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Friday, May 17, 2013


Peplums have ruled the runway and red carpet for a few years now. The trend was so much all over the place last year that it almost seemed as if they were getting too much attention.
In order for the trend not to look boring and monotonous, designers and dress makers came up with different variants of the peplum: Peplum dresses, peplum tops, peplum jackets, and peplum skirts. 
As the year 2013 dawned, we thought that was about all from the peplum family. But just when we thought they were fading away and we had heard the last of them, designers who are ever creative came up with another addition to the peplum family: the peplum belt.
Most peplum belts come in faux leather and these clever little belts allows you to create a whole new wardrobe by teaming it with dresses, leggings, skinnies, skirts etc.  The peplum belt is adjustable to suit most sizes and comes in various style options.
 The peplum look is not going anywhere anytime soon so this is a key investment gem for your wardrobe!

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