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Friday, July 29, 2011



By Niyi Tabiti

I spent sometime asking questions about whats next for ex- Fashion Editor of City People magazine, Miss Bola Akinboade recently.
Here is the interview

Gistmaster: What are the things you intend doing now after resigning from your position as city people magazine’s fashion editor?
Right now my dream is to have my event outfit and also have a fashion label. I have always loved fashion designing; I have attended a fashion school couple of years back, I am just waiting for the right timing. I didn’t just want to start and end up being like just another designer coming up so for now, I am starting with my event/PR outfit, reason because that is much easier for me to start with and with my years with City People, i have been exposed.
I have handled couple of event and it has given me confidence that I can also do that and for the fashion label that is CHANTALLE, I am still hoping to do an advanced training before I start officially. Hopefully, towards the end of the year, I will be launching my clothing line by the special grace of God.

What are those things that you have in line at the moment that you want to start with? Like sometimes ago, people were speculating that you already have a shop somewhere.
Shop ke? I don’t have a shop yet. Like I just said now, my life is going to between events, PR, fashion and maybe blog. I also enjoy blogging so definitely I will do more. I know I can a lot of things maybe that’s why people think Bola will soon open a make-up shop or start selling hair products and all that but really, that’s not what I’m passionate about.
I am passionate about event and fashion; these are the two things I really want to do. I can do other things because you will always want other streams of income but fashion and event is going to be my core basic business line. You have to be a specialist in whatever you are doing. I just don’t want to do everything, Jack of all trade and not good at anything. So, that is why I am streamlining into those two. How do you like to dress and what do you like to wear?
BA: I just wear things that enhance me. You know I am slim, have always been a slim person and I have never added, I tried adding weight but I think my dream for now is being slim and I think I’m very lucky because a lot of people actually dream of having a slim figure. I try not to wear anything too big because I don’t have the body to carry it but I feel like anytime I put on anything, if it is a dress, let it be fitted, if it is a top, let it be fitted. I don’t do too much of boubous except it is a flowing dress and even when it is a flowing dress, it must have fit in it.

Gistmaster: There’s this speculation that female journalist are generally wayward. What is your view?
It depends on your background. I think most of the story people carry about us is just mere speculation. A lot of those stories are not true because if you get to hear some nasty things people say behind you and you are wondering, blood of Jesus! I don’t even have a clue of where this person’s office is and you know people will just try to link A and B together because they feel maybe she’s this or that.
To me I don’t think all those stories are actually true because if you have a purpose of coming into journalism; that is to grow and develop yourself, you will not even think of being wayward. Journalism helps you to be independent, it nurtures and improves you. Is not even about what those men are giving you, it is the grace of God that helps and sustains. Well, I think I can only speak for myself.

Gistmaster:How is it now because you have been doing journalism for many years and now you are going off?
I am not going off. I still hope to be a contributor in a national paper. I like writing that is why I said that I am also going to be blogging because I am passionate about writing, I can never stop writing, it gives me joy. It is a way of expressing myself. So I am not going off journalism, Oh! I am not going off media. Let me put it that way. Of course I can’t be a full time journalist again.

Gistmaster: From experience, most fashion editors leave their profession to become a fashion designer. What is the reason for this?
Bola Akinboade: Is like most of the time before you can ever say “Oh! I want to become a fashion editor. So there’s always this thing at the back of your mind that maybe along the line, I am going to do this thing. As for me for instance, I have been making clothes ever before I even dreamt of working with City People.
I have been making clothes for 15 years now and one of the reasons that made me to become a fashion reporter is because of the idea I have in my mind that in the next couple of years I am going to have my clothing line, so I just saw it as an opportunity to mix with people and share their views about fashion.
Initially when I was younger, I used to think that having a fashion label is going to be very difficult but in the course of working, I noticed that talking with a big designer that started small like Frank Oshodi helped to change my orientation that I don’t need a lot of money to start and that if this person can do it then I can do it better.
So it’s not because I am a fashion reporter, then that means I can be a fashion designer. All the things I did along the line was just preparing me for the next level of my life.

GM:So when is Bola getting married?
BA: Very soon

GM: How soon?
BA: For me, I have discovered that marriage has been misconceived, the idea most people have about marriage is wrong and bad. One of the things a lot of people believe is that marriages are no longer working and these days, men don’t want to commit themselves. So, marriage and relationship is not something I can just say I’m getting married tomorrow or next year. When it is God’s time you will know about it.

GM: Aside journalism and what you do, you also have passion to assist young people. Can you tell us a little about this?
BA: I am also hoping that very soon, before the end of the year, I will start a ministry. I have a name already but I haven’t registered it. I don’t want to mention the name because I don’t know if the name is accessible or not.
I just want to do something for the teenage girls. I notice that a lot of things are wrong morally. If you notice these days, most men go for these teenage girls and maybe because every woman is a working mother, we are not spending time with our teenagers. These girls sleep around for ridiculous amount-#200.
I am looking at a coming generation of where you would see a sixteen year old girl achieving great things that are amazing. I am trying to do something interesting, interactive, something to empower and change the lives of people and make a better tomorrow.
Somebody invested in me years back and that is why I am who I am today. I started making clothes as a teenager because I was focused. These girls need to be focused. You can imagine a young girl making beads; you train her on how to make it better. She doesn’t have to sleep around; she can start making money at a young age. I am thinking of getting organizations involved to see how we can change the lives of these young girls for good. It is going to be like a club, so I am hoping of going to schools to get girls registered and during vacation; we will have different interactive activities just to make these girls better and the society better in the long run.

GM: For the commencement, you will spending money but is this not also an avenue to make more money for yourself?
BA: I don’t even mind spending my money because it is something I’m passionate about. I know that I am gifted with relating with children, it is my calling. The society is getting somehow with our children especially with our girls keeping men. Girls don’t have to sleep around, they can close up.
At times when girls come to me and say they are pregnant for a guy, I tell them you should have said no and you won’t find yourself in this situation. The worst that can happen is that the guy sees her the next morning and doesn’t say ‘hello’ but at least she has protected her future.
I am passionate about changing the future positively and not making money from it. I see a lot of things because I interact with these girls. For example, there’s this 16 years old girl who had done 6 abortions and how much do you think they give her, #200! When you see things like this you will want to cry, I am trying to help the girl now but she’s so addicted to it and she doesn’t even want my help. She still want the #200, her mind is into it.
I know this change in some girls might not be easy; I will also include prayers because for some people it might be ancestral curse or different factors. I will have to do a lot of motivational talking and I believe that God who gave me the call is also going to show me ways to go about it and also send people to help me actualize the dream.


Internationally-renowned model cum actress, Blessing Effiong is set to premiere her latest work, Two Brides and One Baby.
We heard that the packaging of the movie gulped between N11 and N15 million; and on location, she had fronliners like Teco Benson, Kalu Ikeagwu, OC Ukeje, Kate Henshaw, Stella Damasus, Okey Uzoeshi and Chelsea Eze, amongst others. It will hit major cinemas around the globe soonest.
Blessing has been around for sometime; and the stories that trailed her controversial flick, The Rivals is yet to give way, despite winning the Best International Drama Award at the 2007 New York International Independent Film and Video Festival. Her TV series, Disclosure is currently being run on Africa Magic.
Before now, she had done 'Before the Vow', 'After the Vow', 'The African Queen' etc. The mother of 2 daughters, Michelle(3 years old) and Danielle(about 10 months old); she read Theartre Arts at the University of Calabar, had a career in cat-walking that took her across several cities in Europe, USA and South Africa.


It’s happening! "Go JAzz", a night of music (jazz, soul) & poetry. Main acts of the night is Nigeria's Jazz maestro Mike Aremu & Double MOBO award winner (Jazz) YolanDa Brown, Poet Mahameek, Soloist Segun Obe, Soul & Jazz guitarist Agboola Shadare, Romarinho, Tosyne.

When: 26 August 2011.
Where: Hilton Docklands hotel, London riverside.
Time: Red Carpet and Registration at 6pm. Music starts at 7pm.
Tickets: £30 each (Limited available, order now!)

You don't want to miss this classy event!!!

For more details, log on to:


Lady Gaga has launched a new line of baby wear based on some of her most shocking costumes - including the controversial meat dress she wore at last year's MTV Music Awards last year.
In an advertisement, the 25-year-old announced the line was called Gaga Goo Goo - Lady Gaga Baby wear.
But mothers needn't fear there will be a Gaga-inspired fashion trend on the playground - the ad was all a stunt for her appearance on US Talk Show Jimmy Kimmel Live last night.
In a short clip, the Born This Way singer is seen holding babies wearing the various outfits.
Stephanie Germanotta popularly known as Lady Gaga wore the famous Franc Fernandez designed meat dress when she accepted the Best Video of the Year for Bad Romance to proclaim that she wasn't 'a piece of meat. She shocked the stars on the red carpet and made headlines worldwide.
The 35-pound dress made of a dozen thin-cut flank steaks, was preserved by a taxidermist and is now displayed at the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame and Museum in Cleveland, Ohio.
Also included in Gaga's fake fashion line was a dress made out of Muppet Show character Kermit the Frog. The green furry creation by designer Jean Charles de Castelbajac was hung with dozens of the famous frog's head as the eccentric singer interviewed for a German television show in 2009.
Gaga's bubble dress worn throughout her Fame Ball tour in 2009 is also seen on one of the babies.
She told MTV at the time, the dress was inspired by one she had seen on the catwalk.
'The bubble installation was inspired by a dress Hussein Chalayan made a few years ago. I couldn't get the dress, because it's, like, half-a-million dollars in a museum somewhere, but I remade it and I built a piano somewhere inspired by it.'
The fourth item in the line is a green sparkly leotard which she wore while performing with Elton John at the Grammy’s last year. It was a Philip Treacy creation.


The Pastor W.F Kumuyi led Deeper Life Bible Church has just completed a N600 million block of buildings at its International Bible Training Centre, Ayobo, Lagos.
The 8 gigantic hostels are for guests and worshippers who need short time accommodation at the centre. Each of the structures is a 3 storey building which allegedly gulped over N70 million apiece.
The project we learnt sit atop an acre of land inside the prestigious IBTC which the ministry has also converted into its headquarters. We also gathered that the project was to decisively settle the issue of accommodation for visitors and worshippers. Thus, a building committee was set up by the preacher in 2009 with the task to put up a multi-million naira structure that will be tastefully furnished.
The foundation was laid in 2009, and work went on steadily till it was completed few weeks back and painted. The fund for the multi-million naira project allegedly came from worshippers and partners of the amiable clergy.


Kelly Rowland is aiming for a more adult fan base, as she has posed in a sexy new shoot for Vibe magazine. The 30-year-old star is seen posing topless on the cover of the publication, maintaining her modesty by concealing her breasts with her hands.
The shoot is the latest in a string of promotional pushes by Kelly to sell her latest album Here I Am, and its saucy first track Motivation.
The song, which has spent seven weeks at the top of the Billboard R&B/Hip-Hop charts, displays a more forthright attitude towards sex, including the racy lines: 'And when we're done, I don't want to feel my legs'.
However, perhaps importantly given her new role on family-orientated show The X Factor, Kelly was keen to stress that her new image was not about 'cheap' attention grabbing.
Explaining her new attitude, Kelly told Vibe: 'I just wanted it to be skin, I'm so comfortable in my skin. As a woman, sometimes that takes so long to get to. I'm not trying to sell sex. I'm just completely being myself. I don't let nobody dictate who I am. I did it that way for too long that I don't care about those people no more. I really don't.'

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Gabriella Ndu won the coveted crown of Face of Select Pro 2011 at the recently concluded Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria Beauty Pageant. For her, it’s was the quest to explore new things that prompted her to enter into the beauty pageant; little did she know that will mark the beginning of a new status for her. In this interview with BOLA AKINBOADE, she opens up on her life as a beauty queen.

You are the new face of select pro 2011, how does it make you feel?
Wow... excited and happy are the perfect words to describe it. Can’t even believe I have a title. I’m really looking forward to the experience.

What has been happening to you since you were crowned?
Sadly, nothing quite interesting, because I had to leave immediately for school to round up my second semester exams. So it’s been all about books, books and more books.

Was it a big deal for people to adjust to your new status?
I' m honestly not aware yet (laughs). Not really though, my life is still as regular and simple as before. There is a big difference between the Gabriella in black and white law garb and the Gabriella you may have seen on TV, so people still treat me normally.

What would you say the crown has changed about you?
A whole lot; I am a lot more confident and can hold my head up high anywhere in the world and it has really shown me that stepping out of your comfort zone is the real ticket to success in life. I just feel like I can achieve just about anything with God's guidance.

What were you expecting to win during the competition?
It may come as a shocker but truly I had no expectations at all but I had it at the back of my mind that I didn’t want to be just a number in the race. I’m so glad I stood to be counted. But in camp when I saw the red Hyundai, my mind just started craving MBGN world or maybe Miss La Casera.

Take us back to how your foray into the modeling industry started?
I have a love affair with the camera. I'm crazy about pictures, so I always use to upload them on facebook and I used to get loads of good comments. Professionally, MBGN is my first real encounter with the Nigerian modeling industry.

What prompted you to enter the competition?
It was basically a hunger for diversity. I was just tired of staying in my comfort zone just decided to do something other than reading hefty law books for the rest of my life and experience something new. Another thing that prompted me was my childhood days of mimicking catwalks on fashion TV to being a part of fashion parade in kindergarten days; also family members calling me names like 'Oluchi', Agbani, etc. I saw MBGN as the perfect platform to be able to make an impact in the society and make my voice heard.

What do you think gave you an edge in the competition?
I did not have any strategy. I kept it real till the end because for me it was not a do or die experience. I was comfortable in my own skin. Also I never gave up even when I' m not getting something right because I believed that practice equals perfection.

What was the experience in camp like?
It was fun and indeed a superb learning experience. I got to eat a lot of really nice foods and I met a lot of people with diverse backgrounds. It was an experience I would be willing to do over and over again.

Give us a brief peep into your background?
I am 19 years old, born on the 8th of November. My dad is Mr Gabriel Ndu, recently retired head of sales and corporate affairs at MB- ANAMMCO LTD, Enugu. My mum, Dr Pat Ndu is a public health consultant and an environmental studies scholar. I am the second out of four children, three girls and a boy. I grew up in a strong roman catholic
home in Enugu where my parents always encouraged us to live up to our full potentials and always aim for the highest and shun mediocrity. My primary school education was at the University of Nigeria primary school, Enugu campus. I also attended Federal government college Enugu ( F.G.C.E) and I am about to enter my fourth year as law student at the University of Nigeria, Enugu campus.

What is your future ambition?
In my field of study, I have interests in consumer protection law and advocacy though I’m more interested in the power and telecommunications sector. This ambition is influenced by my desire to see a Nigeria where Nigerians who pay their PHCN bills actually get full value for their money and though the efforts of the NCC are commendable, a Nigeria where subscribers are reimbursed for drop calls as done in developed countries. Apart from law, I would also like to do something in line with the treatment and management of children with hydrocephalic syndrome (water in the brain) and also help support families who have such children and also create awareness for its
prevention. This ambition was fired by the experience of the hairstylist that used to braid my hair back in high school that had such a child and was abandoned by her husband and because of her low income struggles with medical bills of the child etc. Such children
suffer and are often stigmatised and do not even live up to a certain age and its actually becoming quite rampant in Nigeria.


Eddie Murphy's love life has been as colourful as some of the characters he's played on screen.
With a marriage-that-never-was, a paternity battle and that infamous arrest with a transvestite prostitute it's safe to say that the comedy actor has had an interesting time so far.
So perhaps his latest outing with a mystery woman could be the start of
The 50-year-old stepped out for dinner with the lady, who could have easily passed for his last 'wife' Tracey Edmonds.
Eddie, who is the voice of Donkey in the Shrek movies, hit Mastro's restaurant in Beverly Hills with the attractive woman. She wore a flattering brown leather skirt, with a skimpy white blouse and beige peep toe heels.
At Mastro's, located on North Canon Drive, the specialty is steaks - which Eddie's date likely rejected in favor of something a little less fattening, judging by her figure.


Samsung Chat 222 helps you stay in touch with friends, families and many acquaintances. With its dual SIM capability, you can access your two SIMS anytime which makes you save money and other resources. Undeniably entertaining are its pre installed social tools such as facebook, twitter, and some instant messaging sites such as yahoo messenger and MSN. Chatting with ones friends has never been so smooth with its QWERTY keypad.
It enables one stay on top of his/her game as you can access to your email with its push email capability. With the Samsung chat 222, email accounts can be set up easily so one can check for urgent email without needing a PC. And last but not the least, it also comes with a 3.5mm ear jack for one to listen to his/her favourite songs all the time and spend all the free time entertaining oneself with all fun games on Samsung apps.
Its battery life is 550hr on standby and 710 min for talk time.
Common guys, what are you waiting for? Get on the CHAT 222 tribe as Connecting, Socializing and Entertaining has never been so interesting. It’s all about Me & My Samsung.


The newly married and heavily pregnant ex-beauty queen, Stephanie Oforka-Uche is currently in the US; she will be there for sometime and won’t be back until August. We can also tell you authoritatively that she will be coming back with her little bundle of joy. According to what we gathered, the excited mum is keeping mum on the sex of the child.
Stephanie hurriedly married footballer Kalu Uche whom she started dating last year December in a quite ceremony in Port Harcourt, Rivers State couple of months back and both have quietly settled into married life.
The footballer, who was home for a few weeks has returned to his club in Spain and awaits the news of the arrival of his baby.


The exquisite magazine fashion party was held at the Four Points hotel on the 24th of July 2011. It was an exceptional evening with fashion designers, performers, Doctors, professionals, celebrities and students.

Fashion designers at the partying against cancer event included Imol, Azam, Kenny Adelaja Coutour, Rouch, House of Jola and Ms Makor from Abuja. Exhibitors included, Mega shoe Sale Company, Tote bags and Oluchi Beads. Tiwa Savage rocked the crowd with her entertaining performance and Goldie wowed the crowd with her creative costumes. Other performers included Maye hunta, Lace and Kryptic Kids.

Dr Femi Olaleye gave a very inspiring presentation on these cancers and Dr Matilda Kerry screened the ladies and men alongside her team. Dr Juwon Alabi, who eventually did not speak at the event, will be doing a regular column in exquisite magazine on women’s health, so watch this space. Fabulous goodie bags were given away to all.

An event held to create more awareness for Cervical Cancer and also provide free screening for women and men. Men over 40 years old were screened for prostate cancer and women were screened for cervical and breast cancer. Of all the women that were screened, 10% of them were positive for cervical cancer and will be undergoing treatment. Our message is that these cancers can be prevented if screening is done as regularly as possible and the abnormal cells are detected early.
One woman dies every hour of cervical cancer and one every minute of breast cancer in Nigeria, lets beat cancer to it and BE SCREENED!!!!

A charity event held to support Women who wish to be screened for Cervical cancer and not able to afford to, also increasing the awareness for Cancer, possible preventative methods and more.


The General Overseer of The Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), Pastor Enoch Adeboye has once again condemned in its totality indecent dressing among women in the church believed to be the largest Pentecostal congregation.
Right now, he has sent out strict warning to all parish pastors against condoning such provocative and devilish act.
The humble preacher of the word, we learnt, expressed outright dismay at the rate at which young ladies and even the married ones are disrespecting church’s rule concerning the mode of dressing, hence the need to correct the anormally.
We gathered that couple of weeks back, Daddy G.O as fondly called issued a categorical statement, banning all obscene and half naked women from moving near the pulpit. The respected man of God has also directed all parish pastors to follow the rules or face stiff disciplinary measures.
The message has been sent across the branches of the church nationwide. Not only that, it is also mandatory for all the pastors in charge to start enforcing the rule to the letter.


Popular comedian, Bright Okpocha fondly known as Basketmouth has cornered another mouth-watering endorsement. This time with Dana Air, an indigenous airline.
Handsomely paid as a brand face of Dana Air, Basketmouth has officially started appearing on their adverts and other promotional products. The deal will last for a year.
According to what we gathered, Basketmouth was chosen because of his increasing popularity in all segments of the society and age groups. He is flexible and appeals to all segments of the society and age groups. And the management of Dana Air believe that these essential attributes of his would push their brand as they leverage on them.
We also learnt that Basketmouth would also be enjoying a lot of free services from Dana Air. The airline is now the official carrier of his production crew whenever is having an event outside Lagos. They may also be on his events roll on banners and other out-doors media for the benefit of both parties.


GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Nigeria (GSK) Plc has made an inroad into the nation’s movie industry as it launched its Macleans Intense Whitening along with an upcoming movie, tagged, Mr. and Mrs.
Commenting on the new-found partnership, the Senior Brand Manager of Macleans, Mr. Emeka Uchenna said, "Nigerians are stylish people, who desire some level of happiness and great atmosphere at home and as such, total oral health of an individual could be an indicator of how stylish, he or she may be. We see the relationship between Macleans Intense Whitening and Mr. and Mrs. Movie as a marriage of two good factors, focusing at achieving the same goal".
"Mr. and Mrs." is a compelling family story about love, betrayal and forgiveness, which is to help couples manage their various challenges and also provide some level of tips on the importance of family bonding. Its partnership with Macleans Intense Whitening could be a perfect companion in a healthy relationship.
"White set of teeth always play a key role in the total look of everyone, but bad breath can be the undoing of any relationship. Struggling with bad tooth and breath in any relationship can lead to other problems eventually, if not well managed", Uchenna said.
He said, regular brushing with Macleans Intense Whitening is capable of effectively returning teeth to their natural whiteness and also efficacious in preventing the build up of calculus. Sodium Fluoride is included in the formulation to help protect against dental caries and so reduce cavities.
The introduction of Macleans Intense Whitening variant is in furtherance of the company’s commitment to offer credible healthcare solutions and products to help people feel better, do more and live longer. The development is also in line with GlaxoSmithKline’s commitments to enhance and improve values for consumers.
Speaking at the event, the producer of the movie, Chinwe Egwuagu, said, there is a significant connection between "Mr. and Mrs." and Macleans Intense Whitening; they both speak to the same target audience–young people and families, who value quality lifestyle. While the movie x-rays and tries to correct the challenges faced by Nigerian couples in terms of quality lifestyle and relationship. Macleans Intense Whitening is positioned to help people achieve and maintain quality oral health and whiter set of teeth, which is something we place premium in this line of business."
Susan Abba played by Nse Ikpe-Etim, is a lawyer, who is holed up in a marriage that has been engulfed by the social strata while Kenneth Abba played by Joseph Benjamin, is bent on not letting the world know of his wife’s background. Thelma Okoduwa plays Linda, a busy wife in control of her marriage, who is married to Charles played by Paul Apel – the perfect husband.
GlaxoSmithKline Consumers Nigeria Plc, makers of Macleans variants is one of the world leading research-based pharmaceutical and healthcare companies.
Macleans Intense Whitening is capable of effectively returning teeth to their natural whiteness and also to be efficacious in preventing the buildup of calculus. Sodium fluoride is included in the formulation at a level of 1100 ppm to help protect against dental caries and so reduce cavities.


Most people worry about their employer firing them, not the other way around.
But 50 Cent looks set to dump his record label after they failed to support the release of his fifth album appropriately.
The US rapper, real name Curtis James Jackson III, is now unsure if he will stay with Interscope Records following the release of Black Magic.
The multi-platinum selling artist blasted the label for their lack of investment and for 'moving in slow motion' and is musing over whether or not to sign an additional contract with them after his current one expires.
He said: 'I don't know. It will all be clear in the negotiations following me turning this actual album in.
'And, of course, the performance and how they actually treat the work will determine whether you still want to stay in that position or not.'
The 35-year-old, however, did say he would remain loyal if they invest properly.
He told MTV: 'If not, if you don't have that support, why would you want to sign to another system?
'In the financial state that I'm in, you just do it yourself.'
And in his upset, he has thrown a further wobbly, warning bosses that unless they work harder to make the release a success, he will put a hold on the new material due for release later this year.
But he promised fans he'll release his collaboration with Dr Dre this week.


Justin Bieber and his father pose topless, showing off their matching tattoos. A newly-released photo shows the father and son in Israel earlier this year where they had the etching done together.
The pair had the word 'Yeshua,' - which many believe to be Jesus' Hebrew or Aramaic name - etched onto the left side of their torsos.
Bieber first showed off the etching when he went on a Hawaii break with girlfriend Selena Gomez in May.
It came as Justin's second tat, with the teen seemingly sharing his father's love of the ink.
The Baby singer also has an etching of seagull on his left hip, which he had done to celebrate turning 16.
The singer was raised primarily by his mother Pattie Mallette, but he has remained close to his father over the years.


Tiwa Salvage needs little or no introduction. In a short period of time, she has been able to register herself on the Nigerian musical scene. She has won the heart of many with her "Kele Kele Love" hit singles. She has also produced other hit songs that are making waves on airwaves right now. In this interview with BOLA AKINBOADE, she
opens up on her life plus her music career

There’s no denying that it’s a bit tougher for the women in the industry in terms of making it big; how have you been able to navigate your way to where you are now within a short period of time?
Yes, it is a little tougher for women in any industry really. I believe it is the grace of God that my record has done so well in such a short time. I really didn't know what to expect and how I would be received. I think if you always stay true to yourself and produce great music you will achieve great success with a lot of hard work. I came into this industry not knowing what to expect but I was determined to work as hard and even harder as my fellow male musicians

You were doing so well in the UK and was backup singer for some big names in the music industry abroad; what led to your decision to relocate to Nigeria?
I am signed to SONY in the US actually but I did start in the UK. I noticed that Americans were always amazed that I am an African woman. They would ask me questions about our culture and music. I have also always loved our music and that never left me. I decided I wanted to combine that sound to my music. Relocating back to Nigeria was a smart move because that way I can be right in the middle of where this fresh breed of Nigeria talent are being formed and be part of the movement. I believe Nigerian music is the future of music worldwide. I also didn't want an outsider to come and take our sounds and make it popular to the world. I figured instead of sitting back and watch that happen, I would be pro-active and make the move

Can you then take us back on how your journey into the music industry started?
I actually started out playing the trombone in high school but later dropped that and started singing. At 16, I went for an audition to be a back-up for George Michael and I got it. I then got many other offers to sing back-up for other artists like Mary J Blige, Kelly Clarkson, Chaka Khan and many more. I was offered a scholarship to attend Berklee College of Music, where I studied Jazz music and graduated with a degree in Music business. Few months after that, I got signed on to SONY as a songwriter and I have written and worked with people like Babyface, Fantasia, Monica, Mya, Kat Deluna, Letoya Luckett (former member of Destiny's Child) and many others

How has it been so far?
It has been great. God has been truly faithful, it can get rough at times because you have to sacrifice family, friends and even love to pursue your dreams; but it is finally come full circle. I am back home focusing on my solo career but still signed as a songwriter so, I
still travel back and forth to the US to write for other artists.

Where do you get your inspiration from and what runs through your mind when you write those songs?
It depends; when I write for other people, I take from their experiences and when I write for myself I take from my experiences or fantasies or things I have seen other people go through. God also gives me melodies and ideas all the time. I can be sleeping and I’ll
just wake up in the middle of the night with a strong melody in my head and I can't explain where it came from.

Your hit single “Kele Kele Love” has been a success; what was running through your mind when you were writing it? Was it as a result of a personal experience?
Yes it was a combination of what I had experienced and just what we girls complain about sometimes when we all sit together and discuss boys. I knew it was a very relatable subject, but I wanted to deliver it in a fun way so it wasn't too serious

What do you love most about been in the entertainment industry?
I love being able to touch lives and also using music as a voice for people. I love being able to use it as a platform to help and encourage others. I also love the financial freedom it gives (general laughter). Even though you go through a very, very, very long period
of being broke and being laughed at for following music and not just getting a regular job, when your time comes, it feels good to be able to help those that helped you and smile at those that doubted lol.

The name Tiwa Savage is presently everywhere; how have you been handling it?
I just take it a day at a time. I have been in the industry for a long time now and have worked with big artists and studied how they handle fame. I stay close to my few friends and family and focus on the music because when you get carried away with fame someone else will come and take your spot because you lost touch with what really
got you there.

You have a very commendable personality, very down to heart and humble; where is that coming from and how did that grace come upon you?
Again, it's God. People are just hearing Tiwa Savage and are seeing the success but it took many years of struggling, rejections and hard work. I haven't even achieved anywhere near what I know God has planned for me so I have to stay humble because all of it can go just like that. I believe I went through all the things I went through so that I can appreciate this time and always remember that it is not me but God that deserves the praise.

Can you tell us what growing up was like for you?
It was amazing. I was a very playful child but I got in trouble a lot because I was a bit of a tom-boy.

Your voice is also another part of you that is very commendable. Did you go through another voice training to achieve that? And what are those things you do to maintain your voice?
I did a little training when I attended Berklee, but I just listen to a lot of singers and I have grown to understand my voice. I know my strengths and that’s what I work on. I believe the most important part of singing is to portray an honest emotion in your voice. Whether its sad, happy or sassy.

Who is your greatest inspiration as a musician and song writer?
I love Brandy and as a songwriter I got to work with one of my biggest inspirations Babyface. I also love John Mayer and Kim Burrell

You have been in contact with some top musicians on the international scene due to your job as a song writer, how does that make you feel?
I feel blessed to have had that opportunity. I learnt a lot from them and it also encouraged me, at the end of the day they are human and if they can make it so can I.

What are those qualities you admire in these artistes that you feel
Nigerian artistes should also emulate?
I can't really speak on behalf of anyone but what I would love to emulate the most is even after making so much people still having the passion to create real music. Making the time to use for fame for missionary work and always maintain a relationship with God.

What next for Tiwa Savage?
I plan to take over the world, but really though, I am going to release my next few singles very soon and just continue to build the brand name Tiwa Savage here in Nigeria and eventually spread to Africa and the world.

Monday, July 25, 2011


This competition is the first of its kind ever to take place in Nigeria. It is a celebration of the total woman….the true Nigerian woman…truly strong….truly feminine. It is one competition with three winners…no 2nd place!
The competition consists of the following three categories of winners:
• FACE OF SLEEK: applauding authentic Nigerian beauty, good mannered, well spoken, eloquence and poise. Whilst we honor all we will single one out. She will be the Sleek Ambassador. Her prizes will include a brand new car and a Sponsored trip to the UK for the London Fashion Week. She will be styled for the year with Sleek and S.Studio products. Quite frankly she will get the exposure of a life time.

• S. STUDIO WOMAN: applauding the working woman, it is open to any woman who works in the corporate world or runs her own business. It is the ultimate tribute to the woman’s all important roles at work and at home. Kudos to every woman who works and run a home as well. Whilst we honor all we will single one out (with the most remarkable story for balancing work and home) she will represent all the remarkable women out there. Her prizes include an exotic holiday for two to Seychelles as well as Sleek, Style Star and S. Studio products for one year.

• STYLE STAR: applauding the young academic. Sleek is looking for a student whose academic style shines like a star. Someone who excels in the Sciences or in the Arts. She will represent all those out there who burn the midnight lamp to ace their exams. We are honoring those who know that passing exams is still about what you have in your brains. Kudos to all those who pass exams based on merit. Whilst we honor all, one will be selected (with the most outstanding academic record based on mental capabilities). Sleek will give her a full scholarship in any Nigerian University, an internship in the top organization for her chosen field and style her for one year with Sleek, Style Star and products.

To participate all you need to do is to spend N5,000 buying a Sleek Makeover Voucher and you get a registration form for free!!! The Sleek Makeover Voucher entitles you to a professional makeover at any Sleek Studio Nationwide (Bridal, Daytime, Nighttime or Runway…your choice)
Sleek Makeover Vouchers can be bought at any Sleek Studio Nationwide or call 08029429215 and once payment is made at Sleek Studio Zenith bank account number 1012704946, you will be registered online.
Visit for full listing of Sleek Studios. Contestants are to follow instructions and register on Sleek Facebook and Twitter groups


The meet up will bring working mothers from varying career backgrounds and status in an atmosphere of fun, Teaching and Interaction, knowing that when women gather for a good cause they will do greater exploits in their homes, offices and life. This Just Us Moms event is slated to hold this July 31, 2011 for about FOUR (4) hours at the Sparkle Event Centre, Joel Ogunaike Street, GRA, Ikeja with the theme “BALANCING YOUR ROLE AS A 21st CENTURY MOM”

Speaking at this years Meet up amongst others are 3 great speakers. These distinguished Moms are:
• Mrs. Ini Onuk- A woman devoted to helping people unlock their God given Potentials, Mrs Onuk is Founder and CEO of Thirstle Practix, one of Nigeria's foremost Management Consulting firm. She is the immediate past Executive Secretary of WIMBIZ
• Kate Henshaw-Nuttal- An energetic speaker needs no introduction; she is one tough mom on stage and at home. She speaks about being a 21st century mom. Kate is a Celebrity Mom and Actress.
• Mrs. Edna Obaze- A dynamic speaker on Child's Education and Mentoring, with a passion for seeing young generation give life to their ideas. She is the Executive Director of Emerald Schools, Lagos.

Together these fine minds would be addressing this rare gathering of Moms on:
Moms Role Balancing,
Moms place in Child education,
Moms in d 21st Century,
Marriage and the place of

The event is organized by Working Moms Magazine in partnership with Chanterelle Events, Lise Beauty Range, Bebeakinboade’s Blog, Finesse, Kiss Group, Enthyst, and Access Media ltd.

Tell other MOMS about this! Don't forget the only acceptable attitude:” Fun n Enjoyment"


On Saturday 23rd July 2011, Glory Chukwu, former Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria (MBGN) got married to the love of her life, Uchechi Umunna. The event which took place at the Civic Centre, Ozumba Mbadiwe, Lagos was indeed a great celebration of love.
Uchechi Umunna is a Civil Engineer and works with NLNG, Lagos .Glory Chukwu, MBGN’09 currently work with an oil servicing firm (Vandrezzer Energy Services) as a Corporate/Client Services Executive.
According to what bebeakinboade gathered, they met at Glory sister’s wedding in 2008. He was the best man while Glory was the maid of honor. They dated for 3 years. He supported her at the MBGN Beauty pageant and was also present when she was crowned.

Friday, July 22, 2011


Ridiculously good-looking Tyra Banks hit the streets of New York in pink Spandex to promote her debut novel Modelland. The 36-year-old model looked incredible dressed as one of the characters from her new fantasy book - which is set to become a trilogy published by Random House. Striking some shapes in a series of locations around the metropolis Tyra and a team of sexy models were spotted in places that all featured the number seven.
She even hit the subway to ride the 7 Train - shocking commuters with a brassy injection of glamour.
The model, actress and talk show host was also seen at the convenience store 7-Eleven where she ordered a giant Slurpee drink and acted out the part of her fictional character from the book. The whole thing looked like some crazy street theatre.
The hot crew were later spotted at the Ladder 7 Firehouse where Tyra donned a plastic fireman's hat and shot a water pistol.
The series of books are loosely based on Tyra's own experiences as a model - stringing a story that brings a teenage girl and her friends to a pretend place called Modelland.
'Every girl in the world wants to go there because it's where 'Intoxibellas' are trained,' Tyra wrote.
'Intoxibellas are drop-dead beautiful, kick-butt fierce and, yeah, maybe they have some powers too. But I'm confirming NOTHING! Ha. You gotta wait for the book,' she added.