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Monday, September 23, 2013


Geometric patterns make perfect sense!  its bright, dizzying print, asymmetrical hem and contrast angles give it an instant cool factor. Geometric prints are prints that look angular and repetitive, resembling shapes like triangles, zigzags, hexagons, circles, squares, stripes or diamonds and are immediate eye catchers. The result is a seriously stylish outcome and their psychedelic boldness is perfect for women who like to stand out. Whether you choose to wear a head-to-toe look or simply want to incorporate a couple of right angles into your ensemble, you need to take a few things into account if you want to attract the right amount of positive attention.

The first rule of fashion that we learn about going geometric is not to go over the edge when combining patters. If you’re planning on wearing a colored geometric print, choose one color of that particular palette to put life into the other half of your outfit.  You’ve also got to be careful if you want to spice things up and add accessories as well. If you’re going to wear geometric-printed outfits, it is best you choose your accessories in a contrasting color or in the same tone as the one fitting into the overall palette of your clothes. As far as jewelry is concerned, don’t go over the top, but keep things simple by selecting bangles or other pieces in gold or silver, without carrying other embellishment such as rhinestones or heavy pendants.

Geometric prints are meant to be fun and exciting, so the best way to update your wardrobe and catch everyone’s attention is to integrate pieces decorated with lovely and wild geometry-specific shapes. Geometric prints are fun to play with because you can choose to match or clash prints.

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