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Monday, December 24, 2012


For quite sometime, there’s been this strong rumor that screen diva; Stella Damasus is in hot romance with prolific movie director, Daniel Ademinokan. Some have gone as far as even alluding that they are married as Stella was spotted recently in Lagos flaunting an engagement. While others are insinuating that Daniel relocated to Abuja so that he can be close to Stella.
In this report, Daniel opens up on his relationship with Stella Damasus.

“Stella and I are business partners. We think alike and have pretty much the same kind of background, experience and share the same views on life and approach to entertainment business. Hence we set up Index Two Studios together. Under Index Two Studios we have done several training programs within and outside Nigeria for young actors and film makers. We have done short films and feature films. Together, we own CODE 55 boutique which will open officially in January 2013. We just opened the Index Two Studios Plaza in Abuja that houses a music rehearsal studio, a music recording studio, our boutique, a state of the art film post production studio and film recording studio for music video shoots, etc.

She is an intelligent woman who has a voice of her own and is her own person regardless of what anybody says. Such qualities are important in business and I have made several enemies in the past because of my thorough approach to business. In a nation like Nigeria where people believe entertainment business should be done anyhow without contracts and discipline, I always felt like one in a million but seeing someone who shares the same views on this as I do , it was important for us to key into our strengths and abilities and convert it to serious cash. So far, it has been working well for us. Now, if people chose to interpret it in whatever way works for them, no problem. They can go ahead. What I do with my private life is my business. I owe nobody any detailed explanation of what transpires in the house that none of them gave me money to buy. The only people I owe are my God and my son. That’s it. So if people chose to redefine my relationship with Stella beyond being business partner, no problem. If I decide to date and get married to Kim Kardashian tomorrow, can the people talking stop me? No!!!


  1. If he can describe stella like dis how will he describe is ex wife,do dis people really think na like dis we mumu reach

  2. He's still lying.

  3. still lying
    bloody he-liar

  4. Men are ingrate, with no heart, change women like wrapers, very sas, heartless humanbeing, se said she owe nobdy any explantin but his son, no you owe your wife, your fans, and society an explnation of dignity, hamelss fool.