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Friday, February 22, 2013


Fashion is a tricky thing to keep up with, especially when you may not have time to read up on the latest fashion trends because you are taking care of the little ones at home. But, here are some fashion trends that are also functional – in other words, a mom’s best friend.

DIAPER BAG: Your diaper bag doesn’t have to be a clunky, chunky bag bursting to the brim with diapers, wet wipes and toys. It can be stylish and chic. In fact, any large purse can double as a diaper bag as long as it has as many compartments as you want for the various needs you have.

SCARVES: Scarves are always practical, especially in the dead of winter when the weather is less than favorable. Also, scarves do not have to be just one color or be bulky. There are many styles and colors to choose from and they go with nearly every outfit!

BABY SLING: Instead of carrying your baby around on your back, on your belly in a harness or toting her around in a stroller, you can keep her close to your heart with a stylish sling that drapes over one shoulder.

SHAWL: A shawl is much like a scarf in that it can go with anything. It also has multiple purposes: aside from being fashionable and keeping you warm, it can also act as a nursing wrap. A shawl can gracefully drape over you to hide your little one as he feeds.

WEDDING RING HOLDER NECKLACE: Jewelry is not always known for its functionality, but instead is simply purchased for how it makes you look and feel. However, there are some jewelry pieces that serve a higher purpose, like a necklace designed to hold your wedding ring while you are doing the dishes or other activities where you don’t want to ruin the ring or get it dirty. Look for a pendant that works as a clasp that closes around the ring so that it cannot be lost.

CHOKER: For moms of the youngest tots, you know that jewelry is not the most practical thing to wear. Kids love to grab at necklaces and can either break them, get tangled in them or accidentally start to choke you with them. A choker can be the solution. It is close enough to the neck that a chain is not going to get in the way and some are made so that they pull off much like a one-size-fits-all bracelet, should your child get a tight grasp.

BELTS: Finding the right belt for an outfit is like discovering the secret to success. A belt can make a post-baby belly look slimmer or a functional belt for jeans can act as a holster for the baby monitor, so you can listen for sounds wherever you are without carrying it around in your hands that are busy with other things.
NAIL POLISH: It may not be that functional of an accessory, but it can dress up any outfit and make a new mom feel like a hundred bucks. Cleaning up those chipped nails with a fresh coat will spice up your attitude and turn a hectic day into something special.

MITTEN GLOVES: Mittens are nice and so are gloves, but today’s mom can get great use out of the combined version. Instead of taking the time to slip off the glove to get something out of your purse or pick up that pacifier off the ground, you can flip back the mitten area to have full access to your fingers while keeping the rest of your hand toasty warm.

FOLDABLE BRUSH: A foldable brush or a mini brush is something every woman should have in her purse. It doesn’t take up much room and it comes in handy almost every day. You can use it to go from having your hair down to being up in a seamless ponytail or simply brush out those knots from the blowing wind – unless, of course, you were going for that windswept look.

UMBRELLA: An umbrella may seem impractical on clear days, but using it to shield you and baby from the harmful rays of the sun can be just as sensible as using it during those sudden downpours. There are hundreds of prints to choose from to suit any mood or style.

WATER RESISTANT WATCH: Watches are a necessity for anyone who never seems to know what time it is but who wants to keep all appointments and run on schedule. The water resistance is just for those moms who know that the watch will probably end up in baby’s mouth more than once.

MATCHING SUNGLASSES: Not everyone enjoys being matchy-matchy with her kids, but sometimes doing so can be really cute. Kids love to play with sunglasses so they can look like their moms, so why not get a pair that looks like yours so she can wear it all the time?

KNITTED HATS: Knitted slouch hats are all the rage and can keep even the coldest person feeling cozy warm. Other styles are stylish too. Pick yours, wear it and enjoy!

NURSING WRAP: All moms run into that awkward moment when you know you have to nurse your baby but there isn’t a great place to do it. So, whip out that nursing wrap from your bag to cover up and no one will be the wiser. Nursing wraps come in all styles and colors, just like any other kind of wrap.
Just because you’re a mom doesn’t mean you have to look like one! Go out in style and show off the woman in you.

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