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Monday, September 3, 2012


It's will most definite be a moment to remember for MBGN Tourism 2009 and former Miss Tourism Africa 2009, Diana Odiaka when she was engaged to her heartthrob, Olufunsho Peters, an IT Solutions architect and CEO of Infinion Technologies limited.
The pair who had dated for 9 months now got engaged in the most dramatic manner as Funsho propised to the former beauty queen on the 27th of August 2012, just two days after her 24th birthday.
According to Diana, “he had actually tried to do it on my birthday at the Federal Palace hotel, he had arranged a dinner but when he came to get me, I was with my friend Nkiru Achukwu and I didn't feel like stepping out so we ate in". She went on to give an account of how her dream night came through like it was scripted in a manner typical of a Hollywood love story.

"Every Monday is movie night for us, and as usual we were meant to hook up sometime after he closes from work.
Usually he comes back home to get me. But I had other plans with my friend Amaka; she's working on opening her spa in a couple of weeks and needed my help, so I was shopping with her. When we were done, I tried to reach Funsho but he wasn't picking up his cell, I assumed he was still in the meeting he said he would be in. Amaka and I were at City Mall which isn't far from his office so I decided to drive down. On getting there his car wasn't at the parking lot so I knew he wasn't back. We then left for the galleria as Amaka said she wanted to see a movie.

"Funsho called on our way there and we agreed to meet up at the galleria. We got tickets for "The Watch" for 8:10pm and Amaka got a ticket for "Dark Knight Rises" for 5:50pm. The time was 5.30pm, he and I had seen "Dark Knight Roses" already but instead of waiting around doing nothing we decided to go see it again till it was 8pm and time for our movie. Funsho said he was hungry and was gonna go get something to eat. Amaka and I then went into the screening room. Minutes later Funsho joined us, then he left again at about 8:07pm. When Funsho wasn't back, I left Amaka and headed out. Once outside I saw him talking with Tosin Olukuade(Facuade Clothiers) and Omena Daniels(Bloke Magazine). I said hello to them, gave him his movie ticket and he said he would get the popcorn and drinks that I should go ahead, so I went back into the screening room.

The movie hadn't started, Ads were rolling, Tosin came in and asked me to change sits because Funsho had a headache and would have to be going in and out so I should sit at the edge so people don't get disturbed. I obliged him, he went back out, few seconds later Omena and Tosin came back in and sat down beside me, I asked where Funsho was and was told he was coming. I was trying to contact Amaka on my blackberry and only looked up when I heard a song on the sound system "Runaway" by the Corrs and saw on the screen "you have conquered the world with your beauty and charm and my heart along with it....", I was wondering if I was in the wrong screening room until when I saw my name on the screen "DIANA ODIAKA" my heart flipped, I turned to Omena and Tosin asking "what's going on? Where is Funsho?

Then again on the screen, I saw my pictures and the words "please make me the happiest man on Earth..." "...will you marry me?”. People started screaming and clapping, the lights came on and Funsho walked down to where I was seated, knelt down and brought out the ring. I was so stunned, I was speechless. I was just staring at him until Tosin screamed "take the ring". I stretched out my left hand and he slid the ring in. We hugged and kissed; people were screaming and clapping and kept chanting.
Diana is very happy as she proudly displayed her ring on her Blackberry profile. The lovebirds will make an announcement for the wedding dates soon.

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  1. Am sorry for you D'that is all peters knows, cheap attention and REALLY nothing more.He is a'fine rubbish'i wish u luck girl.