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Friday, March 30, 2012


The birthday boy
Top Nigerian singer, Bankole Wellington, who is better known as Banky W claims he was 21 on Tuesday, March 27, 2012. Or maybe he meant 31. Does that mean that he is within the same age bracket with Whizkid . This riddle is hard to solve oooooooo.
The handsome and scandal-free artiste won the hearts of Nigerian music lovers with his hit track, Ebutte Meta, which was a sample of Rihanna's Umbrella.
He is the label boss of Empire Mates Entertainment. He has Whizkid and Skales signed under EME music.
We @ wish you long life, more prosperity, happiness, peace & joy.


Khloe, Kim & Kourtney in Kardashian Collection Swimwear
It’s bikini season! And nothing is hotter than the Kardashian sisters in their new Kardashian Kollection swimwear.
The ad for the swimwear line was released on Wednesday showcasing the three older Kardashian gal’s figures.
In the ad, sultry Kim gazes into the camera as she wears a ruffled two-piece bikini, showing off her famous curves. Khloe, to her right, dons a printed bikini covered by a slightly more modest sheer coverup.
And a barely visibly-pregnant Kourtney, in a beaded bandeau top, shows a slim side profile with her two sisters.
What’s really fun about all of their lines is that they have styles for different shapes and body types. Also, each of the girls has their own distinct personality, and you can see those influences in each of their personal lines.


The police in Ilorin arraigned a commercial driver, Toyin Ima, for allegedly kidnapping and raping a 20-year-old passenger for three days at different locations in Ilorin.
The prosecutor, Corporal Sanni Abdullahi, told the court the accused had confessed to the crime.
Magistrate Mercy Abikoye ordered the accused to be remanded at the Federal Medium Security Prison, Mandala in Ilorin and adjourned the case to April 16.


"If there's no partiality, you cannot be governor yourself," Mr. Tinubu tells Mr. Fashola.
The Lagos State governor, Babatunde Fashola, got a rude shock from his principal and predecessor, Bola Tinubu, Wednesday after he tried to make a case for disgruntled party members.
Mr. Fashola, one of the speakers at the 4th annual Bola Tinubu Colloquium, an event organized to mark the former Lagos State governor's 60th birthday; said that he had been asked by the lower cadre members of the party to prevail on the celebrant to dispense "justice equally" to all members.

"If there's no partiality, you cannot be governor yourself," he told Mr. Fashola, adding that he had not regretted choosing him as governor.
"Ask them not to give me the task, that I'll not be able to deliver," said Mr. Tinubu.
"What I'd done consistently in the past, why would I want to change at 60?
"I've succeeded with that behaviour and sorry I'll not deviate from it," he added.


POPS Concepts presents the first Abuja MakeUp Fair (AMUF) which debuts 5th May, 2012. The Abuja MakeUp fair is designed to give makeup professionals a great platform from which to conclude business with attendees/visitors.

At AMUF visitors will have a unique opportunity to meet and interact with makeup brand companies, representatives of makeup brands, Makeup artists, photographers, Spa owners, Hair stylists to gather the information they need to make informed purchase decisions, and indeed to purchase products they admire so greatly directly from the exhibitors at the fair at discounted rates. They will also see existing business contacts, friends and network to make new connections during the fair.

Lovers of makeup, brides to be, flare for makeup artistry, interested makeup training prospects will all be in attendance. Attendees /Visitors will have the opportunity of having makeover sessions by professional makeup artists for that “dream makeover” and Photo sessions by professional photographers. A makeup contest will also take place with loads of free makeup goody bags up for grabs.

Pops Concepts is also partnering with StandUp2CancerNaija a team of dedicated health care professionals and anti-cancer advocates founded in 2008 which main focus is on early detection and screening of Breast and Cervical Cancer, to sponsor a Free Breast Cancer Screening for ladies who will be attending the fair.

Exhibitor Categories:
MakeUp and personal Care:
Wellness and Spa :
Professional Hair stylists, Hair Products and accessories:

Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Delectable Nollywood actress, Stella Damasus has once again scored another point. She has won a multi-million naira deal with AM Victorious, a Houston, United States based fashion outfit.
The deal which worth over N20 million was sealed on Wednesday, March 21, 2012.Insiders maintained that the USA based fashion outfit decided to extend their market to Nigeria and needed a face to brand its products.
After due consultation and screening, Stella Damasus was finally picked. We scooped that it’s a 2 year deal which can be renewed.
Also, AM Victorious, will supply all her clothes for public functions while the deal lasts. They will also team up with her to manufacture her own line of high-profile dresses known as SDA collection.


Lady Gaga & Sis, Natali Germanotta

Madonna & Brother, Christopher Ciccone

Happy birthday to Lady Gaga! We celebrate her birthday on March 28, and no doubt she'll have a plethora of good wishes around the world. But we wanted to take some time to spotlight the people who sometimes (not always) get left behind--the siblings! From living a normal life to carving their own careers, check out what the brothers and sisters of some of music's biggest stars are up to!

With Lady Gaga as a big sister, she’s got some big, probably spiky and endlessly high platform shoes to fill! But 20-year-old Natali Germanotta (whose own birthday was earlier this month) is pursing her own path as fashion student at Parsons in New York. She's definitely not as outrageous as her sister, but Natali still retains the Germanotta edge with her own dark fashionista style and a pet lizard that she carries with her, even to photoshoots! As of last fall, the Germanotta sisters had plans to launch their own clothing line.

Madonna’s younger brother Christopher Ciccone has collaborated with her quite a bit. He has appeared in some of her music videos like “Everybody” and “Lucky Star,” and was originally her assistant, dresser, backup dancer and stylist. He directed her 1993 Girlie Show concert tour and in 2008, he wrote a book about life with his famous sibling.


Report at our disposal revealed that the daughter of Governor Adams Oshiomhole of Edo State has puts to bed.
Sources revealed that his beautiful daughter, Mrs. Jane Adukwu , gave birth to a bouncing baby boy at a private hospital in Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory, few days ago .
The elated grandfather said; “God has been gracious to me and my family. Help me to thank God for my family and indeed for the birth of my first grandchild, whom I call Eric Oshiomeghie.”
Jane got married on January 8, 2011 to Mr. AchimuguAdukwu, son of Architect Gabriel Adukwu, the former Minister of State (Health) at the Holy Trinity Catholic Church, Maitama, Abuja


“Think before you speak” is always a good policy -- and at work it's even more important. Saying the wrong thing to your boss can do serious damage to your career -- and some of the things bosses don't like to hear may surprise you. We checked in with some managers and came up with this list of nine phrases they strongly dislike -- and we'll tell you what you should say instead:
  1. "I need a raise."
    Never enter salary negotiation talking about what you need -- because of rising costs or a new expense, for instance. Your employer doesn't care about your financial problems. However, management probably does want to reward success and keep high-performing employees satisfied. A raise request should always be supported by evidence of what you've achieved for the company -- along with information about what people with your responsibilities typically earn.

    2. “That just isn’t possible.”
    Always speak to your boss in terms of what can be done. For instance, rather than saying “We can’t get this done by Friday,” say “We could definitely get this done by Monday, or if we brought in some freelance help, we could meet the Friday deadline.” When you talk to your boss, think in terms of solving problems for her, not in terms of putting problems on her plate.

    3. “I can’t stand working with ____.”

    Complaining about a coworker's personality usually reflects more poorly on you than on the coworker. Don’t make these kinds of conflicts your boss’s problem. Of course, management is interested in problems that jeopardize the company's ability to function. If you have to speak to HR about a problem such as a colleague's threatening, illegal or unethical behavior, keep your tone professional and the focus on work -- not personal issues.

    4. “I partied too hard last night -- I'm so hung over!”
    Buck up and get through the day with some ibuprofen, extra undereye concealer and coffee. But don’t share the sordid details of your night on the town with your boss. Even if you have a friendly relationship, he’s just as likely to react with (unspoken) disdain as sympathy. Maintaining a solid veneer of professionalism will pay off when it's time to discuss promotions.


Justin Bieber is facing legal action for his role in a Twitter prank, it has been reported.
The pint-sized pop star posted a phone number on the social networking site with a digit missing earlier this month, urging fans to "call [him] right now".
The tweet apparently led to thousands of fans calling two random people in Texas, whose numbers were similar to the one Bieber gave out.
The civilians - a man named Kent and a woman called Dilcie - have since met with lawyers in a desperate attempt to stop what they described as harassing phone calls. 
The two people's rep wants a public apology from the star, concert tickets for one of the victim's grandchildren, and public support for their new online business. They also want to be reimbursed for expenses incurred because of the incident.
A rep for Bieber is yet to comment on the claims.
Yesterday, Bieber became the subject of a Twitter prank himself. A hacker allegedly broke into his account and tweeted to his followers: "19 million my ass #biebermyballs."
The hacker is then thought to have started unfollowing and even blocking up to 100,000 of his followers.
Bieber's team apparently worked quickly to follow everyone back again once they regained control of the account back from the hackers.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Kate Henshaw has managed to pull out of the discouraging shell of allegations of incidents leading to her marriage crash, as she has once again hit the social circuit again.
Few weeks back, she stepped out in one corporate event held in Lagos, wearing dreadlocks that brought out the young babe in her. She was filled with healthy ...smiles and interacted freely with everybody present.
At the premiere of Phone Swap,Kate stepped out in a dark color micro mini skirt that revealed all the fresh part of her body which has bounced back in few months.
With a Mohawk hairstyle that gives her an amateur facial appearance; Kate is currently retracing back to age 25.
Once again the actress has revived her confidence, groove and natural endowment


Kim Kardashian is thought to be interested in buying Beckingham Palace - the sprawling English home that David and Victoria Beckham famously own.
The reality TV star is thought to have spoken to real estate agents in LA in order to arrange a viewing of the mansion, which she apparently intends to use as a European base for her family.
Kim also has plans to rent the home out to fans of the Beckhams, who purchased the 22-acre property in Hertfordshire for £2.5million in 1999.
The Beckhams, who are worth over £160million, are planning to sell up as they rarely visit the mansion.
"They felt is it was a waste for these beautiful homes to sit empty for months and months," a source revealed .
The insider added: "They don't need the money, as such, but no longer use either place and realize in this current climate it's crazy to effectively throw cash away.
"The Beckhams have made LA their home, and the kids are settled there."


Chances are, you've committed at least one or two hair faux pas. From waiting too long to get a haircut to combing hair while wet to choosing the wrong shampoo for your hair type, we're all guilty of making a few hair mistakes in our time. Fortunately, these common hair mistakes are all easy to fix, so fear not and tread forth with determination to correct your past errors.

Waiting too long in between haircuts is one beauty sin women habitually commit. Always stay on top of hair appointments to keep hair manageable and beautiful. The ends of your hair often become brittle and dry, giving them a dull and unhealthy appearance.
Get a haircut every six to eight weeks, depending on your growth. When a woman's hair is at its optimum condition. It's vibrant, shiny, reflective and alive. When you wait too long, you have split ends and your hair is less shiny and out of control.

Always choose a shampoo that's tailored to your hair needs. For example, certain shampoos are created for fine, curly,color treated, gray or dandruff-prone hair.
Read the description on the label and do your best to match the description on the label to your hair type.
For example, shampoos that say something like "for dry and brittle hair" will be too heavy for natural or fine hair.
Once you've selected the appropriate shampoo, massage it onto your roots and scalp and rinse thoroughly. Any residual shampoo left on the shaft results in dull locks.

Did you know that when your hair is wet, it's more susceptible to damage? That's a shame, considering so many women experience a tangle battle post shower. Turns out, combing your hair while it's wet and tangled can result in hair breakage in addition to pain. Always use a detangling spray or softening agent before combing wet hair.
You have to be extremely delicate when you comb your hair, whether wet or dry, but particularly when wet. Also make certain you are using an excellent toothed comb.And if you struggle with matted and tangled hair, you're probably using the wrong products for your hair type.



Little Nigerian Child Pageant (LNCP) is a pageant for kids living in Nigeria (boys and girls within ages 3-10). It is the first of its kind in Nigeria. This pageant is not the regular beauty pageant we are used to in this part of the world because it is not just about beauty but set to celebrate the little ones amongst us, the ones we look at and their smiles
bring joy and pride in our hearts.
These are the people responsible for our daily hustles and it is time to celebrate them and give them a place in the society.
Registering your child or ward for this pageant is one of the best thing you can do for him/her which money cannot get her, as LNCP will bring out the mental best in your child by developing their confidence, energizing their poise and their self-esteem to rule their world both presently and in future.
We are here to encourage the intellectual abilities of Children in Nigeria and give them a sense of belonging. Little Nigerian is an annual International event and winners prizes include 1million Naira, Trip to Didneyland Paris, Scholarship, Represent Nigeria in Most Beautiful Babies in America in September 2012, Educational materials and lots of Consolation prizes.
Registration Forms are now on Sale!! GRAB A COPY!!


I have been part of many business turnarounds in my career, and in all situations I have noted the errors consistently made by sales management, all of which negatively impact team morale and sales. Here are seven of the deadly sins of sales management.

We have all heard of the traditional conflict between sales and marketing. The sales team says the product is priced too high or not what the customer wants, or that the marketing programs are ineffective. Marketing may say the sales force is not well trained, too small, ineffective, or a myriad of other complaints. Sometimes these are valid complaints, and good management will identify and address them. But if they aren’t valid, or if they are merely excuses for poor performance, it is imperative that management recognize this situation. There is nothing worse than having the sales and marketing departments at each other’s throats. This is a formula for business failure, and powerful management will work to create collaboration and understanding between the two groups.
As a result, the relationship evolved so that if marketing was late introducing a new product, sales management would pick up the slack with promotions on existing products. Conversely, if sales anticipated a tough quarter, marketing would work to release a new product ahead of schedule. Teamwork between sales and marketing isn’t a “sometimes” thing; it is critical to the success of a high-velocity organization.

Powerful investment groups don’t invest in companies; they invest in people. People are the most important ingredient in any organization. At the heart of high-performance organizations is management that obtains the willing cooperation of others to achieve its goals. To gain the willing cooperation of others, employees must see that management genuinely cares about them, that they can trust management’s word, and that management focuses on distinction in all aspect of the business.
Another common mistake is not acting on low performers fast enough. You do no favors by keeping a failing employee around, unless you are confident a correction can be effected. One word of caution, though: most failing businesses do not have metrics that effectively judge individual sales performance, so care should be taken when identifying low and high performers. Another error—the reverse of too few terminations—is aggressive termination. To avoid both extremes, remember that it isn’t who you fire that counts but who you hire. The proper hire will not need to be terminated. Always look for a track record of success in candidates. Hiring the proper people and creating a culture of mutual trust is a vital component of good people management.


A senior Pastor of United Evangelical Church,Rev. Sunday Alfa has murdered his wife,a mother of 4 for refusing him sex.
The wife,Mrs. Rose Alfa was murdered in the Mission House at about 3am in Igojo,Ubali Village near Okene in Kogi State.
We learnt that before the woman gave up the ghost,she had confessed to a Policeman,who was taking her to the hospital that she did no wrong to her pastor husband and that the man came in the night in the room she was sleeping to demand for sex, but she refused because she gave birth to her last baby in October last year through cesarean section and the doctor asked her to abstain from sex for some time.
We gathered that the woman had divorced the pastor and went to Benin City to live with her brother,Mr. Alex Abah.
Four years later,the pastor went to meet the wife relations to beg for forgiveness and pleaded with them to allow his wife come back to him because he had been promoted to Senior Pastor and it was compulsory for him to bring back his wife before they could effect the promotion.
The wife’s relations agreed and allowed her to go back to the husband.
It was during his stay with the wife that the pastor eventually murdered her over sex.


Katty Perry

Giabiconi Baptiste

Katty and Giabiconi arriving @ The Paris Fashion Week

Baptiste Giabiconi has confirmed his rumoured romance with Katy Perry.
Sources revealed that they are spending a lot of time together."
Giabiconi, who is the highest paid male model in the world, is thought to be considering moving to LA to be closer to the singer.
The pair first sparked rumours of a romance between them when they were spotted getting cosy together on the front row of the Chanel show during Paris Fashion Week in February 2012.
They were spotted again the same week enjoying dinner together, before hitting the town and partying the night away.
Last week, Giabiconi was snapped waiting for Katy Perry to arrive at the Gare Du Nord train station in Paris.


David and Victoria Beckham are thought to be selling their Hertfordshire mansion, dubbed Beckingham Palace.
The couple are reportedly selling the property as they solidify their family base in the US after moving there in 2007.
The seven-bedroom estate which the couple bought in 1999 for nearly £3million is set to go on the market for around £18million.
The Beckhams are said to have spent millions renovating the property to include a 52 ft garden pavilion, and indoor and outdoor swimming pools, as well as tennis courts and a gym.
Earlier this year,Beckham signed on for a further two years at LA Galaxy after turning down an offer to join France's Paris Saint-Germain club.





Start the year 2012 in a grand way; attend the “WOMEN OF COLOR” Makeup & Beauty Workshop organized by Chanterelle Concepts and Ojuloge Arts World.
It’s a 3 -day hands-on Practical Workshop on Skin Care, Cream Mixing, Gele Tying, Airbrush Makeup, Traditional Makeup, Lashes and more.

Date: Friday April 27- Sunday April 29,2012
Venue: 82, Aina Street (Before Fan Milk Depot), by Grammar School Bus-Stop, Ojodu-Berger, Lagos
Time: 9am - 5pm

Knowing Skin Types
Skin Treatments (Synthetics)
Skin Toning
Skin Brightening
Body Butter
Body Wrap
Body Polishing


Agbani showed off (even though many saw it as a wrong move) at the just concluded Arise Africa Fashion Week. A presenter from Silverbird had approached her for short interview on the red carpet, Agbani did not even stop talkless of having the normal red carpet chit, chat. Instead she just looked back and told the reporter, "Tell Bruce or guy to call me"
Meaning the reporter is too small for her, rather, she should tell Ben Bruce, the chairman of Silverbird or Guy one of the Directors to call her!
Agbani was a past Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria but she later won Miss World.


Bobby Brown has been arrested for a DUI offence in LA.
The singer was pulled over by police in Reseda, California, at 12.20pm local time for talking on his mobile phone while driving.
The ex-husband of the late Whitney Houston was arrested at the scene on suspicion of being under the influence, although it is currently undetermined which substances he is thought to have taken.
Brown was reportedly taken to Van Nuys jail in Los Angeles, but has since been bailed. His manager confirmed that he is now home.
The 43-year-old singer, who caused a storm of controversy by walking out of Whitney’s  funeral early with his entourage, has a previous DUI conviction that he served eight days in jail for in 1996.


The screening of the much awaited 25th edition of the Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria beauty pageant kicked off today at Benin Zonal centre and its expected to continue in other zonal centers.
The screening days and dates are as follows:
Date: Tuesday March 27
Venue: HomeVille Hotel, Evbuomwan Street off Sapele road. Benin City

Date: Thursday March 29
Venue: Silverbird Showtime, Former Obi Wali Cultural Center, MILE 1, Diobu, Port Harcourt.

Date: Saturday March 31
Venue: Silverbird Entertainment center, Plot 1161, Memorial Drive, By Musa Yar’adua Center, Central Business District, F.C.T.

Date: April 3rd
Venue: Xclusive lounge, Silverbird Galleria, 133 Ahmadu Bello Way, Victoria Island



Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth are not engaged - despite reports that have been circulating this weekend.
The couple sparked marriage rumours after Miley was spotted sporting a new huge diamond ring on her wedding finger on Thursday.
But, before we get too excited, a source close to the couple confirmed that the rock was just for show and was definitely not an engagement ring.
Miley and Liam started dating in 2009, when they met on the set of The Last Song.


That actor Enebeli Elebuwa has been on sick bed in the past six months is no longer news.

The actor who fell sick in 2011 was first taken to Military Hospital Yaba,from there his family started seeking the attention of traditional doctors and he was later asked to return to his residence in Lagos.

Since then, nothing concrete has been heard about Mr. Enebuwa’s health till now.

Nevertheless, we reliably gathered that the sick actor in the past three months has been receiving herbal treatment from a traditional doctor called Ugoma.

As gathered, the traditional medicine man (native doctor) who was consulted by AGN executive members and the actor’s family insisted that he will do everything possible to ensure that Mr. Elebuwa will be free from bondage of stroke.

After three months of unsuccessful attempts to bring the sick man back to normal, Mr. Ugoma disclosed his interest for Mr. Elebuwa to be moved back to his home town in Delta State,where he will commence his treatment.

Saturday, March 24, 2012


It’s not up to a week since Don Jazzy announced his leaving Mo’Hits label but he’s already moving on with his career. The hit producer on Thursday, March 23, 2012 in South Africa helped launch a series of new products from popular electronics company Samsung.
Kenya’s Alan Oyier and Don Jazzy walked up to the stage to unveil the new product. Don Jazzy had helped design the new Afro pop range of Hi-Fi units some time ago.
Our source also revealed that the Samsung deal had been on before the Mo’Hits break-up, and that the producer was ‘handsomely paid’. ‘I can’t tell you how much he was paid. But trust me it’s mouth-watering’.


This money and Visa things is taking another twist. This is another young Nigerian, Daniel Ukoko, who is 26 years old and a graduate of University of Benin tied the knot with Cynthia, an American who is old enough to be his mother (if not grand mother) at the Warri South Local Government registry....


There are strong indications that Dickson Iroegbu’s gay-themed movie, “Law 58” is facing massive rejection by the movie bluffs in Nigeria.
Also, the controversial film director has alleged that since he released the movie into the market, gay compliance have been trailing him, inviting him to be part of them.
Meanwhile, it has been revealed that since the movie hit the market few weeks ago, the controversial director has been cold with the responses he’s getting from the distributors of the film. The movie has also been facing challenges of acceptance by Nigerians, and its not doing well in the market, our source added.
Tongues started wagging immediately after Dickson made known his reasons for shooting the eyesore movie two months ago.
‘At the time, I was shooting the movie, most of my colleagues frowned at the project because it was rumour then that some of them were involved in the act.
I thought it was time to take a stand, given the fact that I was once called a gay, just to discredit my personality… when the film is finally released into the market, they will be able to reconcile it with the Dickson Iroegbu they have known for several years. The world will also ascertain whether I’m a homosexual or not.
Nigerians who reacted to the release of the movie accused Dickson of using the flick to satisfy his selfish reasons.


Toxicology results released on Thursday determined that Whitney Houston had cocaine in her system when she drowned in the bathtub of her Beverly Hilton hotel room February 11. The news is sad, but it doesn't come as much of a surprise. The question many are asking themselves now is: Why couldn't Houston get clean?

In a 2009 interview with Opray Winfrey, the Grammy-winning singer gave an honest account of her drug use, which she said started off as recreational before she began shooting the 1992 blockbuster "The Bodyguard" with Kevin Costner. But after, Houston admitted, "I had Krissy [her daughter], it started getting heavy." Her drugs of choice? Cocaine and marijuana. By 1996, she added, doing drugs "was an everyday thing … I wasn't happy by that point in time. I was losing myself."
And the public was losing its patience with her. Houston was routinely showing up hours late for interviews, photo shoots, and rehearsals. Then, in 2000, airport security officers in Hawaii claimed they found a half-ounce of marijuana in Houston's bag, but she and then-husband Bobby Brown hopped aboard their plane home before police arrived (the two were never charged). In March of that year, her performance at the Academy Awards was canceled when the "I Will Always Love You" singer was reportedly "totally out of it" during her rehearsal and kept singing a different song other than the one she was supposed to perform.