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Friday, July 13, 2012


Nigerians may never know why Dana flight 992 crashed in Lagos, southwest Nigeria, on 3 June, killing more than 150 people on board and others on the ground, as the Accident Investigation Bureau, AIB, yesterday, disclosed in its preliminary report that the Flight Data Recorder, FDR, was damaged and no data could be recovered from it during analysis in the United States.
AIB said only the Cockpit Voice Recorder, CVR, which contained a 31-minute conversation between the pilot and co-pilot was successfully analysed.
“The solid state based memory in the CVR was in good condition and retained 31 minutes of audio information. The digital tape based memory in the FDR succumbed to the post crash fire and melted, consequently no data could be recovered,” said Captain Muhtar Usman, AIB Commissioner, who released the report.
The inability to recover data in the FDR means that the families of the victims of the ill-fated plane may never know what caused both engines to pack up almost simultaneously.

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