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Thursday, December 27, 2012


Chief Chukwudebe Sylvester Ojukwu is the late Biafran warlord, Ikemba Dim Odimegwu Ojukwu’s 56-year-old son. Since his father’s death on November 26, 2011, the retired Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) has had running battles with other family members. He was also missing in the controversial Will read on November 30, 2012. His siblings and uncles seem to have ‘ganged’ up against him.
In this report, he opens up on the real reason why they are after him.

 “Let me give you one hypothesis to make you understand. I made an approach to you and told you I had bars of gold deposited under the seabed and I asked you to try and retrieve it for me. I also told you that if you retrieve them, you will be entitled to 50% of the value of gold. You are being given 50% because of the inherent danger in going under the seabed. Of course, I am making you this offer because I did not expect that you will succeed.  So I decided to increase the percentage to 60%. But unknown to you and me, providence would smile on you as you get closer to the bank of the sea and suddenly a mermaid throws the bars of gold at you even before you dive into the sea. It means that you no longer need to go as far as the seabed to fetch them.
After that, you tell the man who sent you; here are the bars of gold. Can I have my 60% of the value as you promised? He suddenly begins to dribble because he thought you might not make it or that you would die in the process. The man begins to tell you that the 60% you charge was too much. The scenario I painted captures my experience and my current ordeal in the hands of those trying to tell the world that I am not the son of Ojukwu. When I was given the brief or contract to try and recover the property of OTL, nobody thought I would succeed.

I could jolly well have left the police force to recover the property and ended up not recovering them. And that would have meant that I would not have anything to fall back on up till now. But because I succeeded, they suddenly remembered that the 30% I was given was too much. The 30% meant that I was richer than those who even had shares in the company. If you give someone 30%, you will agree unarguably that that person is going to get something big out of the deal.
They are fighting me because of what they thought I made. So that was why my siblings and the rest of them felt that allowing me to stand before President Goodluck Jonathan to collect the N1 billion the Federal Government was to give would add up to my already filled sack of money . But they forgot that a laborer deserves his wages and not inheritance. Even the Bible recognizes the fact that a laborer is worthy of his wages. Does it not surprise you that the same people my father was in court with are the same people I am also in court with? It is clear I am fighting his war.
Their grouse against me, essentially, in their thinking, is that I am cornering everything. But the truth is that if I turn over the estate to them, they will in turn, turn around to sing alleluia to me. But they fail to realize that the estate would not have gotten to them in the first place, but for me.
Remember that the entire estate was given back to my father by Gen. Ibrahim Babaginda. And if the estate was still in the hands of my father till today, it would have been one of the estates Bianca would be suing for in the last suit instituted. And the case would have remained in court for 20 years. So, by extricating the estate and keeping it, they want to take it from me, but without at the same time giving me what is due to me. And that would be tantamount to enriching them”  


  1. debe which siblings ? you failed a d n a test when ojukwu was alive, you were born debe ude not ojukwu, you were chased away in nnewi , ojukwu made it clear that you are not his son, let me tell you if a man says am not his son you will not see me in the mans burial, people know the truth about you, you were told to go bring your mother and you never came back

  2. is this the guy that was rejected by ojukwu ?

  3. breaking news on debe , his girlfriend and his wife gave his sperm and d n a to the late ikemba and he failed the test thats why his name is not on the will as ojukwus son.

  4. debe ude ak a ojukwu is now in exile in lagos after the will came out and a failed d n a test, he is bannished from nnewi and was told not to set foot in the village, it was a failed d n a test that was the last straw, emeka jr has taken over his fathers house in nnewi

  5. debe you are not telling the truth , you are the one that has not paid the company a kobo from the rent, we all know the story , you are the thief , how much have you giving the company ?