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Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Confidence is defined as faith- absolute trust. It is also defined as belief in one's own or another's abilities. You see, we rise or fall to the level of our confidence .Jesus said to some sick people, "According to your confidence, so be it unto you." Confidence is a critical requirement for success. We cannot afford to see ourselves as victims of people or circumstances .We are victors. We must take charge and take control. 
Heb.10:35 says,"Therefore, do not cast away confidence which has great rewards. "Dear friend, being this weak with absolute confidence in God's ability to move on your behalf. The things which are impossible with men are possible with God. This week things will change for the better.           

Remember the story of David and Goliath in the Bible? Israel was in. a war situation with Philistine. And out of the Philistine camp came this giant, Goliath .He was so full of confidence is his size and ability he threw out a challenge. He wanted one soldier from Israel's camp who would fight him one on one. Who ever killed the other had won the battle for his country. Goliath's voice rang with a note of confidence; it sent shivers down the spines of Israel's soldiers. Not a single from Israel dared to step out. This went on for forty days until David showed up.
There was something different about David. Whereas all of Israel's soldiers were afraid, David was full of confidence. Eventually, he killed Goliath. David's confidence in God was the secret of his victory. What we believe is what we become.         

Confidence attracts miracles. It attracts the right kind of peoples into our lives. It enables us to attempt great things. And when we attempt great things we achieve great things. On the other hand, fear, worry and doubt are ingredients of failure. They attract negative people and negative circumstances into our lives. They guarantee defeat. To build confidence, we must get rid of fear, worry and doubt.

(Success Capsules are specially packaged inspiration messages adapted from the Success Power Radio Broadcast by Pastor Sam Adeyemi, a motivational speaker, teacher and the Senior Pastor of Daystar Christian Centre, Oregun, Lagos)

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