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Monday, November 4, 2013


Chipped nails send a clear message: You're not mindful of your appearance. It gives you an unkempt look and can mar even a great looking appearance. A good nail polish should be able to last for at least 7 days. presents to you tips to ensure a fresh looking long lasting manicure.

USE GOOD QUALITY NAIL POLISH: Low quality nail polish does not contain all the necessary ingredient s and easily chip once the nails come in contact with water. There are so many fancy looking nail polishes in the market that it may be hard to tell which is good  and which is sub standard. To be on the safe side it is best to stick with known brand names like Sally Hansen, L’oreal, Maybeline etc. and ensure your purchase is made from a reliable store.

GROW YOUR NAILS: Experience has it that the longer the nails, the longer the nail polish will last. Eat foods rich in vitamins and calcium to ensure strong healthy nails. Cook food with lots onions and garlic as these ingredients help nourish nails.

WEAR PROTECTIVE GLOVES: Wear protective gloves when doing chores that will keep your hand in water for more than 5 minutes as water is one of finger nails greatest enemies. Surgical gloves are cheap but don’t last long, rubber gloves are better investment. They could be quite comfortable if you get your size.

USE NUDE/PINKISH POLISH: Use nude/pinkish polish: before you grab that bright lacquer you spotted on your friend, remember that chips are less obvious on nude shades use a nail polish that is close to the colour of your fingernails. Even when the polish starts to chip, it will not be too obvious, unlike when you use bright sparkly colours.

INVEST IN A GOOD QUALITY TOP COAT: Invest in a good quality top coat. There are different kinds of top coat. The best kinds keep the nail color locked in for longer than they would ordinarily have.

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