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Thursday, September 19, 2013


Are you one of those that are of the impression that glittery eye makeup is strictly for evening look?
Not at all! You can totally rock your glittery eye makeup during the day as well.
It is a known fact that glittery eye shadow is loud and draws a lot of attention to the wearer, so it is important it is worn with modesty. presents to you few tips to follow when applying your daytime glittery shadow.

·         First of all, apply a shade of brown eye shadow as base to the entire brow bone and lash area. Choose a colour that is a shade darker than your skin tone.
·         Then apply a darker shade of eye shadow just below the brow bone, over the entire lash area. This is to overshadow the effect of the glitter, so that the glitter colour can get a little ‘lost’ in the background colour.
·         Then chose your glitter colour. Stick to basic colours like gold, grey, green and turquoise. Apply on the lower lash and make sure it does not reach, let alone cover the second layer of eye shadow.
·         Get a huge powder brush and swipe off excess, from the inner eye to the outer area.
·         Keep the rest of your make up minimal. Choose a blush in a shade that is in the brown family, and not the red/pink family. Apply from the upper cheek bone and swipe backwards and outwards.
·         Line your lips with a dark pencil that is one or two shades darker than your lips and fill in with nude or pink lipstick.

You are good to go for your day time glitter eye makeup look! 

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