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Monday, August 5, 2013


Ballet Flats

Some of the hottest shoe trends for this season are no strangers at all. Some of them go way back as far as the 70s and 80s and have made a more refined appearance. These shoes have made a comeback and are better looking, sleeker and sexier.
Amongst the varied selection are lower footwear styles such as the ever sexy ballet flats, the not so low but levelled sole – the wedges and the varied height wooden sole - clogs. presents to you the shoes that have walked their way back this season

Ballet flats have made a sexier comeback this season and are the perfect medicine of sweetness for casual pieces like tap pants, boy shorts, mini jumpsuits or even maxi dresses. These vintage-style beauties add a bit of innocence to an otherwise femme fatale look. They are classy pieces which make the wearer look girly. The upside of wearing a pair is that they are so light and comfy, so you don't have to bother about carrying an extra pair of flat slippers when you wear them. They come in all sorts of variations – fabric, pointy toed, round toed, with bow, with sequins, studs, with cut outs, in metallic, patent, animal print, rubber - list is endless – Its worth having as many pairs of flats as you can afford and they will never ever let you down.

Wedges are back, and are perfect with almost any outfit -- depending on the style. Be as adventurous as you want to be with your wedges. They come in all sorts of coverings – and many kinds of shoes are having wedge versions.


Peepholes are also a great look for wedges and can make them less edgy and add a feminine feel. Wedges draw attention to the wearer so make sure you wear a pair that is comfortable and fits well.

Clogs are back in style and they are somewhat more beautifully refined than they used to be.
These clogs have a great retro-chic look. Most modern clogs come with a semi-soft padded leather foot bed. 

This heel could be a good choice for those who are used to wearing high-heels; although the hard non-bending wood does take some getting used to, but the support can actually be quite comfortable. The traditional shape, along with the medium heel, makes clogs actually pretty cute while still maintaining some comfort.

They look great with dresses, skirts and pants and can go upscale or casual.

Ok….that’s it! Get confident and inspired with the shoe shopping  and lets show the ground we walk on that we run the show!

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  1. I looove wedges. Just for the fact that they're very comfortable. I could actually run in them. Lol