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Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Agbani Darego @ Miss World
Anna Ebiere Banner
MBGN Miss World 2013 Anna Ebiere Banner is in Indonesia at the moment for the 63rd edition of Miss World pageant. The Miss World contest is billed for September 28, at the Sentul International Convention Center and Nusa Dua, Indonesia. The 18 year old beauty has been busy mingling and having fun, from basking in the sun to a competitive sports challenge, to dinning at a luxe restaurant, feeding animals and lots more. It’s indeed a life changing experience for Anna and she is enjoying it to the fullest.
And I think she is absolutely gorgeous but in some pictures she blended in with the other ladies and I couldn’t spot her as easily. I hope that doesn’t work against her. I also think Anna is quiet short because she is competing in a contest where height is an advantage.

MGBN needs to go back and do some simple home work. How did we win with Former Miss World, Agbani Darego? What makes a stunning queen? We need to review why Agbani won the Miss World competition? She is a black beauty and she stood out wearing even the simplest of gowns and with her hair packed up.

Anna & Miss Ghana
No doubt, Anna is a pretty belle, but the world is looking for a black beauty. They are not looking for basic beauty, they are looking for extraordinary. They are judging African girls against others; they are looking for that smooth, dark velvet skin. Though not all Africans are dark skinned, but that’s the world perception of Africans.

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