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Tuesday, November 13, 2012


People are always asking me why I chose Multi level Marketing being a lawyer and having worked as a very successful Business Consultant for several companies in the UK.  My response is always this:

Multi level marketing is the only industry that has created the most number of millionaires on earth till date. FACT!
The investment costs are very low in comparison to investing in a traditional business, the highest investment costs I have seen in any mlm is $1,000, lowest is $200, and the income is unlimited, it ranges from anything from $10.00 to hundreds of thousands of dollars in one month, of course it all depends on the individual and whether or not they are willing to work hard at the business.  Don’t think you will not work hard, because you will.  MLM is NOT a get rich quick scheme, but it can provide a legacy to anyone who is willing to work hard!

  • MLM gives you the freedom to work from anywhere in the world at any time.
  • MLM does not require any formal education, anyone can be successful at any age, race, colour or sex.
  • MLM is not a selfish business, in order to be successful you need to help others become successful.
 Everything you need to become successful with MLM, is already in place, the tools, training, products, marketing materials etc..
The reason why a lot of people do not succeed with MLM is because they choose the wrong company or they are not willing to work at the business. With MLM you have to see yourself as the CEO of your own company although there are people on hand to assist you, you have to make up your mind that you want to be successful.  Success is a mindset, the decision to succeed or fail in life entirely depends on you!

My name is Lami’ah Bika and I am a top network marketing success coach and mentor, i discovered a company that ticked all the boxes for me and It took me four months to convince the company to let me partner with them. They made all sorts of excuses, the business was only available in America, they don’t ship to the UK.  However I was very determined and persisted for four months refusing to give up.  Eventually the company finally agreed and I introduced the company to the UK and my team and I introduced the company (not willingly of course) to fourteen other countries Nigeria inclusive.  Within six months I had risen to the top most position of the company and helped lots of other distributors do the same. Broke all the records set by the company, qualified for everything the company had to offer. My team = fastest growing over thirty thousand distributors and growing, serious distributors were making between $6 - $9,000 in their first month of business, I didn’t make a quarter of that in my first month of business.  However i received every award that the company had on offer and also the Business woman of the year Gathering of Africa’s Best (GAB) UK AWARDS. Enough said!  Success to me is not about what I have or the amount of money I make.  True success to me is the impact I can make in other people’s lives and that is why today I travel the world mentoring and coaching distributors for success it doesn’t matter which network marketing company they are in. 

My job is to empower you to empower others.  Team work makes the dream work! 

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