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Monday, July 28, 2014


Followers of the happenings in the Nigerian entertainment scene would agree that female rapper and songwriter, Munachi Abii, has been absent from the music scene for a while. This became even moree obvious given the fact that the ex-Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria has not released any new work in recent times.
However, the rapper has given reason why she has not been very active on the music scene.
According to her, "I just decided to take a break. Its not every time you have to release songs; you have to take time out in-between. If you continue doing songs all the time, before you know it, you will crash and its happening to a lot of people right now, without them even knowing it.
"So I had to take some time away to study people, the environment and the music industry, so as to know those who love and hate me. I took a step back and it wasn't too long. I also used the time to work on my tracks and work on myself as well. So that is why I decided to keep quiet."

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