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Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Pastor Sam Adeyemi

Text: Genesis 41:14, 39-45

Heaven has approved for you to be upgraded. The word “upgrade” means increase and improvement. If God promises you an upgrade, it means that this time next year, you will not be the same size; you will be many times greater than your current size. Almost every year, car manufacturers come up with new models which are an improvement on the previous models. In the New Year, you will experience changes for the better.

 An upgrade means you are equipped with ideas and abilities to solve problems in new ways. An upgrade means improved health, career, academics, accommodation and status. An upgrade also means an improvement in privileges, for example, when you receive a cabin upgrade from economy class to first class. As Isaac dug again the wells that his father had dug before him, the Philistines contended with him over and over and he moved on till they left him alone.

In this New Year, whoever is contending with you over anything will be left there (Genesis 26). A person blessed by God does not operate by luck – a game of chances. There is nowhere in the Bible where the word “luck” is mentioned. An upgrade also means an incline that is going up in the direction of movement, that is, forward and up. An upgrade also means a promotion to a higher rank.
Heaven has approved that you should be upgraded to a higher level (Genesis 26:22). In this New Year, you are coming to your place of rest, a place where you will flourish and be fruitful.

In this New Year, your responsibility is to believe God’s promises and declaration (Luke 1:45). This year, you will experience enlargement on a new level. You will experience an upgrade in your spiritual rank, status and authority (Luke 4:14). People will be astonished because you will speak with authority. Authority is enforced with words (Matthew 8:8). You will now be able to move, with words, things you could not move before. Whatever you say will come to pass.

Therefore, do not speak words carelessly – to yourself and to others. This year, you will experience an upgrade of divine favour over your life (Psalm 44:3 MSG). This New Year, delay is finished. Some will experience an upgrade in their marital status. You will also experience an upgrade in your sphere of influence (Genesis 41:37-45 MSG).

Make a commitment to follow Jesus so that He makes you a sign and a wonder to your generation. The apostles were ignorant and unlearned fishermen who, within the space of three years, began to shake the world and make a difference. When people see you, they will be convinced that God lives (Matthew 4:19; Acts 4:13). You will not serve Jesus in vain. This New Year, upgrade your commitment to Christ. Stop playing church, do not engage in gimmicks and stop scheming your way. Trust God absolutely! He is not one of your options; He is the only Way. Take risks in obedience to God. Total abandonment to God is required of you. Follow Jesus, He will make you! Follow Jesus, He will upgrade you (Proverbs 13:13; Psalm 119:162; Jeremiah 15:16).

(Pastor Sam Adeyemi is the Senior Pastor of Daystar Christian Centre, a fast growing, life changing church committed to “raising role models” based in Lagos. He is also the President of Success Power International, an NGO that among others things specializes in organizing financial, leadership and motivational seminars and is President of Daystar Leadership Academy, a leadership school for business owners and ministers of the Gospel.)

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