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Thursday, September 26, 2013


Omowunmi Akinnifesi is an ex-beauty queen and entrepreneur.  In 2005, she was crowned Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria. This title made her eligible to represent Nigeria at the Miss World pageant in china that same year. Omowunmi is one beauty queen that has won a lot of accolades and admiration from fans in Nigeria and abroad. Her angelic face and cherub smile makes almost everyone who comes in contact with her fall for her subtle charm. Omowunmi has been working her way to remain in the limelight and to raise her profile these past few years and she seems to be doing a very good job at it. The beauty queens’ looks and personality is one that can easily warm the heart of presents 5 reasons why we love her:

 1.       She is a style icon: Omowunmi is truly a style icon and little wonder she was awarded the style icon of the year in 2011 by Allure magazine at the Allure Style Awards. Omowunmi always steps out on the red carpet looking totally glam and well put together. She only patronizes the best of Nigerian designers and her hair and makeup is always on point. Gorgeous, charming, glamorous and sexy are a few words that that best describe this former beauty queen and Omowunmi never disappoints.
2.       She still affords to be in the limelight: Beauty queens come, beauty queens go, but only a few afford to stay relevant after their one year reign. Omowunmi is one beauty queen who has been making media buzz for one reason or the other, even years after her reign. A feat that boosted omowunmi’s celebrity status was when she appeared in Celebrity Takes 2 Dance, a dancing competition where she made first runner up. Omowunmi is also one celebrity most event organizers want at their shows, as she is always scoring invites to high class events like fashion shows, top comedy shows and award shows.

3.       She still maintains the healthy weight she was when she won MBGN in 2005. We all know that keeping the excess weigh away is not one easy deal, and God help you if you are not naturally petite, this will be one hard battle (just ask the Hollywood stars). Omowunmi has afforded to remain trim, elegant and maintain a naturally healthy weight. She once confessed that it has not been easy but it is a price worth paying. She says her routine include using the treadmill and a healthy diet which mostly consists of foods rich in fruits, grain and fibre.
4.       Loves her “books” is a known fact that Omowunmi  loves education. Unlike most of her counterparts in the industry who shoved education aside ones the tasks that come with wearing the crown and being a celebrity came, Omowunmi decided to take the bull by the horns when she made up her mind to complete her 1st degree. In 2008, Akinnifesi graduated from the University of Lagos with a degree in Geography and Regional Planning, She showed the world that she meant business when she went a step further to get a second degree.  In 2012, Akinnifesi obtained a Masters degree in Environmental Monitoring, Modelling, and Management from Kings College London.
5.       She loves her environmental ambassadorship status. In 2013, Omowunmi was awarded the honour of Lagos state environment ambassador. And for those who think she got the position through the back door, check out these facts: she studied geography and regional planning as a 1st degree in University; she has a second degree in Environmental Monitoring; and during her visit to China for the MBGW competition, she engaged in tree planting for the Chinese government. With all these in line, it is obvious the ex-beauty queen has a passion for the environment and the role is well deserved.

Here’s why we love her!

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