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Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Based in Kano, Rima Fashion owned by Hajia Ummi Ghassan Kamal has been making waves for years especially after winning the first Nigeria Fashion Show award as best designer in 1997.
Just like yesterday, what started as dream has actualized into a full brand. Its name, Rima Fashion was coined from Hajia Ummi’s first daughter’s name.


The household of Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye is at the moment engulfed in ecstasy and the reason is very much obvious. Thelast child of the family, Leke Adeboye is about to quit bachelorhood. The woman who stole his heart, who doubles as the G.O’s personal assistant and a Redeemed pastor, is Miss Titilope Odesola, daughter of a prominent Redeemed Pastor.
The date for this high profile wedding ceremony is Wednesday, December 28, 2011 inside the Redemption Camp, Lagos/Ibadan Expressway, Ogun State.
The Pastor’s Seed Forum of the ministry hugely populated by children of all Redeemed pastors worldwide, are currently circulating the Aso Ebi Ankara fabric which sells for N2,900.
The love story of Leke and Titilope is said to have spanned three years before they decided to take it further by walking down the aisle. Apart from being the closest to Pastor E.A Adeboye, Leke is also the president of the Pastor’s Seed Forum


The Nigeria Fashion Week 2011 was concluded penultimate week at the prestigious Muson Centre, Onikan Lagos. The epoch-making, three-day event was witnessed by fashion lovers who had gathered from all over the world to witness it.
This year's edition, titled ' Going green' is a clarion call for people to have a rethink and work together to save the planet from poisonous gases emitting from nuclear energy sources into the atmosphere, destroying our planet.
Addressing guests at the opening ceremony, President/CEO of Legendary Gold Limited, organisers of the event, Lexy Mojo-Eyes explained that the Nigeria Fashion Week is one of Africa's premier fashion events, which have attracted not just local designers but also international stake holders in the fashion industry. Speaking on the theme of this year's event, he told the audience to use the opportunity to have a re-think in the effort to salvage our threatened environment from total destruction.
The Nigeria Fashion Week 2011 hosted two shows daily. The 1st show for 12 noon and the 2nd for 6pm with each beginning with a red carpet cocktail. The most amazing thing about each of the 6 shows is that they all started on time as promised by the organisers. Legendary Gold Limited is generally known to begin their events on schedule. Most importantly, each show recorded standing room only.
This year’s event featured 42 designers and 39 exhibitors from over 22 countries. Some of the participating designers included Lagos-based Frank Osodi, O’makdesigns (Washington DC), Aremu Couture (Johannesburg), Ama Glow (Amsterdam), Amakdesign (London). Others included Zizi Cardow (Lagos),Poisa (Nairobi), Monu & Monu Fashion (Lagos), Beldies La Mode (Abuja), Chrystalix (Cameroun), Modela Couture (Lagos) Fred Eboka (Johannesburg), Ayo Van Elmar (Austria), Frankoo Designs (Tanzania) and a host of others.
Some guests who spoke to the press were impressed at the level of organisation and finesse they witnessed. One of them, Tee Mac Itseli told news men that this year's show was the best he has witnessed in Africa, being at par with what he has witnessed in more developed countries. He commended Lexy Mojo-Eyes for bringing the whole world to Nigeria. Erelu Abiola Dosunmu who bought a whole lot from the various exhibitors says ‘With the quality and standard of the Nigeria Fashion Week 2011, it is obvious that the Nigerian fashion industry has taken the lead in Africa fashion’


Nigerians are still in shock over the death of the publisher of the Guardian Newspapers and successful businessman, Mr Alex Ibru who died on Sunday, November 20, 2011. From the deceased’s immediate family to his friends and Nigerians at large, words of acknowledgment of his legacies and comfort (to the bereaved) have been pouring in.
His Ikoyi residence has become a Mecca of sorts as sympathizers troop in to condole with the Ibrus.
Alex Ibru’s last hour was very pathetic; he was in pains and couldn’t sleep at night. He was frustrated and bored. He slept in the day time. But the good thing is, he had his immediate family, his wife and children around him at the point of his death. And they all managed to thank him for all the things he had done for them.
Aged 66, Alexander Uruemu Ibru died on Sunday November 20, 2011, following complications from cancer of the blood. The great man who’s the youngest of the renowned Ibru brothers- Michael, Felix, late Bernard and Goodie- passed on, on his wife, Maiden Ibru’s 62nd birthday at their Alexander Avenue, Ikoyi, Lagos home that Sunday afternoon.


She was hailed as a dream to work with by the X Factor styling team thanks to the fact she was willing to experiment when it comes to fashion.
But tonight Misha B took her eccentric way of dressing a bit too far as she arrived for the X Factor secret gig wearing a bizarre black jumpsuit which did little to flatter her womanly curves.
The odd outfit featured a black corseted top, with attached hot pants and cut-out panels down the legs, filled in with black paisley-print material.
Misha teamed the all-in-one with a black suede jacket, which featured pointed shoulders, and a pair of platform trainers that would have looked out of place on one of the Spice Girls during their heyday.
The overall look proved unflattering on 19-year-old singer Misha, who will be fighting to keep her place on The X Factor on the show's semi-finals this weekend.


Vanessa Ekeke, the very tall ex-Miss Commonwealth who relocated to New York after her reign in 2002 is set to wed her Nigerian boyfriend, Charles Wokoma, Jnr in a registry wedding in Nigeria on December 29, 2011 in Port Harcourt and traditional wedding in January 2012.
Charles is one of the super big boys at Agip where he works. And according to what we gathered, Charles is madly in love with the ex-beauty queen.
Vanessa will be in Nigeria from the first week of December and will leave in January 2012 after her traditional wedding to Charles to put finishing touches to her business in New York. She is relocating back to Nigeria to settle in Port Harcourt


Pastor Kumuyi, founder of Deeper Life Bible Church is putting up a magnificent 5,000 seater worth N100 million in Ota, Ogun State.
The cathedral sits atop an acre along the popular Toll Gate-Local Government Road. The land was procured two years ago for N10 million, and the cathedral will serve as the district headquarters of Deeper in Ado-Odo, Ota Local Government.


An undergraduate of University of Ibadan, this 6ft 2 hunk was the GUS (Gulder Ultimate search winner season 7). He has starred in several movies and soap operas. Kay as he is called is now the latest model to join ISIS models, the biggest and largest international modeling agency in Nigeria. He is to debut at the DC fashion week and the New York fashion season come February 2012. Kunle who is focusing currently on his modeling and acting career is ready to take the world by storm.


Pastor Femi Emmanuel, presiding pastor and founder of the Living Spring Chapel International Church is bereaved. He recently lost his first daughter, Esther Emmanuel in a tragic circumstance.
According to what gathered, 27 year old Esther was said to have tripped and fell at the Murtala Mohammed Airport, Lagos where she works for the British Airways, and could not get help on time. She was on night duty on the day she died.
Her facebook page is full of comments from her friends who still find it difficult to believe that such a vibrant and kindhearted lady is no more. It’s a pity that such a promising and beautiful girl is gone so soon.
Our prayers and thought are with the family of Pastor Femi Emmanuel

Monday, November 28, 2011


Singer Chris Walton is better known by her stage name 'The Dutchess' in U.S states Nevada and California. But her voice is far from the first thing you would notice if you bumped into her in the street. The 45-year-old grandmother has the world's longest fingernails. She stopped cutting them 18 years ago, and now her nails have now reached an incredible 20 feet.
The bizarre nails curl in all directions - yet the mother of five cooks and cleans, and can even play the piano and use a computer.
Her amazing dedication to her nails has been officially recognized by the 2012 edition of the Guinness Record Book. She painted them a dazzling gold to celebrate.
'It's just like growing a long beard, or long hair,' said Chris.
'I didn't grow my nails deliberately - I just stopped getting manicures and started taking care of my nails myself.
'Instead of clipping them back, I'd fill them in as they grew. I kept living and they kept growing.
'I think they got this long because I don't pay attention to them. I sometimes even forget they're there.'
Chris strengthened her nails using acrylic on the outside and inside of the nails.
This also helps to balance the weight on each hand.
Chris claims to have only lost a nail once, when fixing her car engine on the freeway, and otherwise has no trouble leading a normal life.
'Other people think I'm very fragile when they first meet me, but they soon see that I can do everything,' she said.
'In my next life, I'm going to grow my nails and pretend I can't do anything for myself so that people will do it all for me.
'My daughters don't cater to my needs, I do everything. I would never be stupid enough to stop my life so that I could grow my fingernails. I’d rather have the attention for my music.'
Chris is well-known as The Dutchess in California and Nevada - she has been singing and playing her music in this part of south west USA since the age of 14.
She has just released a single called Live And Let Live - which she believes sums up her attitude to life and how being different does not have to push people apart.


In recent times, some disturbing cases of fathers sleeping with their daughters have been recorded. At the moment, the ugly development happens frequently all over the country. All over the pages of newspapers and on radio/TV programmes, you read and hear with utmost shock, stories of celebrity fathers sleeping with their daughters.
Years back, this shameful and abominable act was heard more amongst the rich and mighty in the society, as they sleep with their daughters for money rituals and to get more powers, but they always get away with it as they are usually very influential in the society, so none of such cases ever became a court case. But lately, incest has suddenly become a common place among the middle and low class in the society. Child rape/sexual abuse of teenage girls has suddenly become one of the most mentioned case in the Court of Law today and quite a number of Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO) and human right groups have sprung up to fight the course of these abused girls.
A recent case of a father sleeping with his own daughter was that of a 43-year old Policeman, Corporal Lanre Ramoni, attached to Agbara Divisional Police Headquarters in Ogun State,who was recently detained for having sex with his daughter for four years. He also aborted her pregnancy four times. The 19 year girl is an SSS 3 student and the only child of the father. It was gathered that Corporal Ramoni, has been having sex with his daughter since she was 15 years old. The cat was let out of the bag on a fateful
Monday morning when the girl got to the school with bruises all over her body and when a classmate of hers asked what happened, she opened up on what transpired between her and her father. The classmate on hearing this ran to one of the teachers who later told the principal of the school about it. Her father was invited to the school. On arrival, the girl confronted him right in the presence of the principal and the teachers. She accused her father of having sex with her several times and also showed all the love messages he sent to her phone. Two of the messages read: “I love you so much, you are good in bed than your mother,” and “Hope you haven’t told anybody that I am having sex with you?” Police authorities subsequently arrested the Corporal. He is currently undergoing trial.
There is also another case of 37 years old, Phillip Benson, who was alleged to have defiled his 12-year-old daughter and put her in the family way. The incident which happened at Ipakodo area of Ikorodu in Lagos saw Mr. Benson, a father of three, allegedly engaged in incest with his daughter in their two-room apartment. Benson in an attempt to abort the pregnancy gave his daughter concoctions made from gin and herbs. The victim's female teacher noticed signs of pregnancy and queried her on how she got pregnant; she then revealed how her father had defiled her and went on to have carnal knowledge of her on different occasions.
The case was reported at the Ipakodo Police Station and when police officers interacted with her, it was discovered that the crime has been on in the last two years. This man has slept with his daughter repeatedly, eventually getting her to submit to his amorous assault.
Emmanuel Obot, 46 years, did not only rape his two daughters severally, but ended up impregnating one of them. Obot, who claimed to be a clearing and forwarding agent, and resides at 3 Jadesola Street, Mende, Maryland, Lagos State. In perpetrating the evil act, Obot warned his two daughters aged 22 and 24, that he would kill them, if they fail to give in to his incestuous desires. In one occasion, he willfully destroyed one of the girl's skirt and blouse, valued at about N10, 000, in the process of forcefully trying to have sex with her. He impregnated one of the daughters and had her abort it. The other was beaten on many occasions for struggling with her father, thereby preventing him from sleeping with her. Obot has consequently been sentenced to seven years imprisonment, by an Ikeja Magistrate Court, presided over by Magistrate O.A Adedayo.
Many other cases of incest abound, with many of them not reported or heard. In many cultures all over the world, incest is a taboo, and it is seriously condemned. It is also a grievous crime in the eyes of God. Rape and Child Abuse are equally serious offences frowned at by Nigeria laws. Unfortunately, more and more fathers are still engaging in this ungodly act.
The question will then be, why do these men sleep with their own daughters? According what gathered, these incestuous relations are usually started and engaged in by the fathers involved to help them gain access to power and or make money. It is mostly used for diabolic purposes.Other reasons are psychological and spiritual.
According to a psychologist, Kemi Olujobi, "incest could be a result of psychological derailment on the part of the persons who indulge in it. The offender needs to be pitied and helped, because he has degenerated to the status of an animal. Such people, after serving their prison terms, or while in jail, should be visited by psychologists, who will properly bring them back from their state of derailment"
A cleric, Pastor Tunde Ewelamo, was spiritual about it when asked about his opinion on incest. “Any father who sleeps with his daughter have spiritual problem. It is either he has been bewitched by negative super forces to disgrace him before the people, or he belongs to a secret cult, which demands that for him to acquire a special spiritual power, or attain a certain position in life, he must sleep with his own blood, a daughter, to get that position."
Another poser is, how do these fathers lure their own blood daughters to have sex with them? also gathered that some of them hypnotise these innocent girls in order to sleep with them. You have instances of these men giving the daughters kolanut to chew, some give them some special black soap to bath with, among other things, after which the girl looses consciousness and the evil deed is done. Some even wipe their daughters with a special white handkerchief. Some fathers also make their daughters swear to an oath that the day they reveal to anyone, they will die. Some of them offer the girls drugged drinks, which make them become weak after drinking. Some also enticed with money and promises to spoil them with cash and gift if they keep the relationship to themselves.
Majority of these fathers forcefully rape their daughters behind closed doors. They will beat them until they are weak and forcefully deflower them. Most times, the cases always come into the open if they are eventually caught in the act, the girl becomes pregnant or a life threatening issue arises; otherwise, even the molested girls keep the issue to themselves for a long time without telling anyone.
The aftermath effect, especially psychological, of this act goes a long way in ruining the girls’ future. It can haunt these abused girls for life. Many of them will never be able to have a healthy relationship with a man after their father ruined their lives Many will go through years of counseling, to remove the hurt and anguish their fathers have caused them.





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Femi Adebayo, the popular son of Adebayo Salami is one of Nollywood’s top shot. He has proven his worth in the m movie industry starting with his role in Owo Blow where he played the role of the younger Ogogo, Taiwo Hassan in the said movie. He recently made a digression into comedy with his new movies, Jelili and Ile Ayo. Prior to this, Femi has been synonymous with serious movies were he usually play the role of a ‘tooshed’ fine boy.
According to Femi Adebayo, he did Jelili because he wanted to do something very different from his usual serious roles and give his fans something to ease their tension with. He also wanted them to know that he is very versatile.
“ I took time to study my fans and I discovered that people are actually out there feeling frustrated here and there with lots of challenges, and were tired of serious stories. I am doing these to help burn the stress and all that. I have done two now, Jelili and Ile Alayo, which is yet to be out. But I would stop after Ile Alayo to do serious movies”.
Interestingly, Jelili has increased his fan base by 75%. People are really crazy about Jelili. He interpreted the role very well, especially with the razzness of the role he played in Jelili.
However, most people are not surprised with his hilarious performance. His dad, Adebayo Salami popular known as Oga Bello is best known for his comedy roles. So for him, comedy is an in-born thing, which is basically an inspiration he got from his dad.


Innovate, take your modeling skill to another level and discover your hidden potentials as MBF Consult presents A 3-Day Intensive Modeling Workshop tagged “The Future of Modeling in Nigeria”.
The workshop will future ten dynamic experts in the industry: Mr Oladipo Ojo(MD/CEO DM Audio Visuals) , Prince Idowu Oyefusi(MD/CEO Nobel Afrik), Mr Bayo Adegbe(MD/CEO Modela), Augusta Ufford(Pageant Co-Coordinator MBGN), Mr Leke Adenuga(H09), Mozez Praiz(Super Sport Presenter), Mrs Temitope Alade(MD Ibile Vogue), Oteri Agoro(Celebrity Groomer / Choreographer), Mr Ayo Sholarin(MD RMD) and the host, Gabriel Olusola – Principal Consultant MBF Consult.

Date: 14th – 16th December 2011
Venue: White House, Toyin Street, Ikeja, Lagos
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Wow!!! My Blog won 'Best Fashion & Style Online Magazine' on Sunday November 27, 2011 @ The Celebrity Media Awards. Pleasant Surprises. I dedicate the award to God, my readers and followers. You are tripple much!!!

Saturday, November 26, 2011


Nollywood big wigs gathered in Mbano, Imo State today for the traditional marriage between star actor, Chinedu Ikedieze popularly known as Aki and Nneoma Nwaija.
The ceremony which took place at St Theresa’s Catholic Church Primary School field, Obolo Isiala Mbano, Imo State was witnessed by Nollywood stars like Segun Arinze(President of the Actors Guild of Nigeria), Oby Edozien; Uche Jombo, veteran actor Ejike Asiegbu amongst others.
The actor will on December 10, 2011 seal his marriage vows with Nneoma in a white wedding.
Osita Iheme, his screen twin, popularly known as Pawpaw is expected to be his best man.


Metal Recycling Industries Limited (MRI), a prominent manufacturer, exporter and supplier of high quality Aluminum Alloy Ingots, has now installed a state of the art, Metal Recycling and Smelting Plant in Ogun State with a capacity of handling over 100 Metric Tons of Metals per day. Their products are widely used in various reputed industries for diverse applications. The factory is located at Shagamu- Ikorodu road where land was purchased, the factory building and infrastructure set up, Machinery and Equipment of a most modern processing and smelting plant imported, installed and operations started with a record period of 06 months maintaining all Environmental norms.
The company is already exporting finished products in the form of Aluminum Alloy Ingots and Pure Copper Ingots to the most discerning markets of Europe and Asia.
Due to the stringent quality control measures that are taken and enforced at every stage of the operation, their products have been able to meet(and exceed) the required specifications from buyers all over the world.
MRI also have plans to expand its activities to include other Metals and Alloys such as Brass, Brass-Copper, Bronze and to carry out casting of all Alloys and Metals in a phased manner.
The factory was officially commissioned on Monday November 21, 2011. The event was graced by top government officials in Ogun States, MRI Directors and other special guests.


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Nollywood actress, Nkiru Sylvanus, has added to the growing number of reality shows in the country with the debut of her show, ‘I’ve Got Talent’
According to the organizers of the talent hunt, Geerach Events and Entertainment, the show seeks to identify and showcase the many talents that abound in the country who seek exposure in the entertainment sector.
Nkiru is delighted in the project and believes it will give hope and support to hundreds of talented young Nigerians. It’s a good avenue to promote Nigerians with unique talents. And the show promises to be different from the rest.
The unveiling is scheduled to take place on Sunday, December 4, 2011, at the Welcome Centre Hotels, Ikeja, Lagos and its expected to be attended by big wigs in the entertainment industry.


The camera just loves little Taya Kennedy. Wide-eyed, cheeky, engaged; she brims with the confidence of a natural performer. It is little wonder that she has taken the child-modeling world by storm.
The fact that 14-month-old Taya also has Down’s Syndrome is quite incidental. She was selected, not to fulfill a quota, tick a box or adhere to the dictums of some politically-correct code of positive discrimination. Taya was picked because, quite simply, she is a star.
‘Taya is an incredibly photogenic, warm and smiley child, and that shines through in her photographs,’ says Alysia Lewis, owner of Urban Angels, the prestigious UK model agency that has signed her up.
‘We only open our books twice a year and select just a few new children each season.
'The standard is high; the desire for places strong. Taya is one of 50 children we chose from 2,000 applicants.
‘That she has Down’s Syndrome did not enter the equation. We chose her because of her vibrancy and sense of fun. Not all children are comfortable in front of a lens and with a photographer looking at them — especially when they are so young. But Taya was so relaxed and happy. She was just what we were looking for.’
Retailers, including the Early Learning Centre and Mothercare, are already queuing up to feature the bright-eyed toddler in their advertising campaigns.
And Taya’s devoted mum, Gemma Andre, couldn’t be more proud.
‘I always believed my daughter was stunning but I thought, “I’m her mum. I’m biased,”’ she says.
‘When the agency rang me and said, “We want her on our books. She’s absolutely beautiful”, I was delighted.
‘I asked them if they were aware she had Down’s Syndrome. They said: “It’s immaterial. We’ve accepted her.” At that moment I burst into tears. I was overjoyed, not so much because Taya was going to be a model. More importantly, she had competed on equal terms with every other child and succeeded.
‘People can be really negative about children with Down’s. They say they can’t do this and won’t be able to achieve that. It’s incredibly frustrating. Someone said to me the other day: “I suppose she’ll never be able to live an independent life,” and I said, “Why on earth not?”
‘When people say “poor you” I find it offensive and irritating. The way I see it, some people cannot even have children and God has given me this special child.’
The story of Taya, her single-minded mum and proud father Robbie Kennedy is an uplifting one. Gemma, 29, a mortgage adviser with Santander, has never accepted that constraints must be imposed on her daughter because she has a disability.
She refuses to countenance the negative and believes that her only child is capable of achieving any dream, however elevated.
‘Already Taya attends a mainstream nursery,’ she says.
‘Her father and I want her to go to an ordinary school, too. After her birth, I was given a list of things she wouldn’t achieve; accomplishments she could never hope to master.
‘It was so dispiriting. I was told her teeth would not all develop. But already she has seven baby teeth. I was warned she would be slow to speak. But she already says “dad, mum, nana, cat and ta”.
‘So now I take no notice of what the experts say.
'And I am determined Taya will have as many chances in life as any other child. I want her to go to dancing school. She loves music and has a sense of rhythm; she sways and claps her hands when I sing to her.


Respected Nollywood director and producer, Tade Ogidan reputed for classics such as ‘Hostages’, ‘Diamond Ring’, ‘Owo Blow’, ‘Dangerous Twins’, ‘Aya Mi Owon’ amongst other films is back with another blockbuster, “Family on Fire”.
The movie shot on locations in London, is a family –centered story about greed and drug trade. It also seeks to expose the rots in family values.
Starring in the movies are ace Nollywood actors like Segun Arinze, Lanre Hassan, Sola Shobowale, Sola Fosudu, Sahid Balogun and many other stars.
The movie produced by OGD pictures in collaboration with DJA Media premiered in London last month.
And in the next couple of weeks, the movie will be specially screened in Nigeria.


Wale Adenuga, CEO, Wale Adenuga Productions recently added another feather to his cap. He was conferred with the prestigious Universal Peace Federation (UPF) Ambassadors for Peace award.
The award presentation was made at the 5th annual conference of the UPF with the theme “Towards an Era of Universal Peace in Africa and World”.
The event which was held at Lagos Airport Hotel, Ikeja, Lagos, attracted many dignitaries. Other recipients were Mrs Oyemade of Forever Living Products; Mr Ime Etuk, a renowned film director and producer; and Mr Babatunde Fowler, executive chairman, Lagos State Internal Revenue Service (LIRS).
Launched in 2001, the Ambassadors for Peace is the world’s largest and most diverse network for peace leaders from all works of life. It promotes the spirit of volunteerism and peaceful cooperation around the world.
According to the UPF organizers, Wale Adenuga is specially recognized for his outstanding contributions to family cohesion and societal values. He is also a Member of Federal Republic of Nigeria (MFR).
Wale Adenuga champions positive community development through its myriads of didactic TV programs like Superstory, Thislife, Papa Ajasco & Company, Nnena & Friends and others.


Midnight crew has made a statement that gospel music can indeed be a best seller, as well as proving to be a soothing balm to frayed nerves. Made up of two females and two males, in its 10 years of existence, the group has converted many to the word, and also carting home multiple local and international awards, with the song, Igwe.
To commemorate its 10 years in the music industry, the quartet has lined up series of activities scheduled to last for a week headlined with a live concert tagged, ‘Praise of a Decade’, which comes up tomorrow. The show holds at the main auditorium, University of Lagos, from 4pm.
Speaking on plans to make the celebration memorable, Patricia King, a member of the foursome, disclosed that the group is bent on strongly impacting the society in every way possible. She says: “Part of our weeklong activities include a visit to the motherless babies home, we are going to share fun, excitement and our happiness with them in the spirit of love”.
She further says that Midnight Crew has also concluded arrangements to set up a foundation for the betterment of the society. And towards achieving this, the group is using the opportunity of its celebration concert as a launch pad for several upcoming gospel acts including Zerah, Vivian, Stephen, Nosa, Psalmos, Dorris Dumah, Monique and Adams.
Meanwhile, Midnight Crew has completed works on their new album scheduled to hit the airwaves in the early weeks of next month.