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Saturday, April 13, 2013


A first of its kind festival in Nigeria featuring kites of various shapes, colours and sizes flying in the skies is set to debut in Lagos in September 2013. The festival being organised by a Lagos based marketing and promotion company, Cranes and Ladders Limited is targeted at reviving old games and bonding ties among families and friends.

 Speaking at a press conference that held at Maruwa Beach Lekki Lagos to formally unveil the festival, The Chief Executive Officer, Cranes and Ladders Limited, Mr. Ebun Roberts said that the festival is a family growth driven game which is set to become one of the leading individual, family and group fun game in Nigeria.

“Kite flying is an inexpensive/recreational game that has always been one of those bonding opportunities for peers, families and friends, it is also an age old fun activity which both the classy and mass enjoy. With this festival, we aim to revive family and friends picnic, revive old day’s time games and bring back fun memories for young and old adults in Nigeria.”

 “Kite flying is so much loved and appreciated that some countries in some parts of the world hold annual kite flying festivals, however, looking into our part of the world, this game appears to be a game that has gone to sleep.  But now the fun giant, Eko Festival of Kite is set to be awakening this family fun game. The festival will be a great opportunity for friends and families to share moment of sheer fun and excitement.” Roberts added.

 On the festival activities, Mr. Ebun Roberts disclosed that the ‘Eko Festival of Kites’ will run through two separate days in September, 2013, with additional activities like the display of mind blowing kite, old games like ‘Suwe’ and ‘ten-ten’. Also we have confirmed the attendance of 20 international flyers from India, UK, USA etc to attend the event.” He concluded.

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