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Monday, September 30, 2013


Another 1st of October is upon us and what better way is there to celebrate our country's freedom than wearing one of the dominant colours of the flag. Be patriotic, after all some us sport the colour red on Valentine's day. Whether you are going for a green and White ball, a date, to the mall, movies or just hanging out with friends, presents  here are a few outfit suggestions to show you are in the independence mood.

Green dress: you can go all the way out to celebrate the day by wearing a green sun dress or chiffon dress. This will give you an aura of class and sophistication.

Green blouse : a green blouse Paired with a white or black bottom is also another great look for the day. Get a sleek trendy blouse and you are on your way to go.

Green accessories : if you are a little bit coy about the colour green, you can do just a touch of it by sporting green jewellery. Either earrings, a huge cocktail ring or a bracelet will still reflect the mood.

Green belt: a slim waist belt or chunky tummy belt is another great way to do a touch of green. Because in some cases, less is more.

Green nail polish: here is another great option, you can show your love for your country via your fashion sense without even wearing a single item in green. You can do your nails in a cool shade of green. This will sure draw attention, as it will contrast with your outfit. 

While you get creative with your wardrobe, here's wishing you a happy independence celebration. 

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  1. Nice one... Green everything, but its a ladys thing sha, we guys would just rock our regular jeans and football jersey>>>

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