs.

The grand finale is going to be a strictly fashion event with no music. The event is going to attract between 800-1000 attendees. The target audience for the fashion show would include; Industry players and stakeholders, high net worth individuals, corporate organizations, press / media, general pubic and others. The event would be aired on various television stations and it’s expected to attract a viewing audience of a minimum of 10 million people.


Infertility is the inability of a couple to procreate or bear children after one year of regular unprotected intercourse. Studies have revealed that the rate of infertility has been on the rise late and this is brought about by a wide range of physical and emotional factors. Men are often overlooked when it comes to the issue of infertility. Although men are often not as expressive about the impact of infertility unlike women, husbands contribute just as much to the causes of infertility as their wives. Male infertility is the inability of a man to fertilize a woman’s egg due to problems specially related to the man’s sperm, seminal fluid, or reproductive organs, and quite a number of couples are still expecting today because of the challenges coming from the man. In this report, City People Fashion Editor, BOLA AKINBOADE spoke with Dr Efena Efetie of Dove Fertility Centre, Abuja, who gave an overview on this problem plus the way out. Below are some of the causes of infertility.

Low Sperm Count is the commonest cause of infertility in men. Men with low sperm find it difficult to impregnate their wives. A sperm count of less than 20 million/ml is considered low sperm. Azoospermia refers to the complete absence of sperm cells in the ejaculate, and accounts for 10 - 15% of cases of male infertility. Partial obstruction anywhere in the long passages through which sperm pass can reduce sperm counts. Sperm count varies widely over time, and temporary low counts are common. It is caused by infections but a lot of people are also born that way. Some people inherit low sperm count.

Sperm Motility is the sperm's ability to move. If movement is slow, not in a straight line, or both, the sperm have difficulty invading the cervical mucous or penetrating the hard outer shell of the egg. If 60% or more of sperm have normal motility, the sperm is at least average in quality. If less than 40% of sperm are able to move in a straight line, the condition is considered abnormal. Sperm that move sluggishly may have genetic or other defects that render them incapable of fertilizing the egg. Poor sperm motility may be associated with DNA fragmentation and may increase the risk for passing on genetic diseases.

Morphology refers to shape and structure. Abnormally shaped sperm cannot fertilize an egg. About 60% of the sperm should be normal in size and shape for adequate fertility. The perfect sperm structure is an oval head and long tail.

Retrograde ejaculation occurs when the muscles of the bladder wall do not function properly during orgasm and sperm are forced backward into the bladder instead of forward out of the urethra. Retrograde ejaculation is sometimes referred to as a "dry orgasm." Retrograde ejaculation is not life threatening but is one cause of male infertility. Men often notice during masturbation that they do have an orgasm but there is no semen production. Another underlying cause for this phenomenon may be ejaculatory duct obstruction. Sperm quality is often impaired. Retrograde ejaculation can be the consequence of several conditions: Surgery to the lower part of the bladder or prostate (the most common cause of retrograde ejaculation) , Diseases such as diabetes and multiple sclerosis ,Spinal cord injury or surgery ,Medications such as tranquilizers, certain antipsychotic, or blood pressure medications also may cause temporary retrograde ejaculation, ageing

Testicular cancer develops in the testicles, a part of the male reproductive system.It is most common among males aged 15–40 years. A man with one remaining testis can lead a normal life, because the remaining testis takes up the burden of testosterone production and will generally have adequate fertility. However, it is worth the (minor) expense of measuring hormone levels before removal of a testicle, and sperm banking may be appropriate for younger men who still plan to have children, since fertility may be lessened by removal of one testicle, and can be severely affected if extensive chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy is done.Less than five percent of those who have testicular cancer will have it again in the remaining testis. A man who loses both testicles will normally have to take hormone supplements (in particular, testosterone, which is created in the testicles), and will be infertile, but can lead an otherwise normal life.

Some Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD) can have serious effects on the reproductive system, especially if they are left untreated. Unfortunately, because many STDs cause only minor symptoms, many infected men do not get the necessary treatment. As a result, a large number of people suffer the effects of STD-induced infertility. The majority of men who are infected with an STD exhibit symptoms soon after infection.
Gonorrhea and Chlamydia are the two most common causes of STD-related infertility.
Such infections can cause scarring and block sperm passage. Human papilloma viruses, the cause of genital warts, may also impair sperm function. Also Epididymitis causes inflammation in the one of the vessels which transports semen from the testicles. Epididymitis can result in the complete blockage of these vessels, causing male infertility.

Any structural abnormalities that damage or block the testes, tubes, or other reproductive structures can have a profound effect on fertility. These include:
Cryptorchidism: Cryptorchidism is a condition usually seen in newborn infants in which the testicles fail to descend from the abdomen into the scrotum. Cryptorchidism is associated with mild to severe impairment of sperm production.
Hypospadias: This is a birth defect in which the urinary opening is on the underside of the penis, it can prevent sperm from reaching the cervix if not surgically corrected.
Blockage in the Tubes that Transport Sperm: Some men are born with a blockage in the epididymis or ejaculatory ducts or other problems that later affect fertility. Some men lack the vas deferens, the tube that carries sperm from the testicles out through the penis. Low semen levels in ejaculate may be associated with structural abnormalities in the tubes transporting the sperm.

Hypogonadism is the general name for a severe deficiency in gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH), the primary hormone that signals the process leading to the release of testosterone and other important reproductive hormones. Low levels of testosterone from any cause may result in defective sperm production.
Hypogonadism is uncommon and is most often present at the time of birth, usually the result of rare genetic diseases affecting the pituitary gland that may include selective deficiencies of the hormones FSH and LH, Kallman syndrome, or panhypopituitarism, in which the pituitary gland fails to make almost all hormones. It can also develop later in life from brain or pituitary gland tumors or as a result of radiation treatments.

Varicocele is an abnormally enlarged and twisted (varicose) vein in the spermatic cord that connects to the testicle. Varicoceles are found in about15% of all men and in about 40% of infertile men, although it is not clear how much they affect fertility or by what mechanisms. They can raise testicular temperature, which may have effects on sperm production, movement, and shape.

Age-related sperm changes in men are not abrupt, but are a gradual process. Ageing can adversely affect sperm counts and sperm motility (the sperm's ability to swim quickly and move in a straight line). The genetic quality of sperm declines as a man ages. Semen quantity peaked between the ages of 30 and 35, while overall semen quantity was found to be lowest after age 55. They also found that sperm motility – in other words, how well the sperm swim – was best before age 25 and lowest after age 55. In fact, when comparing the number of “good swimming” sperm in men between the ages 30 to 35 with men over age 55, sperm motility decreased by 54%. Besides low-quality semen, age also affects the genetic quality of male sperm, genetic defects in the sperm increase with age in men, possibly leading to decreased fertility, increased chance of miscarriage and increased risk of some birth defects.

Physical as well as emotional stress are known to affect the fertility. Stress is like a runaway train that gathers momentum with time. Stress can make men less fertile by its effect on the hormones and reproductive organs. Sperm counts, motility, and structure are altered under stress. Problems such as impotence and difficulties with ejaculation are often caused by the emotional distress in men. Stress can Lead to Infertility – This, in turn can lead to increased stress leading to a vicious circle

There is no doubt that smoking and drinking can lead to infertility. This is because when you smoke and drink, your blood circulation decreases, your sperm count also decreases. Cigarette smoking also affects sperm quality. Also Substance Abuse such as Cocaine or heavy Marijuana use can temporarily reduce the number and quality of sperm. Sperm actually have receptors for certain compounds in marijuana that may impair the sperm's ability to swim and also inhibit their ability to penetrate the egg. Anabolic steroid use can shrink testicles and decrease sperm production.

When you are overweight, which obviously is due to lack of exercise and overfeeding not only causes various heart ailments, but also infertility. Being overweight can lower sperm count.

Occupational or other long-term exposure to certain types of toxins and chemicals (such as herbicides and pesticides) may reduce sperm count by either affecting testicular function or altering hormone systems. Chronic exposure to heavy metals such as lead, cadmium, or arsenic may affect sperm quality.

Medical conditions that can affect male fertility include any severe injury or major surgery, diabetes, HIV, thyroid disease, Cushing syndrome, heart attack, liver or kidney failure, and chronic anemia. Certain types of medications can impair sperm production.
Infections in the Urinary Tract or Genitals; infections that may affect fertility include prostatitis (inflammation in the prostate gland), orchitis (in the testicle), semino-vesculitis (in the glands that produce semen), or urethritis (in the urethra), perhaps by altering sperm motility. Even after successful antibiotic treatment, infections in the testes may leave scar tissue that blocks the epididymis.
Cancer and its treatments; birth rates among cancer survivors are only 40 - 85% of normal rates. Certain cancers, particularly testicular cancer, impair sperm production, often severely. Cancer treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation can damage sperm quality and quantity, causing infertility. The closer radiation treatments are to reproductive organs, the higher the risk for infertility.

City People spoke to Dr Efena Efetie of Dove Fertility Centre, Abuja. Dr Efena Efetie is a renowned gynecologist and one of the leading fertility experts in the country. He also gave a very extensive overview on why many men cannot impregnate their wives plus the way out.

There are general factors responsible for men’s inability to impregnate their wives. And these factors affect sperm production, sperm release as well as sperm function. While talking generally, it is good to mention that there are elements of chance that there that the man will impregnate his wife each month. The chance for normal fertile couple is one in 6. So there maybe nothing wrong if the man is not able to impregnate his wife except if it’s over a long time. The other factors are the timing and frequency of intercourse; maybe he is not meeting the wife at the right time. Because of ovulation, the woman is more receptive to receive than a man. So the timing may not be at the right time, that is, meeting her at the wrong time of menstrual cycle.
The other reason is frequency of intercourse, maybe they are not meeting adequately. These 2 factors are quite important because ovulation occurs just once in a month and if they don’t catch the egg at the right time, that is it.

Other reasons are lifestyle factors, like smoking, moderate and heavy alcohol consumption, because all these have negative effects on sperm and egg quality and affects fertility in general. Nicotine in Alcohol is not too good to the sperms and eggs.
Other lifestyle factors are being overweight and obesity; this may affect man’s ability to impregnate the wife, because they are more likely to have high blood pressure and diabetes.

This is different from lifestyle. These include; High blood pressure, diabetes, thyroid disease. These affect the men either through the disease or through the medication.
Testicular infection can be a reason why men cannot impregnate their wives.
If he has viral infection like mumps, this will cause Orthipis, and this could destroy the sperm ducts that produce sperm in the testes.
If it is a bacteria, that can cause blockage of the main ducts, van deferens, and epididymis, then sperm will not be able to come out.
Then another class is surgical operation especially if they were done in childhood to correct hernias, or descended testes or torsion of the testes. These operations are okay but if they were done by inexperience or in the wrong hands, complication will arise and blood supplied to the tests will be compromised and the men will have very low sperm count or none.
Effect on some medication for men, e.g medication to treat blood pressure like ACE Inhibitors and others. There are other medications like extensive use of NSABS, it’s a group of drug for pain and arthritis, and can effect sperm count and function. Drug abuse that is use of anabolic steroids, abuse of marijuana

This can be rated in terms of production, sperm release and sperm function
Production: any illness that causes severe prolong fever, and it is prolonged will affect production. Exposure to toxic substance or chemicals, as well as environment pollution, also affect sperm production. Exposure to recreational such as body building will affect sperm production.
Chromosomal disorder, that if a man has XYZ chromosomal abnormalities, you are very likely to have very little sperm or none at all. They are just born like that.
Sperm release: the number one problem that causes release of sperm is infection and the common ones are Gonorrhea, Syphilis, Chlamydia, anaerobic bacteria. It causes blockage of the block, so the tube that are suppose to carry the sperm and release into vagina are blocked.
The other reasons are that when some undergo operation around their groin, they can have complication either testicular or scrotum. If there is complication and they are infected, they can have blockage of duct and problem with sperm release
Sperm function: infection and lifestyle affects sperm function.

• Seek help from your gynecologist
• The treatment is directed to the cause, for simple things like lifestyle, you just need to adjust the negative lifestyle in terms of alcohol, tobacco. You reduce their consumption.
• If it’s a medical problem like high blood pressure, diabetes, you may just need to stabilize the high blood pressure and sugar level. Adjusting your medication to address this issue.
• if its infection, treat with appropriate antibiotics
• If its sperm function, there is some treatment that men can get to help the movement or the abnormal shape; there are some treatments in terms of drugs that will help the morphology apart from count.
• Some men who has low sperm count , they may not be able to impregnate their wives, that is when assisted conception comes in, that is, intra uterine insemination
• And in very severe abnormalities, the best treatment is IVF.