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Wednesday, September 25, 2013


If one were to describe Amosun in one word, the word that best describes him is “luxury”. Amosun has taken his love for luxury and exquisite items to another level by making use of diamonds, swaroski and other precious stones in his every day design. The words “cheap” or “affordable” are words you can never find in Amosun’s vocabulary, let alone among his collections.Amosun is not your regular fashion designer, apart from designing glamorous and exquisite clothes and jewelry; he has taken his expertise to another level by extending it to designing luxury cuff links, phone cases, wallets, key chains, phone and phone accessories and most recently Champaign. Earlier this year Alex Amosun launched the world's most expensive champagne, worth £1.2million (N290m). (That's like N50million per glass!!!). The drink is termed 'Taste of Diamonds' and it was designed for Goût de Diamants. For now, it is unclear if any Nigerian has purchased the 'diamond drink' yet.  Amosun made his first one million pounds at the age of 25 and had his name in the Guinness book of records as the only designer to have designed the most expensive suit in the world.

The world most expensive suit is worth 70,000 pounds and had been showcased at a number of fashion shows both in Nigeria and internationally, including the Arise fashion week 2011. The suit was not showcased by a model, but was brought to the runway on a single rack accompanied by two security guards.  The fabric of this single-breasted suit is made from vicu wool; the most expensive wool in the world. The wool is scarce and made from the coats of muskoxen. It’s also threaded with 18-karat gold and its single button features pave set diamonds. This fantastic suit took a total of 80 hours to make.

 Amosun seems to have a fetish for pimping up cell phones and phone accessories, with some of his phones selling for as much as 10,000 pounds.
Amosun Couture specializes in the customization of prestigious and fashionable handsets, items of the latest technology, and luxury possessions. he transforms the ordinary into extraordinary by very delicately and expertly adding a variety of colours of Swarovski Crystallized Elements, combined with precious metals such as Platinum, Gold or Rose Gold (all of which are plated). His items simply ooze sheer opulence.
He exhibits a strong love for gem-studded phones and accessories and his apple and blackberry phones go for between £999.00 and £3750.00.
Asides from his fashion savvy and love for luxury, Amosun is also a talented business man who has a penchant for turning whatever he touches to gold. His exceptional business acumen made him to be recognized by CNN where he was interviewed by  Richard Quest.  Amosun’s love for luxury and opulence is also reflected in his social life as he loves to mingle with high flyers like P-Square, Jay-Jay Okacha, Obafemi Martins and Don Jazzy. He has also been interviewed and profiled by many international journals like dailymail UK and national telegraph among others.

Amosun is on Nigerian designer who has paid his dues as far as the fashion and business world is concerned. The Alexander Amosun pieces are items the common man can only wish and dream for and Amosun is unapologetic about this.

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