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Monday, July 9, 2012


An Indian woman gave birth to a healthy child with two heads and necks in a private hospital in Muktsar, Punjab, after a major operation on Tuesday.
The new-born male baby is under observation in the intensive care unit of the hospital where the condition of the child is stated to be critical.
Payal Rani, wife of Subhash and resident of Goniana road in Muktsar, was admitted in Guru Nanak Ayurvedic College and Hospital at Barkandi road in city for delivery at about 10 am on Tuesday morning. The blood pressure of the woman was very high and doctors decided to operate her.

A panel of three doctors – Dr Sukhvinder Singh, Dr Mukesh Bansal and Dr M L Ashwani – operated the woman, but were shocked to see the child. The child was born with two heads and two necks separately, with a single body.
"The baby born with two heads and necks is a full term male baby. He is active and healthy now. The weight of baby at the time of birth is 3.1 kg. At the time of birth, the baby was not crying which is mandatory. But after treatment, he cried. The baby is surviving well

The IMA has decided that if the baby survives, then the cost of treatment of the baby will be borne by them. This is the first time when such type of a baby is born in Muktsar and he is alive. About ten years back, a baby was born with two heads and necks, but he was born dead", Dr Mukesh said.
What will you do if this baby is yours? How strange....
This is a medical example of a conjoined twin.  How I wish it can be corrected during pregnancy....its so painful.

This is not the first time. In 2006, there were two girls of this kind. One was 23 or so and the other was about 14, that was on TV. Americans are not new to these abnormalities. The thing is; they think differently, share pair organs, eat same food but not too much from one, they say different things but marry one person.
Just thinking if this baby was born in Naija. I’m sure the doctor would have engineered his death.
May God have mercy on us!!!

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