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Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Baby Kimye- Girl
Baby Kimye- Boy

 With her flawless Armenian-American looks and his handsome features and dapper style, there's no doubt that the offspring of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West will be both cute and cool.
But not wanting to leave anything to chance, FEMAIL morphed together two photographs of the stars to see just what baby Kimye will look like.
Teenage Version of Baby Kimye
Morphing tool combined two recent photographs of the A-list couple, using technology to predict what the product of the two parents will look like as a baby and again as a teen.
Kanye West
Judging by the results, product of two of the world's most famous stars will bear an uncanny resemblance to both of its parents - and will be unbearably cute.
Kim Kardashian
The morphed images show that the baby is likely to inherit its mother’s flawless, tanned skin as well as her plump lips. And is sure to inherit Kanye's soft brown eyes and thick, dark eyebrows. While the teenage version of their child could look like - complete with Kanye's facial hair and Kim's feline, brown eyes.

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