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Thursday, October 24, 2013


Lola Maja in Brazilian Weave
Lola Maja is a Nigerian celebrity makeup artist who has been practicing for several years now. Her work has exposed her to several projects which include Nollywood Blockbusters like “The figurine” and “turning point.” She has also worked on the set of musical videos like Wizkid's - "Tease Me" & "Hollar at your boy" , Banky W’s “Lagos Party” & "Follow You Go",  Lami's "Over",  ElDee's "One Day" and "Only One",  Omawumi’s “Today na Today” and Dr Sid’s “Something about You” .  
Her new look
Lola is one fashionable lady who always looks well put together on the red carpet. Recently, Lola has been seen without her usual long Brazilian weave; but sporting her natural hair dyed in two colours: a neony/yellowish orange hue. Although yellow and orange are two colours which come immediately after each other on the rainbow and most colour palettes, both shades crate a sharp contrast and give the wearer a fierce look and looks great on Lola’s skin tone.
Lola seems to have taken her inspiration from American 80’s singer, Cyndi Lauper who was famous for her wild and weird looks than for her talent.. The ‘girls just wanna have fun’ singer always paired her hairstyle with crazy looking clothing and accessories both on and off stage.

 She was known for changing her hair regularly, sometimes having it styled specifically for record covers. Her styles throughout the '80s were an uneven cut, with the hair hanging below her shoulder on the right and shaved on the left, with black colored roots and shaved areas and flame red locks, with hair cut into a bob style, bleached white with a black patch on the front and teased to stand on end to create extra volume.
Today, many of these hairstyles from the 80s are making an appearance again, with youths incorporating more and more of it into their everyday style.
Cyndi's Lauper
Will Lola grow her hair to long and keep the two coloured hair style, leading to a rock star look like Cyndi’s, or is it just a phase she will eventually get over and return to her weaves?
Which hair style do you prefer on Lola? Long Brazillian weave or Her Cyndi Lauper inspired look?

1 comment:

  1. I love her new look. Weaves are soooo boring, everyone has them same old same old. Glad to see something different. Guess she wanted to change it up after having two kids. Wish I was that brave. I just had a baby and I've gone back to braids. Who has the time!!