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Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Clutches can never go out of fashion. They are a staple which as a lady, you should own at last one of, once you are old enough to go for outings. 
They are a perfect choice for events, red carpet shows and classy dinner dates. Clutches can be paired with variety of clothing types from classy evening dresses to semi-formal wears like fitted pants. 
Since the style of the clutch is made without a shoulder sling, it restricts the carrier to only one other hand left to do any other things while carrying the clutch.
If you are one of those that love the look of the clutch but find carrying it quite cumbersome, help has come! The help is in form of a fingerless glove of the same material attached to the clutch; the invention of the latest fashion trend – the glove clutch - gloves attached to clutch bags.  . But does a glove attached to a purse seem like the most practical solution?  Is it just a fad or its here to stay?

What’s your take on the glove clutch? Classy, tacky, unnecessary or neither here nor there?




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  1. Where can I find an inexpensive clutch like this?