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Monday, November 11, 2013


We all love long, fluffy and sexy looking eyelashes and fashionable women all over the world have devised means of achieving this. Some employ the use mascara, and mascaras have improved over the years: there are volumizing, lengthening and also sparse control mascara. There are even some that promise the effect of x10 volume.
 Another way of enhancing eye lashes is attaching artificial lashes. This can be done at almost any salon and are not too pricy.

Of recent, beauticians have gone steps further and introduced semi-permanent lashes, which costs about N10,000. There is also the human hair/natural looking lashes, also popularly called Kim Kardashian lashes which cost as much as N25, 000 to get it fixed. gathered that the newest way of increasing the length and volume of eyelashes is by applying as Eyelash growth serum. If you aren’t yet aware of this increasingly popular method of achieving longer lashes, eyelash serums are formulas that are topically applied to the base of your lower and upper lashes. They are used on sparse, thin eyebrows and an increase in length and volume is visible within a period of two to four weeks.

But is this formula safe? While prescription eyelash serums are often formulated with prostaglandin, a hormone that can cause side effects such as darkened irises (potentially irreversible) and blurred vision, more and more companies are developing safer, non-prescription alternatives that deliver impressive results.

Most non-prescription formulas are hormone and paraben-free.  Instead, they’re formulated with polypeptides, amino acids, and conditioning ingredients to help rejuvenate lashes and strengthen them against breakage.  So, you still get longer, fuller, darker-looking lashes, without the negative side effects.

So would you close your eyes to the side effects of the serum and get permanently long lashes?  

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