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Wednesday, July 30, 2014


Mrs Funso-Adebayo ‘Ponmile (OJULOGE)

The name Kalu-Ikeagwu is not strange to the ears of most Nigerians who love Nollywood movies. ‘Kalu Ikeagwu’ , the handsome actor now supports youth empowerment in Film Making a program called Excellence In Entertainment Workshop (EIE), which is organized by Stride Media And Entertainments annually. Speaking to the MD/CEO of Stride Media and Entertainments Mrs Funso-Adebayo ‘Ponmile (OJULOGE), who is also the MD/CEO of a leading Makeup and Beauty outfit in Lagos (OjulogeARTS World) she has this to say:

Question: What is ‘Excellence In Entertainment Workshop’?
Answer: EIE Workshop is an annual workshop to expose the Youths to various money spinning aspects in the entertainment industry , with the immense support we are getting from the likes of Kalu-Ikeagwu, Ayo Badmus, Felicia Anderson and other notable names in the industry,  we hope to be able to train a minimum of 2000 Lagos Youths in the skills of Film Making.
Kalu Ikeagwu
Question: Why did you choose Mr. Kalu Ikeagwu to partner with you on this project?
Answer: We just finished producing a movie recently which shall soon be premiered and Mr. Kalu is a main actor there. While on set, he talked about the Youths a lot and I saw that he is very passionate with developing the youths in the entertainment industry. So I told him about this project and he was quite excited about it and here we are. Moreso Mr. Kalu is loved by Nigerian youths for his exceptional acting skills, he is a vibrant youth himself, hence our attraction to partner with him on EIE. Mr. Ikeagwu is also one of a kind, as he is extremely ardent about Youth Empowerment in Nigeria. EIE is scheduled to hold for a day in each of these Lagos State Training centers:

Question: Is this the first edition?
Answer: No this is actually the 2nd edition and we plan to do this annually.The first edition held last year, when we trained youths in Cinematography and editing.

Question: Who are the supporters of this program and how much support have you got so far?
Answer: EIE (Excellence In Entertainment) Workshop is supported by Lagos State Government, Cadbury Nigeria Limited, Ohun Oodua Movies and Entertainments, THE WAY Foundation Abuja, Bola Akinboade Blog and TREVO and some notable media companies. We are also looking forward to support from other quarters however.

Questions Who are the facilitators of this Workshop and what will participants learn from them?
Answer:  Facilitators:
Kalu Ikeagwu: A well-loved Nigerian Actor with British background. He has various awards to his credits. He shall be talking on the topic ‘How to groom yourself as an actor and entertainer’. He shall also be sharing his own life experiences for our Youths to learn from.

Ayo Badmus: A trouper Award winning Nigerian Actor with Local and International recognition. He will be speaking on how ‘The challenges of an upcoming entertainer and how to overcome them’. Mr. Ayo Badmus shall also be sharing his life experiences in Nollywood.

Prince Adigun Adebola: Prince is the MD/CEO of Ohun Oodua Media and Entertainments, with a strong technical knowledge of tools and equipment in the entertainment industry. He will take participants through the knowledge of various equipment, that will be needed for shooting movies, documentaries, musical videos etc. He will be speaking on the topic ‘Tools and Equipment for the ART’. Participants will learn to see, touch and know how these equipment are used on location. Prince Adigun will also share his experiences as an equipment and technical expert in Nollywood.

Felicia Handerson: A seasoned entertainer,  she will be taking participants through the topic ‘Branding and Positive Positioning of Yourself in the Entertainment Industry’. She also will also be sharing her experiences in the industry.

Dr. Emmanuel Adepitan: A public Health consultant, Actor, Song writer, and executive producer of over 7 years. He will be talking about the topic ‘ Your Health as an Entertainer’.
Mobolaji Olatunde Oluwaseun: He is a young vibrant youth with core passion for entertainment. A graduate of The Film Institute (Jos) Cinematography major. He will be teaching hands on practical in Cinematography which is tagged ‘The Technology and ART of Using the camera’.

Yinka Sam-Aina: Mr. Yinka Sam-Aina is the MD/CEO of Xpression Audio-Visual Limited. He is an expert Director and video editor, having directed movies like Ewu l’oko Longe, Ode Ewo, Aiye Adesewa, THE GUIDE etc. He will be talking on the topic ‘Who You are As a Director’. 
Adetokunbo Oluyombo: Studied Mass communications at BABCOCK University. A vibrant youth, a professional Public Speaker and a young successful entertainment business guru in Nigeria. He shall be speaking on ‘The Role of Youths in Nigerian Entertainment’ 

Funso-Adebayo Dorcas : A seasoned movie producer and Scriptwriter. She will be speaking on the topic ‘From Paper to Screen : Screenplay to Movie Production’. She will be working with participants and showing them how to write a good script, how they can become creative to get ideas of new stories and how they can turn their scripts to Nollywood busters as a Producer. She will also share her experiences in the movie industry as a scriptwriter and movie producer.                                                         

 Question: When is this Workshop Coming up?
Answer: EIE is coming up at the following centers
Center                                                             Date                                        Time
Lagos State Ikeja Youth Center                     27th September 2014              12pm – 4pm
Lagos State Akinwunmi Youth Center          11th October 2014                  10am – 2pm
Lagos State Isheri Youth Center                    1st November 2014                 10am – 2pm
Lagos Ipaja Youth Center                              29th November 2014              12pm – 4pm   

Question: What is the purpose of the EIE Workshop?
Purpose of this Project:
1.         Skill Acquisition and Youth Empowerment: This is the first reason for this project. To expose our youths into diverse areas of entertainment, which they can profit from.
2.         Job Creation: It has been often said that 54% of Nigerian youths were unemployed in 2012 and this has speedily increased to more than 58% in 2013, this means that there are millions of jobless youths (even graduates) roaming about the streets. This has a negative economic influence on the nation. EIE Workshop hopes to create an avenue for participants to have their own means of livelihood.

3.         Increase In Youth Sanity And Decrease In Crime Rate: With the show of our young and successful facilitators at EIE, we hope to create hope and encouragements in the minds of our participants (Youths). This will encourage them to stay focused and work hard to earn high, rather than take to criminal ways of making their daily bread. It was said that in 2012 46,836 youths were recorded against different types of crimes, 42,071, representing 75.5% were males, while the remaining 24.5% were females, Among the 32 different crimes committed, Marijuana (Indian hemp) smoking has the highest figure, representing 15.7% of total crime. This was followed by theft and murder with 8.1% and 7.4%, respectively. The least committed crime was Immigration/Emigration representing 0.04%. 86.3% of all these crimes had an undertone of unemployment. With EIE Workshop, youths can be kept busy and useful to themselves and the society, increasing Youth sanity and reducing crime rates. The glaring consequence of neglecting the proper development of young people through proper education, impartation of work skills and adequate investment in their welfare through robust education, health and entrepreneurial programs such as EIE is to unconsciously breed a massive, redundant, counter-productive and rebellious population. This is neither good for the general growth and development of a society nor for purposes of internal security.

4.         Creating a Healthy Forum for Networking: It is no news that healthy networking is one of the greatest keys to success in life. EIE shall create a healthy and worthwhile avenue for these young talented Nigerian Youths to mingle and interact with other talented youths and the high and mighty in the Nigerian entertainment industry. This is a very rare opportunity, which can lead them to greater places even after the program.

5.         Building Young Entrepreneurs: EIE is not just an ordinary and usual empowerment program, but it is a unique workshop that is set and targeted at building up and creating the entrepreneurial ‘spirit’  in all our participants. With the topic ‘Branding and Positive Positioning of Yourself in the Entertainment Industry’ , we shall be opening the eyes of our youths to the fact that all they need to make it big in life lies within them. They shall be taught to be job creators with their God-Given artistic talents, rather than wait for what the government can do for them or a white colar job that may not suffice soon. 

6.         Platform for Talent Discovery: With the hands on practical and projects to be submitted at the end of the program, talented participants shall be discovered, these shall be given letters of recommendations as extremely talented entertainers, which they can present to producers to give them an edge above their competitors when the need arises. We shall also introduce them to worthy producers in the movie industry.

7.         Opportunities  for Youths to feature in Movies and Soaps:  An accurate data shall be kept of all participants, so that e-mails and SMS shall be sent to them whenever opportunities arise in the industry. Exceptional talented participants shall be immediately casted for  upcoming movie and soap roles.

Question: How can interested Participants register for this workshop?
Answer: They can register by visiting our office at Stride Media and entertainment 113 Ogudu Road, Ogudu GRA Junction ogudu along ojota Lagos State. Or visit the Lagos State Ministry of Youths Sports and Social Development office they can also call any of our hotlines 08033571919 and 08138457360.

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