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Monday, April 25, 2011


Rev. Ray Okocha is now the new face of Christ Embassy and for some inexplicable reasons, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome seems to be taking a back seat, allowing Okocha to oversee the running of the church. Okocha is the Secretary General and a member of the Central Executive Council(CEC) of Believer’s Love World aka Christ Embassy Church founded by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, one of the fastest growing churches in the country today .
He also operates as the regional Pastor of the Church in the Northern Nigeria and is in charge of the Abuja branch, which happens to be the 2nd biggest arm of the church apart from the Lagos mother church. Though based in Lagos because of his closeness to Pastor Chris, he travels to the Northern part of the country often to oversee the activities of the branches over there.
He is one of the key players in the church and has contributed to the enormous growth of the ministry. He has been described as the engine room of the church, and the spokesperson for the ministry. He holds a strategic position in the church. Apart from been in charge of media and publicity of the church, he anchors the Healing School and when there is a major event, he is always among the teachers in the ministry. Another thing he does is that he opens all the church major events and activities. He announces most of the ministry announcement and outlined activity calendar for the year.
And recently, Pastor Chris has been positioning couple of his Pastors into the forefront while he operates more from the background except when it is necessary for him to be out there. One of the pastors he has groomed for this new leadership role is Rev. Ray. He has been described as one of Pastor’s Chris favorites and right hand man. He is also loved by a lot of members and youth in the church. He is always going out with Pastor Chris to every event and ministration. He is one of the pastors that announces Pastor’s Chris miraculous works at any of his crusade. And these days when Pastor Chris is not available to officiate at invited programmes and wedding, he represents him at such places.
And even though he has been doing great and mighty works in the ministry in the last couple of years, he suddenly came into limelight couple of months ago when he also began to handle the TV series which was solely anchored by Pastor’s Chris before now. The first thing that will strike anyone about him is his great resemblance with Pastor Chris. He is tall, light skinned and handsome. He also wears the same curly hair with Pastor Chris and he is a power dresser too. And with his glamorous looks and oratorical prowess, he has captured a lot of viewers too.
When it comes to ministering the word, he is also very sound. He is one minister who relishes miracles, preaches material prosperity and commands a lot of respect among the youths. He is also well traveled and a world renowned pastor as he is one of the most sought after Christ Embassy Pastors, both locally and internationally as guest speaker at Christian summits, crusades and luncheons. He has a passion for youth empowerment and motivational activities and has handled a lot of Youth Empowerment project for the church which has continued to put him in the limelight.
He does not only preach prosperity as he is also a living advertisement of what he preaches, he is one of the richest pastors in the Christ Embassy Church. He is happily married to Pastor Linda, who is also a pastor in the ministry.


  1. Na wa O! So many lies in one article. What sort of nonsense journalism is this? Every single line contains incorrect facts. Rubbish

  2. U dont know what u talking about.

  3. U dont know jab about what u'r talking about