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Wednesday, November 26, 2014


Nothing in life is dynamic until it becomes specific. This reflects a major difference between those who prosper and those who do not. Consider these steps;

DECIDE ON A DEFINITE GOAL: how much money do you plan to make this month? Many people are vague in their expectations for money.

DECIDE ON DEFINITE TIME FRAME: when are you going to get this amount of money? Give it a deadline. You do not really need to understand the details of how a principle works before you apply it.

DECIDE WHAT YOU ARE READY TO GIVE IN RETURN: people invented money to represent the value of their products or services. Money is only a reflection of value. If you have no product or services, then you are not entitled to any money. To add values, you must have skills, and you must serve with excellence.

THINK ABOUT YOUR GOAL EVERYDAY: human beings are living magnets. We always attract the physical equivalent of our most dominant thoughts per time. Try write your goals and deadline and stick them on a wall. It is important to keep your goals before you everyday.

WRITE DOWN YOUR GOALS: Real money is ‘thought money’, it is ideas. It has been well said, that the poor man is not the one who has no money but the one who has no ideas. Writing your goals gives your ideas the first opportunity to find expression in the material world.

(Sam Adeyemi, insightful teacher, leadership coach and author of several books on successful living, is the President of Success Power International. He hosts the radio and television programme ‘Success Power’ which is broadcast in Nigeria and many other nations. He also pastors Daystar Christian Centre, Lagos, Nigeria, a church with the vision of raising role models of excellence)   

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