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Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Eva Longoria showed a little too much of herself at the Cannes Film Festival over the weekend.  While lifting her high-slitted gown at the ‘Psychotherapy of a plains Indian’ premiere on Saturday, the actress exposed more than just her legs. Longoria was good-natured about the revealing red carpet fashion faux pas.
On her way to an event the next day, she referenced the previous day’s exposure, tweeting a photo of a different outfit and writing, “Here’s my dress for tonight! No wardrobe malfunctions tonight!!!”
Designers and stylist need to do a little more than just tossing outfits to celebrities to wear. They may also need to instruct them on the in and out and dos and don’ts of dresses. And on the part of the celebrities, they may need to get the dress days before the occasion and wear it for a few minutes so that they can be familiar with it. Most celebs are known for getting their red carpet outfits just a few hours before the occasion.



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