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Saturday, August 25, 2012


Lying here facing my laptop and reminiscing on how time flies, how enemies turn friends and friends turn enemies, thinking of my friends and loved ones, happy times and sad moments all flashing through my brain like  lightning as if it all happened some few minutes ago! 
I'm Michelle but all my peeps call me Mitchy! I can't really recall how i got that name!!!!!  I'm 24 years old, female, from one of the eastern states in Nigeria, but I live in one of the northern states. I'm 5ft6 inches tall, slim with straight full legs, curvy at the right places but let me not bore you with my features; let me only remind you that if you think you are hot then you have never met my kind because I will show you the difference between a CIA and MI6.
I just passed out from my youth service and ready to face the world with open hands! My service days where WOW!!!!!! That one year was irksome, mushy and splendid!!!!! The freedom was amazing because I have never been that far away from home! Hmmmm, I know what you would be thinking but don't get it twisted, lemme give you a little hint into my background.

I' m an only child, I grew up not knowing my father and was told he is somewhere in the UK. My mum got pregnant for him when he was a corper and he was posted to her village. One thing led to another, she fell in love, got pregnant for him not knowing because she was still seeing her period and she felt really alright not until it got to 5months that she fell ill and she was taken to the clinic and she found out that she was pregnant. They tried different drugs and injections but to no avail! My mum was thrown out of the house by her parents and my dad took her to his state and she started staying with him and his parents and don't ask me just like that because they where in love or so they thought!

And after she gave birth she was sent back to her father's house leaving her baby behind which she just couldn't live without and finally my father traveled out of the country for his masters not even caring about her anymore because he was the only child of his parents and all they wanted from him was a grand child and since the pressure was too much on him, when he gave them one he was relieved and ready to go back to the world!
Yea my mum was later thrown out of the house by her father because he considered her an outcast and since she already had a child out of wedlock, the mere sight of her disgusted him! One evening when he just got back from work, found her sitting outside talking to a neighbor who was a guy, he used that as an opportunity to chase her out of the house! She had no where to go, so she went back to my father's parents and narrated the whole story to them and they accepted her back to their home with no evil intentions.
With time she was sent to school and by her now called in-laws..........

(To be continued)  

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  1. Interesting: May the Good Lord Bless Your Effort.