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Friday, June 20, 2014


Founder and General Superintendent of the Deeper Life Bible Church, Pastor Kumuyi has featured in a new gospel movie titled, Snare valued at about £1 million (N270 million).
Pastor Kumuyi allegedly played the role of a preacher in the movie, alongside native and international actors such as Branston Cosby, Steven Baldwin and Phil Tan Carl Cameron.
The movie was created in honour of late Hubert Adedeji Ogunde, a Nigerian Actor, playwright, Theatre Manager and musician who died 24 years ago. presents to you the team behind the blockbuster movie.

David Ogunde became Christian in 1979 after many years in Hubert Ogunde theatre (his father\'s company) where he participated in theatre performances throughout the coast of West Africa, England and Canada. The troupe represented Nigeria in performances at the Apollo Theatre, Canada and Madison Square Garden in New York. His father Chief (Dr) Hubert Ogunde was the doyen of the Nigerian Theatre and film making and hosted and featured in the production of 'Mister Johnson' starred by Pierce Brosnan.
David Ogunde
David heard the call of God to preach the gospel through the making and showing of Christian films. He then started and led ‘The Word Production' a Christian theatre ministry for eight years. This ministry's anointed and powerful performances impacted Christian audiences all over Nigeria leading many to know and love the Lord even to this day.
David Ogunde has over thirty years of relationship with churches. He is an evangelist and deliverance minister and has held many church revivals and outreaches in Nigeria, England and America. David also studied at the National Film and Television School in Buckinghamshire, England. He started the Global Film Missionary Alliance (Globalfilma), the European Unit in 1995 and researched and wrote ‘The Snare'. Apart from being an IT consultant, he is a writer, producer, director and Avid editor.
David is currently directing 'The Snare', a Christian movie in the UK which is expected to draw souls to Christ and educate and challenge people to seriously study Bible prophecy in relation to the current political and economic trends in the world today.

As a teenager, Rose Marie had a strong love for acting and directing. Following the inclination of her heart, she entered college to study in the field she loved. She graduated from CaseWestern ReserveUniversityin Cleveland, Ohiowith a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and Theater.

Rose Ogunde
After the unconditional love of God became real in Rose Marie's life, she accepted Christ into her heart in January 1982. During the years that followed, Rose Marie continued to have a strong leaning towards acting and film. She was heartbroken and concerned that it was not possible to borrow Christian videos or films off the shelf from the regular block buster video and other rental video stores. Christian films and videos are only made available upon request and are not put on display. This meant that non-Christians could not casually or accidentally pick them off the shelf like they did their secular counterparts. She believes that Christian videos, films etc should be freely available to the general public. The Lord gave her and David the vision to produce Christian films on a regular basis that acknowledge and confirm the teachings of the Bible and to fill the entertainment vacuum for Christian families and new converts as well as use them as an evangelistic tool to draw souls to Christ.

Clemmie a native of Denver Colorado, USA was born to Mableine and Clemmie Scott Sr.  His parents became members of Jordan Chapel AME Church in November of 1959 where he grew up. As a youth he served in his church as a member of the junior usher board, Youth choir, Young Peoples Department President, and Church Conference Delegate.
Clemmie Scott
He married Pamela Jenkins Gibson in December of 1979 and they moved to Georgia in 1986. They became members of Zion Baptist Church in Roswell where Clemmie served as a Deacon for five years. He received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit in 1992 in which God anointed him and called him to the ministry office of Teacher and Prophet. He was led by the Holy Spirit to Christ Fellowship of Atlanta where he served the Lord as the Director of the Life-Group (home care) ministry.  Clemmie and Pamela have three children. They currently attend Victory World Church and serve as Ancient Paths Facilitators and V-Group Ministry leaders.

r. Johnson Adefila is an Architect and a man of the cloth by calling. He has experience in architectural practice, during which he was privileged to participate in project management and the design and construction development of some Elementary and High School projects for Fulton and DeKalb Counties in the State of Georgia USA. His experience includes but is not limited to the development of Churches, renovation of Grady Hospital (the largest trauma center in the South East USA), North Side Hospital Women\'s Pavilion in Dunwoody Georgia and the Olympic Tennis Stadium in Stone Mountain Georgia.
In addition to working in the private sector as an architect, he worked as a Field Engineer Principal in the Infrastructure Planning Department of the City of Atlanta, Georgia supervising the installation of sewer pipes and remediation projects (Shadow Lawn, Utoy Creek, Tenth Ward (Phases V & VI) and Pine Meadows Sewer Projects).
Johnson Adefila is currently a Zonal Coordinator (GA-1) and Parish Pastor of RCCG Family Praise Chapel in Decatur Georgia.

Pastor Moses Jijoho GBENU was born in Lagos, Nigeria and currently lives in Ibadan, Nigeria.  Pastor Moses is married to Moni and they have 4 sons.
Pastor Gbenu attended Ogun State University, Nigeria from 1982 and obtained a Bachelor of Arts in English in 1986.  He then attended University of Ibadan in 1991 and completed his master’s program in 1992 with an MA in English.  In 1997 he attended Haggai Institute for Advanced Leadership, Hawaii, USA.
Pastor Gbenu has held several Christian Leadership positions.  He was the Pastor to Gethsemane Chapel of Life, Ibadan from 1996 to 2002; He attended Christ the King Police Chapel, Eleyele, Ibadan, from 1999 to 2002. He became an International faculty member in 1999 for Haggai Institute for Advanced Leadership, Singapore where he continues to lecture to date.
Pastor Gbenu was also in the Ministry of Eternal Affairs, International Institute for Specialized Evangelism and Christ Ministry of Home Affairs - (A prayer ministry to single adults who have delay in marriage and couples who have delay in childbearing). He has also been involved in writing and publishing. 

Pastor (Mrs) Bimpe Ejechi had a long and distinguished career as a qualified Personal Assistant after graduating from Isleworth Polytechnic, London in 1963.  She spent the majority of her career working between England and Nigeria.  Roles included Mobil Oil and Esso Standard in Nigeria and Bow Water Packaging, University College Hospital and Rank Xerox in London. She also held Directorships at Ejechi Consulting Company and City Rentals Ltd.
 Pastor Bimpe began her relationship with Jesus Christ in June 1983 and since that time the Lord has been her good shepherd and has been using her as a vessel to spread the good news of His Kingdom. She attended Liberty Bible School in London 1993 - 1994.  She was married to the former Head of Protocol at Foursquare Gospel Church Headquarters, Yaba Nigeria, the late Augustine Ojinze Ejechi and has several children.  She retired from her secular work as a Care Coordinator in 2003. In 2007 she answered the call of the Lord to minister specifically on counseling and intercession and in 2008 she was ordained as a Pastor by Foursquare Gospel Church, UK. She is the Senior Pastor at The Watering House, Foursquare Gospel Church, West London.

Segun Adewusi is 3D animation specialist. He currently handles some of the animation side of the project.  Segun studied general art in Yaba College of Technology in Nigeria and went on to complete a BA in business at Thames Valley University and a postgraduate degree in Computer Science from Metropolitan University, London.  In the UK he has worked for Rank Xerox, Canon Inc and Sony Ericsson.  Segun developed a passion for 3d modelling and animation and did some training in these areas.  He also works as a quality assurance engineer in Oxford, UK.

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