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Friday, November 8, 2013


Beverly Naya
The celebration of Nollywood at 20 held at Intercontinental Hotel in Lagos recently. LOT to learn about how to get it right on the red carpet. You see, a Genevieve Nnaji or a Stephanie Linus will have a stylist or designer dress her for a red carpet show or any major outing, but a Yollywood actress will just dive into her wardrobe, or hit a Boutique and shop off the rack. In other words, anything goes.
Expectations were quite high and fashion followers expected it to be another Nigerian version of the Oscars, or at least a mini-Oscars; where celebrities will turn out en mass and wow with their choice of outfit.  Only a few did, and we can count them on one finger. But one point that was glaring and screaming at the event was that, the Yoruba arm of Nollywood, (which I have coined Yollywood) have quite A
Let’s take another look at how the stars fared in their hair/makeup, outfit and posture, and hope those that missed it get it right next time.

Beverly looks awesome! The style and C-cut of the dress are a perfect fit for her and her skin tone looks great under black. I also adore her gold cross earrings, gold pointy heels and gold bracelet. Also love that she chose to rock braids as against the conventional Brazilian weave.
Hair/makeup 80%            Outfit 90%           Posture 80%       Total average 83%

Clarion’s black dress looks good and is also age appropriate for her, the only thing I have against it is the red patches, which totally spoil the dress’ look and make it look immature.
Clarion Chukwura

Hair/makeup 65%            Outfit 50%           Posture 60%       Total average 58%

Doris’s dress is just ok, only it is not sitting too well on her. It also looks badly tailored. I am also not too fond of the idea of the matching bag and shoe.
Doris Simeon
Hair/makeup 70%            Outfit 60%           Posture 65%       Total average 65%

The only thing good about this appearance are her purse and shoes. And well, her posture.
Ebube Nwagbo
Hair/makeup 60%            Outfit 50%           Posture 70%       Total average 60%

Her dress has too much going on. It would have looked a bit better if the top were plain and not animal print.
Empress Njamah
Hair/makeup 70%            Outfit 65%           Posture 80%       Total average 71%

Genny’s dress is awesome and a perfect fit, only flaw is the tiny tummy bulge.
Genevieve Nnaji
Hair/makeup 80%            Outfit 90%           Posture 80%       Total average 83%

Love, love, love Ibinabo’s dress! She is really proving that she has spent time the industry and knows what it take to get it right on the red carpet. If only she had gotten her hair right… we also see a tiny tummy bulge.
Ibinabo Fiberesima
Hair/makeup 65%            Outfit 90%           Posture 70%       Total average 75%

Iyabo surprised me with her look this time. For a Yollywooder, this look is a great improvement on her previous outings, though her outfit is not quite red carpet appropriate but it is well composed and looks great, plus her shoes rock. And her makeup is also well co-ordinated. Unlike the Iyabo we are used to.
Iyabo Ojo
Hair/makeup 70%            Outfit 70%           Posture 65%       Total Average 68%

Another yollywooder that has a few lessons to learn. Liz’s dress has way too much going on and why on earth would she wear a chunky necklace on a heavily embroidered dress?
Liz Anjorin
Hair/makeup (no hair is showing because of her new found faith, so we will have to go with makeup alone) 70%         Outfit 50%                Posture 60%       Total average 60%

An upcoming actress who still has a lot to learn from her predecessors. That jumpsuit is an outfit I will wear to visit a friend, and definitely not to a red carpet show. Give it a year or two; we expect to see an improvement.
Mary Uranta
Hair/makeup 40%            Outfit 30%           Posture 50%       Total average 40%

We love the fact that Ngozi got her groove back after recuperating, but please, why wear slippers to the show?
Ngozi Nwosu
Hair/makeup 80%           Outfit 50%          Posture 50%       Total average 60%

Oge’s look is neither here nor there.
Oge Okoye
Hair/makeup 60%            Outfit 65%           Posture 70%       Total average 65%

Rita Dominique
Rita’s look is simple yet classy. Her signature frizzy hair is also a plus to her total look.
Hair/makeup 70%           Outfit 75%           Posture 70%      Total average 72%

Another Yollywood actress murdering it on the red carpet. And those frills are anything but mature.
Ronke Ojo
Hair/makeup 60%            Outfit 40%           Posture 45%       Total average 48%

I am really delighted to see Aunty Sola, wonderful actress, one of the best in the industry, both English and Yoruba. I really love her, but I am sorry, her outfit is a NO! It simply looks like a wrapper that was slung over the shoulder. It does nothing for her and the visible lining makes matters worse. The dress also seems too loose and looks like it could fall off at any moment.
Sola Sobowle
Hair/makeup (no visible hair, so we will go with makeup alone) 65%        Outfit 30%           Posture 60%
Total average 51%

Queen of the runway and red carpet. Her experience in the industry must have taught her a lot and it is paying off. Go Mrs. Linus!
Stephanie Linus
Hair/makeup 70%            Outfit 85%           Posture 80%       Total average 78%

And the winner of this episode of style recap is…. Looks like we have a tie between Beverly and Genevieve. If we were going by just the outfit, Ibinabo would have been the winner, but hair, makeup and posture also matter a lot, and these were the areas that marked her down.
Now between Beverly and Genny… I’ll go with Beverly. Keep it up darl!

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