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Sunday, July 21, 2013


There is more that goes into glossy looking well finished finger nails than just applying nail polish. presents the "dos" and "don'ts" for strong and healthy nails and watch your nails grow and become sleeker and sexier.

Do use a nail polish remover just before polishing your nails. Whether you have nail polish on or not. Nail polish remover not only removes nail polish, but it helps with removing any debris or dirt on the surface of the nail.

Don't use dissolver on natural nails: Nail polish dissolver is as the name implies: to dissolve artificial nails. Using it directly on natural nails can be harmful. This liquid contains harsh chemicals and can strip the nails of all their essential oil, causing them to totally dry out and become unhealthy and brittle.

Don't use fingernails to peel off old nail polish. No matter how tempted you maybe, wait till you get to where your nail polish remover is. Peeling it off removes a layer of the plate causing the nails to thin and eventually crack.

After removing your nail polish, do apply some rubbing alcohol on your nails. Doing so removes any excess moisture from the nail and also helps the nail polish to adhere better and dry faster.

Do put a base coat on before you use nail colour. The base coat helps your polish easier to remove and prevents nails from staining.

Do apply a Top Coat, this gives the nail polish a glossy look and also seals it, which keeps it from chipping. Another cool alternative is the nail lacquer drying spray. This gives the nails a fine glassy finish.

When shopping for base and top coats, don't buy a base and top coat all in one bottle. The base coat and the top coat are designed to do very different things; the shiny look from the top coat makes the nail slippery, if you're putting that on first as base, then it makes applying nail polish hard, because it doesn't adhere as well.

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