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Thursday, November 20, 2014


Blemishes are usually caused due to sun, acne and clogged pores that leave some dark spots on the skin. No one likes such imperfection especially on the face and hence there are a variety of treatments based on the cause to remove these black spots. If you have problem skin, chances are you’ve tried hundreds of products that promise to provide you with a glowing complexion. While some of these cosmetics may be effective, everything doesn’t work for everyone. Also, acne-prone skin tends to be very sensitive, so you may have also experienced redness and the development of more blemishes if you’ve used cleansers and toners that were too harsh on your skin.
One fast way to get rid of blemishes is by using naturally made home remedies.  Following this tip will clear blemishes and make your face spotless and beautiful

Black soap is a natural cleanser made from the peel of plantain. It is a very old natural remedy that has been used by Africans for centuries and in recent times its popularity has spread all over the world. If you have skin issues like acne, oily skin and blemishes, black soap can work wonders for you. The soap exfoliates the skin and helps to lighten the skin and even the tone of your complexion, revealing beautifully radiant healthy skin cells. It also gets rid of acne, deep cleans and purifies the skin at a cellular level; helps even out dark spots and discoloration on the skin. Simply use the black soap as you would any facial cleanser to get rid of blemishes.

Honey naturally lightens the skin to get rid of blemishes and breakouts. This sweet ingredient is antibacterial and immediately removes infection from the face to help dry up whiteheads and blackheads. To use this natural remedy, simply put a little honey on a spoon and use a Q-tip to dab the ingredient directly on blemishes. Let the honey stay on your face for about 10 minutes before washing it off with a mild cleanser. You can use this natural blemish-fighting remedy about three times a week.

Egg whites have healing qualities which help to reduce scars and marks. The sulfur in egg whites helps to dry up blackheads and whiteheads to create a clear complexion. The egg also has the ability to tighten the skin and prevent new blemishes from forming.
To use this method, simply separate the egg white from the yolk. Whip egg whites with a little water and apply to the face as a mask. You can use a cotton swab, cotton ball, or simply your fingers to apply the egg white to your skin. Leave the solution on your face before rinsing with cool water. If you have oily skin, you can use this treatment every two days or so to keep your skin blemish-free.

The natural astringent and antibacterial properties of lemon juice are great for clearing up skin. Applying lemon juice to your face works much like a chemical peel, since the citric acid helps to get rid of dead skin layers to lighten the skin and make the complexion brighter and more youthful. You can squeeze the juice from half a lemon into a bowl and brush the solution onto your face, or mix lemon juice with an egg white and a little honey for an anti-blemish facial mask that can clear up acne and make your complexion more attractive.

If you want to lighten dark spots on your skin and even your complexion, lemongrass can definitely help. This essential oil has a bright and invigorating scent that helps to wake up your senses and the antiseptic properties of the oil help to get rid of skin impurities fast. Since lemongrass oil is especially potent, it’s best to put a few drops in a bottle of witch hazel and use the solution as an anti-blemish toner.

Lavender is a relaxing essential oil that also has the ability to naturally remove skin infections. Lavender also lightens blemishes and helps to get rid of cyst-like acne. You can also mix the lavender with witch hazel to create a toner, and you can even spray the solution on your pillow to fight blemishes while you sleep.

Apple Cider Vinegar has antibacterial properties, as well as antifungal properties. It is very powerful though, so you might want to dilute it when you use it, at least at first. Just apply a small amount to your skin, but make sure that you choose pure, undiluted vinegar for best results.

Baking soda is a great option for clearing up blemishes, it’s cheap, it’s natural, and it doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals or other ingredients. The benefits of baking soda are many: it exfoliates, it reduces inflammation, and it clears up skin. All you have to do is use warm water and baking soda to make a paste. Then, apply the paste to your skin like a mask. Leave it on for up to an hour, and then rinse. You will be amazed at the results.

Shea butter has the natural ability to shield the skin from free radicals that can cause blemishes. The natural skin moisturizer can also protect your complexion from the harsh rays of the sun to keep new blemishes from forming. Simply apply pure Shea butter to your skin after cleansing and toning your face for glowing skin. There are also shea butter varieties that have lavender or lemongrass oil in them so that bacteria can be effectively removed from the face while Tea

Tee tree oil is a very common home remedy for many conditions, but especially for acne and other skin conditions. Tea tree oil is able to break up clogged pores, clear out dead skin cells,and keep acne from coming back. To use tee tree oil for acne, mix one part oil to six to nine parts water, depending on how strong you want the mixture to be. Apply directly to the skin using cotton balls,and leave it on for around 30 minutes. You can moisturize afterwards, but be sure that you never use tea tree oil undiluted; you’re adding moisture to your complexion.

Papaya is a very common acne treatment ingredient in high end skincare products. You can get the same benefits without spending the cash! All you have to do is mash up the flesh of the papaya to form a paste or a lotion consistency, and apply directly to the skin. You can leave it on for up to 30 minutes, then rinse and moisturize.

Oatmeal is a natural exfoliant that removes dead skin cells from your face and keeps your pores from being blocked with oil and debris, which can lead to blemishes. This ingredient is especially effective for exfoliating skin that is sensitive and tends to dry out easily. Mix a little oatmeal with whole or 2% milk and apply the mixture directly to your face to rid the skin of breakouts and blemishes. The milk contains lactic acid, which lightens the skin and helps to prevent and reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

Yogurt is rich in lactic acid to help get rid of fine lines and make the skin look younger. This nutritious food brightens the skin naturally and reveals a new, fresh layer of skin. Plain, sugar-free yogurt is best for creating a natural facial mask. The yogurt can also be mixed with oatmeal for more exfoliating power or with lemon juice to activate the natural cultures in the yogurt, which makes the natural remedy more effective for getting rid of acne blemishes.
Aside from being a natural laxative, castor oil can also make the skin blemish-free. You can use the oil as a facial wash by rubbing a quarter-size amount onto the skin and rinsing with warm water. Mixing a little of the oil in your favorite juice and drinking it a few times a week promotes regularity, which removes impurities from the body and keep new blemishes and breakouts from forming.

Coconut oil is a powerful ingredient that will help you get rid of blemishes in a short amount of time. The Caprylic acid in the oil lifts impurities from the skin and has the ability to lighten the skin in just a few week’s time. You can use coconut oil to shield the skin from the sun before spending time at the beach, or use it as a night cream so that you’ll wake up to an even complexion.

Yes, it’s simple, but it works. By drinking 10-12 glasses of water per day, you can flush most, if not all, impurities out of your body. Also, you can boil a pot of water, and place a towel over the pot and your head to get the benefits of steam. Steam can help to open the pores and flush out the impurities. As you can see, water can be beneficial in multiple ways when it comes to getting rid of blemishes.

(Bola Akinboade-Bello is a lifestyle blogger, fashion designer and beauty therapist/cosmetologist. She started her journey into the fashion and beauty industry as a model in 1999 and modelled for top fashion and beauty brands. In March 2006, she joined City People Media Group as a style writer, and rose with a short period to become the Fashion Editor. Her clothing line, Betyl BAT Clothing and Accessories and natural skincare range, Chanterelle Skincare, are doing great in the market)

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