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Monday, May 26, 2014


Merlisa Determined is a multifaceted International Award Winning Actress, TV Personality that displays great versatility, dedication and enthusiasm for her craft. Merlisa is the Host of Caribfest TV (One of the largest Caribbean Festivals in North America) as well host Caribbean Vybez TV: shows seen throughout the Caribbean Islands and on local TV networks in the United States.
Since crossing over into the world of Film in 2010 Merlisa is known to be a Top Nollywood USA actor. She has been featured as one of the lead/supporting characters in several films. With a few more projects lined up to be completed in the U.S., U.K. and Africa, Merlisa has her focus set on exploring and sharing her talent over seas. Her latest interest tilts towards Cameroon, Africa playing the lead in "Pink Poison Reloaded" first part of movied kicked off in Washington D.C. and will be completed in Africa.

Merlisa has found a new passion; next plan of action is to travel the African continent in hopes of spreading this same message to the masses, as well as pushing forward with her Acting career. Merlisa is also involved in several organizations such as Insurmountable Women, The Caribbean Carnival, Villagers Club, St. Lucian Association etc. that donate and give assistance to different countries in crisis.

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