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Tuesday, October 8, 2013


Agbani Darego
The elite model look held last week at the Eko hotel in Lagos and was greatly attended by lots of celebrities, socialites and fashionistas from all over.
Though the event has come and gone, people are still talking about it and I can’t resist as well, what with the variety of fashion tastes that was recorded on the run way.
Let’s have some fun as we do a style recap on what the celebrities looked like.
What some people may fail to realize is that asides from the outfit you rock on the red carpet, other important factors to make you glow include your hair, makeup and posture. Yes, the posture you put on for the paparazzi is equally important and adds to the grace, carriage and elegance of the dress you wear. Bad posture can mar the total outlook of a great outfit so, dig in and see who got it right or wrong outfit, hair, makeup and posture wise.

The former Miss world rocked a smashing Herve Leger dress but did not do it justice with her hairdo. Her hair would have looked better if it were let down or done into a side sweep and her makeup is rather bland.
Hair/makeup: 40%  Outfit: 90% Posture: 80% Total average:70%


Bola Balogun
Bola Balogun is a fashionable lady but did not get it right this time. Her Tiffany Amber two piece suit could have easily passed off as a pair of pajamas.
Hair/makeup: 60%  Outfit: 30% Posture: 50%  Total average:47%


Bridget Awosika
Whatever Bridget is wearing, I am not feeling, but fortunately for her she got her posture right. 
Hair/makeup: 60%  Outfit: 30%  Posture: 70% Total average:53%


Caroline Danjuma
Caroline Danjuma looks simple and in place. Her petite figure makes the rompers work.
Hair/makeup: 70%  Outfit: 70%  Posture: 70%  Total average:70%
Eku Edewor: Eku is one lady who gets it right most of the time but I just don’t know why she went wrong on this particular day.
Hair/makeup: 70%  Outfit: 30% Posture: 50% Total average:50%


Gbemi Olateru
Gbemi’s dress is revealing too much skin. Her makeup is overboard and her hair is also not working for her. Her total look adds about 10 years to her age and she could have almost passed for a drag queen.  
Hair/makeup: 30%  Outfit: 40% Posture: 50% Total average:40%

Kunbi Oyelese
Two words describe Kunbi’s look: classy and elegant. Her black outfit subtly neutralized with gold accessories is totally working.
Hair/makeup: 80%  Outfit: 80% Posture: 70% Total average:77%

Mo Abudu
Although Mo’s Givenchy dress was hailed and applauded by many, it just does not do it for me, maybe it’s the fitting or the overly busy geometric patterns of the dress. The TV mogul also has a thing or two to learn about striking a pose. Her hair and makeup are however on point.
Hair/makeup: 80%  Outfit: 50%  Posture: 50%  Total average:60%

Ono Bello
Ono is a true fashionista, but this particular picture looks rather stiff, almost like a mannequin.
Hair/makeup: 70%  Outfit: 70%  Posture: 50%  Total average:63%

Oyin Adenuga
Oyin looks great and on point, the only issue I have with the outfit is that it looks like a dress I will wear to work or church, and not for a fashion event. Otherwise, she looks cool.
Hair/makeup: 80%  Outfit: 60%  Posture: 60%  Total average:67%

Ruth Osime
Hum, I don’t want to say much, but I could do hours on Ruth’s look. For a style editor of a reputable publication, she totally missed it. Top, pants and neck piece are all ill-fitting.
Hair/makeup: 40%  Outfit: 30%  Posture: 30%  Total average:33%

Tiwa Savage
Tiwa’s look was a miss this time. Her dress does not look nor fit well, neither do her shoes.
Hair/makeup: 60%  Outfit: 40%  Posture: 60% Total average:53%

Veronika Ebie- Odeka
Veronica looks perfect and well put together. For me, it’s a win.
Hair/makeup: 70%  Outfit: 70%  Posture: 70%  Total average:70%

Isio Wanagho
And we have a winner! Isio’s dress is simple yet classy, her hair and makeup is super gorgeous, and her posture, I am so in love with and can give nothing less than a hundred! A true model living up to her name you go girl!
Hair/makeup: 90%  Outfit: 80%  Posture: 100% Total average:90%

Photo Credit: Bella Naija

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  1. I totally agree with you on the isio girl. she really rocked the dress, hair and posture well. as for oyin adenuga, the super rich are not always loud in their dressing. they will rather keep it simple, the money will still smell on them anyway. that is how her sister bella also is