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Wednesday, June 12, 2013


The House On The Rock Ministry, founded and pastored by Paul Adefarasin of ‘Experience’ fame, recently commissioned its new ultra-modern, multipurpose cathedral at the Lekki axis of Lagos.
The first of its kind in modern church ministry, the multi-billion naira Rock Multipurpose Cathedral now house the international headquarters of the House On The Rock, as well as the Rock Foundation.
The magnificent edifice, with a total floor area of 32,000 m2 (the largest footprint for a single building in the commercial city of Lagos) accommodates facilities for worship, education, healthcare, community development, reformation training, recreation and social rehabilitation, among others.
The large auditorium of the ergonomic state -of –the- art cathedral is designed with capacity to comfortably seat about 14,000 people and structured to efficiently evacuate all human traffic in just 10 minutes.

It is well fitted with automated and integrated lighting, state of the art audio visual facilities, 24/7 alternative power supply, round-the-clock manned security, access control, CCTV and stage capacity to conveniently accommodate 200-person choir.
The Rock Foundation would be committed to the reformation of our nation with specialised training that will produce future leaders who are virile, visionary and equipped with the relevant secular skills to excel in the various sectors of industry.


It is designed to run four separate educational systems which include primary school, an adult education centre, a skill acquisition centre and a Bible College.



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  1. this is just like DIC (dominion church) in Houston
    thats one fine church, this must be cool too