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Saturday, April 13, 2013


It looks as if the pregnant reality star is doing all she can to be in the Duchess' good book, but the latter seems to be indifferent! Kim Kardashian reportedly sent fellow Mom-to-Be Kate Middleton maternity gift and a note. Kim is also excited about the fact that both ladies are due in the month of July.This is not the first time KK will reach out to the Duchess.
While in London promoting her Kardashian Kollection last year, Kim wanted to meet for tea. Needless to say, that meeting did not occur. She also sent Kate Middleton some clothes from her fashion line ... which were returned, unopened.

Kim was hoping that Kate might be seen wearing one of the designs out in public, which would give their fashion credentials a huge boost. Kate returned the clothes because wearing free clothes from any designer would appear that she was endorsing the line.
Also the royal brand is quite different from the Kardashian brand which to many is believed to be slutty and trashy: what with all the negative press like the sex tape, nude/semi nude photo shoots, 72 day marriage and parading and getting knocked up by another man with out a proper divorce.

Kate on the other hand can be described as classy, graceful and conservative.


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