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Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Stephanie @ Nite of a thousand braids
In the year 2011, Kaneka Corporation of Japan, maker of renowned hair fibre, Kanekalon, signed an endorsement deal with Nollywood’s A-list actress, Stephanie Okereke, as its brand ambassador in Nigeria.

Stephanie signing the contract
The endorsement was meant to see the award winning actress promote the company’s product and participate in the marketing campaigns which include Kanekalon’s Brand Building campaign, Kanekalon ‘Salon Storm’ Activation, Kanekalon ‘Night of a Thousand Braids’ event and other brand promotional activities.

Stephanie @ the Kanekalon ad shoot
Stephanie seemed to fit very well into the hair extension brand and it seemed they couldn't have made a better choice.

Stephanie @ Monalisa Chinda's dance for life show
The Kanekalon Salon Storm print adverts that ran in the media were unique and distinct. She is indeed an ideal fit for the brand.

Stephanie @ premiere of Dr Bello
But wait, is Mrs Idahosa representing the brand as she is expected to?  Asides from the promotional adverts (both print and electronic) and the campaigns listed above, Stephanie is hardly or probably never seen wearing kanekalon hair. 

Shouldn't it have been included in the contract that she wears the hair at public functions so that her fans can see her and associate her with it? 
(Imagine Tiger Woods signing an endorsement deal with Nike and then seen wearing Reebok in Public)

Stephanie @ AMVCA Awards

I think Stephanie should embrace the brand more, wear it's hair more often, especially at public functions and red carpet events. Seeing her with the hair will remind her fans that she is a worthy ambassador for the brand.

Anyway, this is up to Kaneka to decide. What do you think?


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