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Monday, July 2, 2012


Shock, sympathy and caution still characterize the atmosphere around yuppir Pastor Chris Okotie of the Household of God church, a few days after he publicly announced the break-up of his four-year old second marriage to delectable ex-wife, Stephanie, at a Sunday morning worship service.
Some of Pastor Chris Okotie’s friends open up on his crashed marriage.

Senator Ita Giwa
I think marriage is a private thing between the couple, and not something that the public should influence. It is a private thing if a couple have any difference between each other, they call themselves and sort it out between them. I know Pastor Chris Okotie and I know they will sort it out with each other. It is beyond us, it is beyond the public. It is their private matter.
Dele Momodu

Gloria Doyle
It is sad and unfortunate that the marriage did not work. I feel like a stake holder in that marriage. I attended their wedding and I was excited by the love they exuded openly. Pastor Chris has been my friend of many years. He is a man who supported me all the way during my exile years. So I feel very bad that this is happening again to him. But then, he is a human being like the rest of us. Being a pastor does not make you less human. What I like about him is that he is a brave man, who is ready to carry his cross alone at any time. Even Jesus our Lord carried His own cross at a time. So there is nothing strange or new in men of God going through trials and tribulations. If he finds love again, I don’t think anything should stop him from doing so. He cannot live alone perpetually. Everyman needs a good companion. So we can only pray that God will find him a permanent companion. He should not be discouraged. 
Tee Mac

Benny Obaze
I actually feel a lot about marital issues. Pastor should settle down and go out for the right reasons before taking the step. You don't marry a woman because she is beautiful, you don't marry a woman because of just any casual reason. You marry a woman because you want to share your life and love with the woman. If what they professed they had in their hearts for each other was genuine, then I don't think they will get themselves to the point of separation.
Right now, they are not disclosing the issues that led them to this. But they just agreed to separate.

There is no point two people living together as husband and wife, if they are not happy with each other. Happiness is very important in any relationship. Two people can only live and be happy with each other, if it so sanctioned by God. But if they both think it will save both of them a lot of stress living apart from each other, then it is best they do so. There is nothing like 'till death do us apart' anymore, that injunction is outdated. We are in modern times and every relationship has to be guided by love and happiness. It is correct for Pastor Chris and his wife to split if the love and happiness that joined them together are no longer there. I wish Pastor Chris Okotie all the best and also wish his ex-wife Stephanie all the best.

The separation between Pastor Chris Okotie and wife Stephanie is unfortunate. I feel for the pastor, but he probably knows best. But if you are in marriage and its not working, instead of living in despair or pretentious life, its better to end the relationship. Pastor Chris has been my friend and pastor, so I am sure the decision that he made is good for him and his now separated wife. So like he said, I think we should respect his privacy. What I can do is to pray for him so that he can find his true love. I believe something must have gone wrong which we are not privy to.
However, he is still a young man in his early 50s, and a pastor of a very big church. So I am advising him to marry again, if he sees the right partner. I support him to remarry because a marriage did not work does not make him a bad man or does it make Stephanie a bad woman. It was an irreconcilable difference. So he should find a good partner who will serve God with him.


  1. Then all of these celebrities are not his true friends a marriage you discuss issues and relate to yourselves.u r both from different backgrounds band different lifestyles.uneed to know each other more not after 4 yrs u runaway.that is marriage counseling.