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Tuesday, September 2, 2014


What I am talking about are the potential long term affects that the active skin bleaching ingredients these companies are using in their products possess. One good example is an ingredient called Hydroquinone, which is the most common skin bleaching ingredient used.
It actually has been completely banned in the UK and other countries, because of the risks associated with it! 
Here is a list of just some of the potential long term risks cause by using Hydroquinone:

- Irritant contact dermatitis - which 70% of people who use Hydroquinone regularly are affected with.
- Hypopigmentation - which are permanently lightened spots or patches on your skin.
- Nail Discoloration known as Pseudo Yellow-Nail Syndrome.
- Conjuctival Pigmentation
- Corneal Melanosis and Degeneration (discoloration and deterioration of the eye)
- Peripheral Neuropathy
- Decreased skin elasticity
- Impaired wound healing

So, why are tons of companies selling these products??? Well, I am certainly no rocket scientist, but the answer I believe is pretty clear......MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Which really is.....well, rather sad.

So, with that said...the final decision on what you use on your skin is ultimately yours to make. This article is simply to make you aware and educate you of the potential risks associated with the chemical based products you can buy at your local stores.
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