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Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Sweet potatoes or yams are good food that everyone should include them in their diet. They contain the fiber which easily digests. Sweet potatoes are good food for the diabetic patients. They contain the vitamins fibers and carbohydrates .So they have many health benefits .Below are the some of the health benefits.
Working as Antioxidants:
 Sweet potatoes contain the beta carotene and vitamin A .It also contains the vitamin C. vitamin A and Vitamin C together works well as antioxidants to remove the dead blood cells in the body. These antioxidant properties prevent us from getting blood cancer and heart diseases.

 Anti cancer Food:
 Sweet potatoes or yams contain the carcinogen and beta carotene will helps to prevent the cancer by working as antioxidants in the body. Yams prevent the cancers like colonel cancer, blood cancer, kidney cancer etc.

 Anti-Inflammatory Agents:
 Yams contain the magnesium, zinc, vitamin B .They work as Anti inflammatory agents in the body

Easy Digestive food:
 Sweet potatoes contain the rich fiber they are helpful in the food digestion. Sweet potatoes are just starch and carbohydrates nothing more than that. So they are easily digestive mainly in mouth .They are also helpful in avoid the stomach ulcers.

Cure Congestion:
 Sweet potatoes contain the iron, vitamin C which are helpful in cure the congestion nose, lungs.

 Diet for Pregnancy women:
 Yams contain the folate , folic acid which are best supplements for the pregnancy women. This folic acid is much important for the baby’s formation and proper birth defect free baby. Yams do it for it’s folic acid.

Strong Muscles:
Yams contain the potassium which helps in building the muscles strong. Bananas are also rich sources of potassium.

Healthy heart:
 Sweet potatoes contain the potassium which is helpful in maintain the body fluid levels and electorate the blood levels in the body. they prevent the heart attacks and heart blocking problems.

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