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Monday, May 20, 2013


Big Brother winner Wendell Parsons has reportedly been arrested by police in Zimbabwe after trying to illegally make a $25,000 insurance claim.
Wendell  was picked up on Friday on allegations of lodging a false insurance claim with Alliance Insurance Company.
Karen Igho’s Zimbabwean co-winner has been charged with allegations of lodging a fraudulent insurance claim after crashing his Ford Ranger vehicle while travelling from Bulawayo on March 16 this year. After he lodged the claim, the police suspect the vehicle was not insured when it was involved in the accident.
In a bid to have the car replaced, Wendell was suspected to have gone to insure the car with Alliance Insurance Company, two days after the accident. He then tried to claim US$25,000 from the company.
On 16 March this year the accused, travelling in a Ford Ranger from Bulawayo, had an accident, he then insured the same vehicle on 18 March and tried to claim an amount of US$25 000 as insurance for the vehicle.
Alliance then got suspicious and launched an investigation, found his claims false, which led to his arrest.

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